12 thoughts on “Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s Speech in Luton

  1. The bloke in the Beret seems to be an member of the Parachute regiment. Retired or not he has the right to wear his beret and Parachute Regiment badge with pride.

  2. The Guy in is the beret is definitely, an ex-para, there were also a couple of others with army beret one green and one brown. The green beret was most likely an ex-royal marine commando. The brown beret most likely belongs to an ex-soldier of one of the foot regiment most likely an ex member of the Anglican regiment. most likely ex forces members of the EDL who have volunteered as security.

  3. Big surprise! I find Elisabeth’s English superb. Sounds Canadian, put me in the know – did Elisabeth grow up in Canada? (like I did)



  4. Elliot —

    Elisabeth’s father was in the diplomatic service before he retired, and she spent several years in the United States, divided into two stints. The first included most of her high school education; hence she speaks fluent American.

  5. Whoops sorry Baron, your lordship sir !!

    There is no such language as American.

    Americans speak a ruined form of English..as a Brit I am allowed to say that and have many a heated discussion with my American friends……….please don’t all jump down my throat

  6. There were at least nine men of strong will near her. If I wanted to give her some flowers, I would approach very slowly…

    FREEDOM OF RELIGION IS UNIVERSAL! It’s ONE THING to be engaged in “Counter-Jihad”, but it’s QUITE ANOTHER to attack ANYONE’s RELIGION!!
    Sharia law advocates need to be THROWN OUT OF GOVERNEMNT COMPLETELY, and their relative crimes should be addressed and convicted.

    You will have a LOT MORE FOLLOWERS by advocating this ideal, rather than attacking all of Islam.

    Anger gets you nowhere, just as injustice needs to be rectified…it sure sounds like SHARIA POLICYMAKERS have infiltrated the Bundestag, jsut as they and Russians have infiltrated DC policies!!!

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