Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/12/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/12/2011Refugees from the political chaos in North Africa continue to arrive on the shores of Sicily, precipitating a humanitarian emergency for the Italian government. Today’s unrest in Algeria prompted the authorities to shut down the internet and Facebook.

Meanwhile, Hosni Mubarak is reckoned to have accumulated more than $50 billion during his 30 years as Egypt’s president. Much of his wealth is tied up in foreign banks, and Switzerland has placed a freeze on his assets in Swiss banks. However, it is believed that during his last few weeks in office, Mr. Mubarak and his family made efforts to place much of their wealth beyond the reach of investigators.

In other news, the US trade deficit increased to $40.6 billion during December of last year.

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  1. Send these so-called “refugees” back.
    They have no business in or with the West.
    The only reason they are coming is that they think they can practice their backwardness.
    Now is indeed the time to make trouble.

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