Somali Scam Artists in Norway

Below is a clip from a Norwegian TV news story about Somali immigrants who scam the welfare system.

Anyone who lives in a Western city that has been culturally enriched by Somalis — Minneapolis, say — will be aware that this same behavior pattern is exhibited by Somali immigrants wherever they land. They gain permanent resident status, set up their enclaves, bring in their relatives — real or fake — under family reunion policies, and then they scam the state welfare system. This particular scam involves couples who pretend to be divorced so that the wife may claim a generous welfare allowance for each child, now that she is a “single mother”.

As El Inglés pointed out in his recent essay, this sort of behavior contributes to the destruction of the host nation’s social capital. One of the officials interviewed for the piece acknowledges that Norway’s generous welfare system depends on trust — the state assumes that recipients are acting in good faith, which is what “persons of Norwegian background” have always done up until now. How can the system function once trust has evaporated?

Many thanks to Norwegian-Anon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The video plus a complete transcript are below the jump:


0:01   The time is 8:30 AM.
0:03   Undercover police, together with child protection services,
0:05   go into action somewhere in Oslo East End
0:09   On paper, at this adress, there is only supposed to live a single mother with two kids.
0:14   “We shall arrest the suspects in the welfare abuse case.”
0:18   The police suspect that more people live in the apartment,
0:21   that also the father lives here,
0:23   and that the family has cheated the state for 800,000 NOK (140,000 USD) over five years.
0:28   Voices can be heard from the inside.
0:31   “Open the door!”
0:38   Then, after half an hour, we are finally let inside, and everyone is present
0:43   Mother, father and two little children, five and six years old.
0:46   The married couple that have reported to the authorities that they are divorced,
0:49   are arrested, and now risk six years in prison.
0:53   Police yesterday and today went into action on four Somali families.
0:58   Many are arrested.
1:00   “Of course it is serious when the amounts are so great,
1:05   that one conciously, over time, has cheated public services with false information.”
1:10   We are blessed in Norway; over 100 years since the first welfare laws securing single parents…
1:22   Since then, the list of welfare support for single parents have become as long as this.
1:28   On average, single parents get 15,000 NOK (2,600 USD) for each child every month.
1:35   The system is based on trust.
1:38   “A mother lies about supporting children alone, we believe,
1:43   and the father also claims to live another place.”
1:45   It is NAV (the public welfare agency) that has reported the families.
1:48   Before, NAV has denied that they create abuse statistics based on ethnicity.
1:53   For the first time, we are told the truth about a pattern,
1:56   that many have reported, but have been unable to document.
2:00   “When we make these ‘risk analyses’, we have statistics
2:06   on persons who give birth to children with the same father, before and after divorce,
2:12   and then we find that we have about 100 persons in the Somali community.”
2:18   Is that much?
2:20   “It is, strikingly many.”
2:25   Without being able to say that all these 100 are welfare abusers.
2:29   But NAV find it odd that one has children fathered by an ex-husband.
2:34   In addition to the figures from NAV, NRK have received figures from Statistics Norway.
2:38   It is revealed that half of all Somali children born in this country,
2:42   are born outside of marriage.
2:44   Either there is great acceptance of single mothers in the Somali community,
2:47   or else the statistics tell us something about the scope of the welfare abuse.
2:52   “We conclude that there are more cases with people of Somali origins,
2:58   than with ethnic Norwegians.”
3:00   On average, Somali women give birth to 3.8 children in Norway.
3:04   Nobody else receives as much welfare support as they do.

15 thoughts on “Somali Scam Artists in Norway

  1. Baron’s right, this does sounds a lot like my hometown: New Mogadishu, Minnesota, the Sweden of North America.

    I guess Scandinavians can’t live anywhere without inviting the (statistically) most violent ethnic group on the planet over to stay.

    I am frequently in contact with Somalis and their collective stubbornness is really something to behold. Almost without exception they behave like they deserve and expect our charity . If you give a mouse a cookie.

  2. We ARE actually in the bottom. French people say, if you have touched the bottom, you can still dig. Si t’as touché le fond, tu peux toujours creuser.

    Civilized people live on trust. Barbarians take trust as an invitation for rape and pillage. A civilized smart people with trust will be regarded as a dummy by these bastards who don’t get it how is it that their countries are the hellhole of the mankind, its stone in the neck. WE are supposed to act and not to get fooled around this way. They’re supposed to civilize through hardship, because no other option available, not through giving the mouse a cookie.

  3. Slavery in USA was inherited by the Brits, lasted only 90 years while the newborn country was in turmoil, extended only to half of the country, white people ended slavery themselves on moral grounds, and died by the hundreds of the thousands for that. It all ended in 1886, 125 years ago. There were black slaveowners, and the mother of Obama descends from slaveowners.

    In Arabic the word “abd” and “abid” means both “slave” and “black.” There are NOW millions of black slaves in the hands of Muslims in North Africa. Mauritania abolished slavery 3 times in 30 years, and still has 600,000 legally slaves in it. Let alone Sudan in Darfur, South Sudan and all around its country.

    My native country was occupied for 500 years from Turkey. We were slaves all along and it ended in 1912. Slaves means rape, pillage, loot, and sequester of one male boy per Christian family. And plenty of other humiliations to remind us how much the Allah, the god of the pedophile prophet abhorred us infidels.

  4. We have a Muslim con artist in the White House. Absolutely the topmost underhand president ever in this country. We know practically nothing about him. We don’t know his transcripts. What is he hiding? The professor of the constitutional right, indeed a lecturer for 1 semester through recommendation of a leftard crook. Applied in fairness (plus affirmative action thrust) and didn’t make it through.

  5. I am sorry but I actually laughed out loud a couple of times during this video.
    The poor native Norwegians, what rubes!
    And what is with the $2,600/month per kid! That is one hell of a welfare benefit and nice work if you can get it. If Mom has 2 children that is $62,400/year in welfare benefits! Good God, talk about making fraud pay.

  6. I must admit, I take a bit of schadenfreude when I hear about some of this trouble in Europe, sometimes.

    After having been sneered at as Americans, by Europeans for being hatefilled racists. These clowns are learning the hard way, it seems.

  7. With that money, the best profession in the world is breeder. I get $2,000/month as a salary in Orlando, Florida, USA, and I work as a Math professor in a university. Good God.

    Here in the USA we protest because our public employees make much more money than private ones… And both the privates and publics work their ass out for their salary… MooSlums just breed for it…

  8. I must admit, I take a bit of schadenfreude when I hear about some of this trouble in Europe, sometimes.

    After having been sneered at as Americans, by Europeans for being hatefilled racists. These clowns are learning the hard way, it seems

    In the UK, we still haven’t learned. The Somalis, once they get status, can claim Jobseekers Allowance [if they actively seek work]. But, instead, they claim Income Support [a benefit that doesn’t require you to actively seek work]. To get this benefit they have to have worked in the UK. So they work 3 months for a Somali employer [or say they have!] as a cleaner then claim Income Support as lone parents [continuing to have kids from the same father] for decades. And continue to be rehoused [at public expense] in larger accomodation as the family grows. Plus get a Community Care Grant [yep, that’s it’s name] every time they move.

  9. Netizen, if I may ask, what is your native country? Regarding the castrating and killing ways of Arab slave traders, that’s why there are no sizable black minorities in Arab countries. The relatively more humane practices in the USA allowed the black population to grow to 12% of over 300 million. And who of the two approaches gets the criticism? Including from uninformed blacks? Even if they were properly educated in their own history, American blacks don’t seem to care about Arab/Muslim militias slaughtering half a million blacks in Darfur even in the present tense. Clearly it’s all about shaking down far less guilty whites who can be made to pay forever thanks to lib traitors. Arabs have no such creatures among themselves berating them for even contemporary sins, let alone ancient ones!

  10. Somalis come from mud huts to act like royalty in the West. A beautician friend says her most regular customers are Somali women on Welfare having manicures and pedicures etc. Sounds as though Norway pays for spa retreat weekends too.

    Say we take Norwegians at their word that they are so advanced they want to help the less fortunate. It never occurs to them that instead of creating lucky Welfare queens in Norway a greater good would be served by taking that same money to Africa where the living standard is so much lower? $2600 a month would alleviate a lot of suffering in a country where the average income is a couple of dollars a day. But no, Norwegians feel good about themselves supporting slackers in Norway proper. Liberalism is a mental disease where they fail even by their own ostensible criteria but continue to think very highly of themselves.

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