Paxman Takes on the EDL

As we posted earlier tonight, Tommy Robinson appeared on the BBC program “Newsnight” and was interviewed by the host, Jeremy Paxman.

Aeneas has posted his assessment of the EDL leader’s encounter with the legendary Paxman. The program included other guests — including Francis Fukuyama and the British Foreign Secretary — so I am reposting Aeneas’ entire piece from the ICLA website:

Tommy Robinson appeared alongside the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, End of History author Francis Fukuyama, and Prince Hassan of Jordan. Newsnight juxtaposed the events in Egypt with the prospect of the EDL demonstration in Luton this coming weekend. While the Egyptians move towards the embrace of Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood, the people of England begin to stand up against it. While our elite dream about ‘proper’ democracy in the Middle East, just as the Muslim Brotherhood are increasing their power and influence in Egypt, the EDL prepare for asserting their democratic rights in England. Of course, what the elite mean by ‘proper’ democracy is compliant democracy that they can manipulate and control just like they do in Britain. In Britain elections are contested by parties that none of the people really want but who are the only ones promoted by the media as likely to stand a chance of winning. The political-media axis thus creates a self-fulfilling prophesy in Western countries like Britain that benefits the elite and not the people.

We are currently witnessing momentous events in global affairs reminiscent of the events that surrounded the fall of the Berlin Wall. In Egypt people confront the regime that they believe betrayed them, in England people are about to take to the streets of Luton, an area of Islamist strength, to lead the way in Europe against the system that was set up by the same international elite that betrayed the people of Egypt. As far as the international elite are concerned, globalisation is king and culture can take a walk. As far as those in power are concerned, the English people and their culture can be sacrificed at the alter of the global economic greed and the interests of the elite.

Francis Fukuyama of ‘End of History’ fame appeared on the same programme as Tommy Robinson who demonstrated that history, from his perspective, is far from over — England will survive the current impulse to impose sharia and move forward to better things! The EDL is leading the way against the ravages of the global elite and their desire to Islamise Western Europe. It seems that, due to the success of Tommy Robinson’s Newsnight appearance, the Luton event will be better attended and more successful than hitherto the EDL leadership had dared to believe. It seems that the Luton demonstration on 5 February 2011 will be truly historic. People who have been oppressed by politically correct bullying and demands for the acceptance of Islamisation will have their chance to make their voices heard.

6 thoughts on “Paxman Takes on the EDL

  1. He did actually own Paxman, but please stop supporting the EDL. Yes their leader appears to have his head screwed on right *appears to* but please do not have any misconceptions about the bulk of the EDL. They are racists and just as hateful as the terrorist.

    Tommy spoke the truth but because most of the EDL are racist, bigoted and the scum of the earth his arguments – understandably – are IGNORED. Why should any NORMAL person listen to the views of a man who’s group has been seen time and time again engaging in violence (racial violence) and bigotry?

    Paxman reads the facebook quotes and that is TYPICAL of the EDL. Look at the footage of them *before* they are provoked by the scum of the anti-fascists. It’s a horrific and you damage your credibility by thinking the EDL are the same as other european anti-islamist groups. They are NOT.

  2. In every country the argument against that nation’s anti-islamist groups are exactly the same: they’re racist nazi wannabes who are scum compared to all the other anti-islamist groups in all the other more enlightened countries. I’ve seen this argument trotted out time and time again; in every country where an anti-islamist group begins to make headway they’re smeared as nazi, racists and thugs, usually accompanied by videos and images that are either fake, or shorn of context in order to provoke a particular response from the viewer.

    The Baron and others I know trust the people involved in this (and they don’t place their trust blindly, let me tell you), and I trust their judgement in turn. Now it may be that elements of other groups are attempting to finagle their way into legitimacy by allying with the EDL but they don’t represent the EDL, nor are they indicative of its aims and goals. And lets be fair and ignore what Tommy may say, you only have to look at what the EDL actually attempts to do to see that they’re fundamentally good (in the same way you only have to look at what Islam actually attempts to do to know that it’s fundamentally evil).

    Talk is cheap. Film can be faked (and when the BBC is involved it usually is). What the EDL attempts to achieve is what matters.

    As an aside, your wee little space marine is hilarious. 😀

  3. Hi,

    what puzzels me and what is most unfair regarding the islamisation of european countries is that the reformation approachs of islam must come now from the indigenous people of europe instead of from Moslems. Our political elite is so embarrasing and I feel sorry for people such as from the edl.

    Sorry for my english
    Greetings from Germany

  4. @ifpooshruledtheworld

    you have shown you have no idea by quoting social media as ‘evidence’.

    Compare EDL’s platform to terrorist platforms and tell me honestlt that the EDL is the same

    They are racists and just as hateful as the terrorist.
    But they are only a quarter as racist and hateful as you are.
    Easy to say isn’t it. No evidence needed but some social media crap.

    If the EDL is as hateful then they should be comitting the same terrorist acts as Islamists – so please start listing them.

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