Tommy Robinson’s Speech in Luton

“You can say, ‘Luton is in harmony.’ You can write, ‘Luton is in harmony.’ You can keep on telling everyone, ‘Luton is in harmony.’

It is not in harmony!

Below is a video of the speech given yesterday by English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson at the Luton demonstration:

Hat tip: Kitman.

9 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson’s Speech in Luton

  1. Hmmmm. Is the EDL a front group to take votes away from the true Indigenous Patriots ?
    They seem to get a lot of publicity in the media, and are not vilified like the British National Party.
    Even though we have Sikhs and Jews as members and councillors. The EDL are not banned from protesting yet a British National Party members who are standing for election are removed from Political hustings by the Police which is against ALL LAWS relating to Political Hustings.
    I am wary of the EDL like I am wary of the UAF. Are both being state controlled?

  2. While State Control is extensive in Britain, the ongoing harassment that EDL leaders suffer from the hands of the State should serve as proof that the are not puppets of the State themselves.

  3. Have the leaders of the EDL been attacked in front of the Police who did nothing to stop it?
    The UAF attacked Nick Griffin when he was trying to enter a building to which he was invited. I don’t know if you have seen the attack on Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons in front of Parliament as the Police stood by and did nothing ?
    Yet they are willing to protect the EDL leaders but not MEPS from the British National Party . I wonder why that is ?

  4. Oh, and they have tried to Imprison Nick Griffin for bringing the truth of Islamist Paedophiles grooming indigenous children. They have tried to Imprison him in Nov-Dec last year through thr State controlled Equality and Human Rights Commision for breaking a Law that had ceased to exist.
    How many EDL leaders or UAF leaders been taken to court with the aim of imprisonment?
    The UAF were set up to counter the growing Nationalist threat to the Lib/Lab/Con.
    Just look who the signataries to the UAF are.

  5. In hoc signo vinces

    @Silly Kuffar,

    Where have you been all your political life the answer PERMANENT GOVERNMENT!

    This filters through every political party and fringe movement in the U.K. do you really believe that STATE CONTROL stops at your front door?

  6. So what’s the argument Mr Kuffar? That Mr Robinson is a state employee?
    I’ve heard similar claims made about Nick Griffin and his leadership…

    It seems to me that the EDL is doing what it can within the confines of oppressive race and equality laws. If as you fear the state is behind the EDL what is its purpose – ‘to take votes away from the true indigenous patriots’? But the EDL doesn’t seek votes.

    It also seems to me that the EDL is drawing attention to the Muslim threat and developing an opposition to it. Is that an unintended consequence – as surely it must be if the state is pulling the strings?

    Instead of blaming the EDL for having an adverse effect on the fortunes of the BNP it would be more productive if the BNP took a long hard critical look at itself.

  7. Of course, those people are very brave and commendable, but how long will they be able to walk this tight rope of “It’s not islam we oppose, it’s radical militant islamists”, and “We’re not racists, all races can come to England and live in harmony” ?

    How do they reconcile placards against the building of a mosque, and this line of “Islam as such is not the problem” ?

    It might be politically astute to have a few Asians among the EDL, but then, the “racist” French National Front also used to have its token Arab… until he resigned a short while ago, complaining of “islamophobia” and “Zionism” because he was prevented from accessing the top leadership of the party…

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