Truth Versus Taqiyya

Mark Durie is an Anglican priest in Australia and the author of The Third Choice. The video below is an excerpt from a lecture he gave about religiously-mandated Muslim deception (taqiyya). In the process of illustrating the concept of taqiyya, Dr. Durie exposed the forked tongue of a leading British “moderate” Muslim, Dr. Azzam Tamimi.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

7 thoughts on “Truth Versus Taqiyya

  1. I think it important to stress that Dr Durie is first and foremost an anthropologist and a linguist, whose religious calling came after he had already established a quite glittering academic career.

    He does not come to the issue from a theological perspective which is why his position is frequently so much better informed, because he doesn’t thougtlessly engage in the sort of mirror-imaging that plagues Judeo-Christian clergy/theologians when it comes to the question of Islam.

  2. At the annual convention of the Muslim Student Association (West) at UCLA in January, several Muslim attorneys counseled the students to NOT lie to federal law enforcement officers. It turns out that lying to a federal officer is a crime in the U.S. What other “culture” would have to counsel adherants not to lie?

  3. Taqiyya irrevocably damns Islam.

    There will never be any effective way to comprehensively determine if or when a Muslim is sincerely telling the truth.

    Worst and most damning of all is that there will never be any way of certifying that Muslims have reliably discarded taqiyya as a consequence of some ostensible “reformation”.

    The short term benefits and strategic advantages conferred by taqiyya are simply too great that Westerners can ever expect to hope for Muslims to abandon such a practice.

    This inability to authenticate Muslim statements and accurately verify their intent makes all diplomatic, contractual and oath-based agreements completely without worth.

    Were the full ramifications of this put into practice, Muslims would automatically be excluded from military or government service plus a host of other job functions.

    It is just one more reason why there can be no compromise about Muslims residing within Western communities.

  4. And, of course, taqiyya wouldn’t be as much of a problem if Muslims weren’t beholden to, and following, a blueprint for supremacist expansionism which includes the use of limitless violence.

  5. @Zenster,

    That is why no Muslim should be allowed to enter or remain in any non-Muslim country, for any reason whatsoever.

    Not even as diplomats.

    What’s the point of diplomatic relations with a nation of people who have been taught to lie to those who do not subscribe to their ideology?

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