Tommy Robinson on Newsnight

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was a guest tonight on the BBC program “Newsnight” hosted by Jeremy Paxman. If I understand it correctly, Mr. Paxman is well-known for bullying and intimidating guests with whom he disagrees.

If that is the case, Mr. Robinson acquitted himself admirably — his host seemed a bit abashed by his “racist” guest, who made his points patiently and forcefully despite Mr. Paxman’s efforts to derail him.

The EDL has every reason to be proud of Tommy Robinson’s performance:

Hat tip: Aeneas.

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  1. In hoc signo vinces

    Jeremy Paxman @06:10 – Aren’t you worried by what you’ve set off?

    Now there is a question that should have been engaged and erupted into a political debate, this was “set off” by the supremacy of Jeremy’s own academy social scale of both left and right.

    Patronisingly reassuring the indigenous peoples that millions of immigrants would abandon their cultural baggage at point of entry to be sealed by U.K. customs.

    The order that immigrants would quietly assume their servile role that for the Conservatives was to economically undermine the indigenous workforce an immigration policy that was then accelerated by the Labour party and that would have the added bonus of replacing their aspirational working class voters.

  2. Actually folks there are a few points here.

    1. It is a major change for the Beeb to even allow the EDL to have its say on its flagship news analysis programme.

    2. Paxo was unusually “tolerant”. He has ripped Anjem Choudhary, and many politicians, apart.He didn’t really do that with TR.

    3. Tommy Robinson was given the bulk of the airtime but I would agree that Paxo didn’t go out of his way to help him present his points. Then again a 7 minute slot isn’t nearly long enough.

    4. It will be the first time that many who watch Newsnight have ever seen anything about the EDL. Then again those viewers are a minority of the population.

    I would expect some producer, probably Channel 4,is already compiling an hour long programme on the points the EDL make. At least I hope so.

  3. And that evening Mr. Paxman went back to his huge home in Stonor, Oxfordshire, put on his silk bathrobe, poured himself a nice brandy, sat by the fire and phoned his ambassador brother to brag while getting a foot massage from his sub- minimum wage Romanian maid.

  4. It is interesting see Paxo engaging in such a soft-footed way considering how vicious and dogged he can be in pursuit of a point. He’s pretty powerful in the BBC news staff so this is likely to have been partly his choice, with the agreement of the producer, but whether it’s because the BBC is taking a new stance or whether it’s because they were hoping Tommy would talk himself into a corner is hard to tell. The result is definitely the same though: Paxo gives what is in effect a favourable interview. and the EDL gets an airing on one of the BBC’s highest rated current affairs programs.

  5. I think Tommy Robinson missed an opportunity to polish his ethos when presented with the “every community has a few bad apples” argument against counter-jihadists.

    He should have mentioned that Muslim groups are statistically more criminal than any other groups, and are vastly overrepresented in prison populations in Denmark, France etc. Many non-muslim immigrants come from impoverished backgrounds like some muslim groups, but remain less criminal than their muslim counterparts. This puts the problem squarely in ideology, instead of income or national origin.

  6. This is such a wonderful video. It shows the classic arguments used against us.

    The “tiny minority” argument and the “dirty hands” argument are both classics of anti-discrimination.

    The “tiny minority” argument says, “The vast majority of Muslims [blacks, mexicans, whatever] are law-abiding, hard-working people. Only a tiny minority do evil things.”

    You must be prepared to respond.

    The basic response is that all it takes is a “tiny minority” to make life a living hell and a community living in terror. Point to the Nazis, or violent murderous ghettoes as examples.

    Only a “tiny minority” of Nazis slaughtered Jews .. but the vast law-abiding majority looked the other way (as the “law-abiding” Muslims do when they watch their men attack infidel girls and refuse to even call the cops).

    Only a “tiny minority” of ghetto residents slaughter their fellow black men but they keep black people locked up inside their houses at night quivering in fear.

    The Zebra killers (blacks serial killers who butchered whites in 1973-74) were only a “tiny minority” of blacks in California, yet the entire white community lived in fear.

    A “tiny minority” of any group can break down a community and can make the lives of its residents a living hell. When that hell is in the very DNA of the threatening culture (as it is with Islam), there is no way it can be purged except by excising the carriers of the culture.

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