Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/13/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/13/2011Japan’s electric utility is taking extraordinary measures to avert a meltdown and further explosions at the Fukushima nuclear plants. Plant employees continue to pump seawater into the reactors to cool them. Another hydrogen explosion occurred at a second reactor at the Dai-ichi plant today, injuring several people. While all this has been going on, aftershocks have been occurring along with repeated tsunami warnings.

In other news, the crisis in North Africa has reached Morocco, where protesters clashed with police. The king has promised political reforms, including increased personal liberty. Meanwhile in Tunisia, one of the newly-legalized parties is Hizb ut-Tahrir, which calls for Islamic law and a caliphate in Tunisia.

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  1. Hello Baron, Dymphna, and everybody who reads at Gates of Vienna.

    Here are a couple of links to whats going on in Japan. the first, is to a person giving English translations of what he sees on the Japanese TV coverage of the disaster, the second, in to a link to the NHK English spoken TV coverage. you can also(From this website, you can check out other TV stations around the world.


    NHK World

    Thank you Baron & Dymphna for maintaining this wonderful blog!!!!.

  2. Hello

    I just wanted to pass on these links I just found covering whats going on in Japan. the first is a person named Katz who is describing what is happening in Japan.

    The Second, is to the NHK English coverage of Japan. on this link one can find coverage from countries around the world.


    NHK World

    In closing I just wanted to thank Baron & Dymphna for maintaining this wonderful blog!!!!

  3. Obama Unions a Microcosm of Liberalism: Parasites Devouring Their Host

    The goose that laid the golden eggs was killed, and now Detroit, with over 80,000 empty houses, many selling for a single dollar, returns to its pre-civilized state.

    Its “pre-civilized state”?!? Just wait until the Muslims take over completely. They’ll show you what a “pre-civilized state” is all about. Idiots!

  4. If only the kings of 12th century Europe had been able to foresee the saracen threat – Perhaps instead of the Ka’aba stone there would be a Tim Horton’s drive-thru window.

    Dare to dream !

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