Islam Devours its Children

Devout Muslims generally detest the heretic more than the unbeliever, and the Ahmadiyah sect is one of the most hated offshoots of Islam. Last weekend a group of Ahmadis in Indonesia were attacked, torture, and killed by mob of Muslim zealots.

A video of the event — one of those Islamic snuff-flicks that Muslims are so fond of taking with their cell phones — made the rounds yesterday. It was so horrific that I had to cut it off after ten or fifteen seconds — there’s only so much of that stuff that I can bear to watch.

Vlad Tepes has put together a less gruesome composite video about the same incident, based on news reports. Even so, sensitive readers may want to skip this:

For more information on last weekend’s atrocity, see these news articles:

2 thoughts on “Islam Devours its Children

  1. Ah yes – once more, Muslims blame the victims. If only the Ahmadiyahs had disbanded themselves as we had decreed, they would not have died.


    And for the President to have to order “firm action”… a history of “tolerance” doesn’t make up for it.

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