9 thoughts on “The BBC Documentary About the EDL

  1. One thrust of Paxmans’ argument is that pimping and gang rape are not solely an Islamic problem.

    That is true.

    However as Tommy pointed out calls for the introduction of Sharia law are. Paxman deliberately ignored the pernicious influence these courts have on women and blithely said that they only dealt with domestic matters. Domestic matters including rights of inheritance, divorce, childrens issues, violence etc. He ignored the massive pressures put on women to abide by these decisions by thier communities.

    These are matters for the state, not for some bearded barbarian quoting from a book that blatantly disregards the rights of women in favour of those of men.

    Paxman, like all his kind has no knowledge of the subject he addresses and does not want any, seeking to protect his ignorance through attacking those who do.

    He sought to short-circuit the discussion by claiming the old canard of racism. This is the oldest trick in the book and one that more and more people are seeing through.

    He also hinted that he thought marches by the EDL and other “extremist groups” should not be allowed as they “upset and frightened people”. Well tough shit Paxman. Muslim extremists calling for the introduction of Sharia and promoting terrorism whilst thier “peaceful” counterparts in the Muslim community do nothing frighten me.

    The Police, Local Authorities and Charities keeping quiet about the Muslim grooming of our young women for fear of being called racist frighten me.

    Our troops being insulted by Muslim savages infuriate me.

    The demographic takeover of our towns by a barbaric, medieval cult frighten me.

    The likes of Paxman dictating the terms of debates like this from the olympian hieghts of his self- righteous “intellect” disgust me.

    I am not a supporter of the EDL, however I think that Tommy by his use of personal experience and his directness did everyone in the anti-Jihad cause a massive favour.

    Well done Tommy and be safe out there.

  2. I think Tommy performed very well in that interview vs a presenter who only deals with common people speaking on TV when the presenter is out there to trap them or make them look like simpletons.

    Tommy had well presented arguments, facts and spoke confidently about the thing she believes.

    Well dont mate.

  3. Fascinating video. I do think that Tommy needs to work out a better defence to the usual logical fallacies, like the cliched reference to “whites”, and the usual “X does bad things as well, therefore Islam must be ok”. Islam is not a “race” so “white” or “black” is irrelevant. And the 2nd fallacy, Islam is the only ideology that, in its most violent, backward form, has not strayed from the original doctrine. Christians who kill in the name of christianity are doing that in spite of Christianity, but muslims who kill in the name of Islam are doing it ‘because’ of Islamic ideology. Even Judaism was reformed in the 300 years before and after the turn of the millenium due to necessity (ie not having a temple any more). So, if Tommy would only brush up on his logical fallacies and put together a more articulate defence, they might get taken EVEN MORE seriously!

  4. I do think that Tommy needs to work out a better defence to the usual logical fallacies,

    Yes, very much so.

    His defense is that he is “just a normal person.”

    The EDL needs better spokesmen…not necessarily leaders.

  5. I think the EDL has a great leader. Testimony to this is the fact that EDL has not only survived but flourished over the past 4 years. In terms of interview style, I would encourage Tommy to answer hypothetical questions like “Don’t you think that members of other religions rape and pimp?” with specific examples of gang rape committed. There are plenty such examples in GOV archives. Also, he needs to distinguish other communities from Muslims in the fact that such horrible acts occur in these other communities despite the religious teachings, but among the Muslims this occurs because of Islamic doctrine.

  6. Just to be clear, I think that TR gets it, and he is a fine leader of the EDL. Any regular normal person would find it difficult to suddenly be thrust into hostile media and answer the entrapment questions.

    I think he did an OK job. And I think that he is a fine leader of the EDL. I just think that they need some better spokespeople to handle the media. TR is definitely an authentic voice of the people though, and that comes through.

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