Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/6/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/6/2011There are rumors that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak may travel to Germany, ostensibly for medical treatment, so that Vice President Omar Suleiman may use his authority to negotiate a transition to a new government without formally deposing the president.

In other news, a one-legged Red Cross worker in Afghanistan will be executed this week for converting to Christianity. The authorities have demanded that he return to Islam or face death, but he says he would rather die than give up his new faith.

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5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/6/2011

  1. Hannity Gabriel Choudary.
    It is reported that whilst at the University of Southampton Choudary was a hard drinking, pot smoking , womaniser who wore jeans and other western clothes (rather than his current nightshirt) – just as many of his peers.
    Now he lives on welfare benefits. I can’t say totally on benefits because he seems able to easily travel the UK spreading his hate. So far as we know he has only a small group of supporters which include the Luton mob who called home-coming troops the “butchers of Basra” etc, burned poppies and disrupted rememberance services, threw eggs at Sayeeda Warsi and told he she should veil
    The little information known of that small group is that they also live on benefits in the main.
    Choudary doesn’t lead a mosque and his Imam title is self awarded.
    I could say that he should get little or no air time.I won’t say that because the more air time and column inches devoted to him the more likely people wake up to the danger.
    It was the activities of his group that caused the EDL to be founded.

  2. Quote:
    The Yezidi of Celle are one of the largest groups of their sect outside the homeland of Kurdish Iraq. There may be 7,000 in this small town. Yezidi across the world number between 400,000 and 800,000.
    end quote.

    As a Christian and believer in Western Democracy, I would be pleased to pray for the well-being of the Yezidi.
    It would be wonderful to see how they depict their sacred creatures in art!

  3. Quote:
    In the clip uploaded to a rebel website over the weekend, Doku Umarov — the self-styled “Emir of the Caucasus” and the leader of the Islamic insurgency in the country’s south — was flanked by two men, one of whom is believed to be the suicide bomber who attacked Domodedovo airport.
    end quote.

    Raping and murdering children in North Ossetia wasn’t satisfying for you, dear Emirate?
    I hope the Russians don’t even bat an eyelash. I think it’s time for some counter-kidnapping and dismemberment going the other way.

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