5 thoughts on “Photos From Luton, Part 2

  1. It is wonderful to see the Cross of St. George wantonly displayed. Three cheers!

    Seeing the Stars and Stripes displayed reminds me of the American Declaration of Independence: the complaint was that the Englishmen in the 13 colonies were not being treated as – ENGLISHMEN!

  2. Not to harp on Robert Spencer (but if I don’t do it, nobody else will, except occasionally Lawrence Auster), but I noticed an interesting thing. After the entire month of January and the first week of February containing nothing about the EDL on Jihad Watch, then I started to voice my puzzlement about this here, suddenly we see a notice today put up by Spencer on Jihad Watch linking to only one (one speech by Tommy Robinson) of the gazillion videos and articles about the Luton event which Gates of Vienna has been putting up.

    Not only is this an odd coincidence (perhaps a reader or two of GOV sent Spencer an email of concern?), but Spencer of course in his notice makes zero mention of Gates of Vienna, where one can find invaluable and copious documentation and analysis of the EDL and the Luton event. Instead, Spencer only links to Geller. Why does Spencer fail to link to GOV? Because he’s being a petulant child in this regard, refusing to acknowledge GOV anymore after some perceived slight or tiff he had with Baron some time ago (I don’t know the details because Spencer keeps them locked in his vault in the Gentlemen’s Club).

    There are likely thousands of readers of Jihad Watch (and more every day); and probably most of them don’t even know about the existence of Gates of Vienna. Shame on Spencer for not providing a little sentence of 10 words as a hat tip to Gates of Vienna, to get more of the word out. This is precisely one of the unfortunate effects of these tiffs that are occurring in the anti-Islam movement (mostly revolving around Spencer (& Geller), it seems).

  3. They look a rough lot do the EDL – but that’s what’s needed. What was it the Duke of Wellington said about his own men… “I don’t know what effect they’ll have upon the enemy, but, by God, they frighten me.

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