Anjem Choudary: Persona Non Grata in France

Anjem Choudary banned in France

Nick from The Frozen North just sent the above TV screen shot with this note:

This is appearing on Sky News right now. Took a quick picture with my mobile and bluetoothed it across to my laptop so I could email it to you. The story should appear on the Sky News website in due course.

4 thoughts on “Anjem Choudary: Persona Non Grata in France

  1. The only question I have about Anjem Choudary deals with why he is still being allowed to continue stealing precious oxygen from far more deserving life forms like scorpions, lice and cockroaches.

  2. Andy Choudary is my favorite Muslim of all time. Please spell it Andy because this pisses him off, reminds him of his own jahiliya.

    He’s doing us a big service, and it the only Muslim worth all the benefit cheats that he’s done. For my part, I grace him. And he’s puling like 40 angry bulls downhill (as they say in Italy.)

    He’s saying those truths that every Muslim believes, but only he is stupid enough to spell them out. The others apply cute taqiyya, and tell the kufar what he loves to hear.

    Another tactic that I’m using recently to silence my libtard friends. Anytime that they speak about Islam, tell them a phrase like “but your opinion on Islam doesn’t matter anyway because you haven’t read the Koran and are speaking “genearlly speaking.””

    Tell them that you are atheist and that all religions are better than Islam.

    One more important issue. Never say Qur’an and Muslim, Muhammad, Muslimin. By the same token, you actually never are saying Yehudi, Yehudim. You’re saying Jew, Jews, Jewess, and so on. So, re-appropriate the English words Koran, Moslem, Moslems, Mohammed, Mohammedan. Don’t let them linguistic victory.

    If a Moslem says “Islam is the third Abrahamic faith,” argue with them that Mohammed was more like Jim Jones than like Buddha. If Jim Jones gave birth to the third Abrahamic faith, then Mohammed gave birth to the third. And yes, we don’t buy the crap that Mohammed is the last of the prophets. He is certainly not second coming of Christ, and Christians don’t expect anybody in-between. Nor do Jews settle for anything less than Messiah. He certainly is not that either.

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