Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/2/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/2/2011The confrontation on the streets of Cairo escalated into violence today. Pro-Mubarak groups, some of the men on camels, entered Tahrir Square and attacked the demonstrators. At least three people were killed and hundreds were injured. During the night gunfire broke out, and two more people were reported killed.

The White House has stepped up the pressure on Hosni Mubarak, insisting that he must begin the “transition” now. Everyone, including President Obama, seems to believe that the Mubarak supporters who launched the attack today were in the pay of the Egyptian government, and that some of them were police officers without their uniforms.

In other news, the province of Catalonia in Spain is on the verge of bankruptcy. Officials there are worried that the government may soon be unable to make payroll.

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8 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/2/2011

  1. In hoc signo vinces

    Amusing to watch Hillary Clinton speak her masters voice through gritted teeth with her foreign policy knickers in a twist.

    David Cameron weighed in with –

    “If it turns out that the regime in any way has sponsored or tolerated this violence, that is completely unacceptable,”

    Is the art of diplomacy dead or are they on message with the mainstream media reports that this is a prelude to a muslim brotherhood inspired Middle Eastern summer of love?

  2. Quote:
    A unique medieval mural of Henry VIII has been discovered by a couple renovating their Tudor home.
    end quote.

    Yeah, medieval . . . right.
    Henry VIII was a monarch of the Early Modern Era, not the Medieval Era.
    Would someone care to teach this individual some macrohistory?

  3. Quote:
    That’s the point: the Muslim Brotherhood is the most popular force of opposition. Demonizing them is a dead end. Instead, we must ask ourselves, without prejudice, if we are for democracy or not?
    end quote.

    Muslim democracy is the tyranny of the majority. It is not designed for a pluralistic society.
    Muslim republicanism is a republic designed only for the ummah.
    Western democratic republicanism is designed to be a polity of all, not the polity of the majority or that of some.
    It protects the minority while privileging the majority– it balances the interests of every social group.
    Non-Western societies have no concept of democracy as Westerners understand it.
    To hear the word “democracy” on the lips of these pretenders in Egypt is repulsive, sickening to me.

  4. Quote:
    The Kars Municipality has decided to demolish the hotly debated “Monument to Humanity” sculpture in the city, reported Anatolian news agency on Tuesday.
    end quote.

    Given the rabid anti-humanism inherent in Muslim doctrine and theology, and the hatred characterizing Muslim societies generally, this really is no surprise.
    Thanx for the truth.

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