Cameron’s Follies

As mentioned in the news feed for the last couple of nights, British Prime Minister David Cameron, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel before him, has made the surprising discovery that Multiculturalism has failed.

Who knew?

Mr. Cameron’s sudden insight came — just by coincidence, mind you — on the eve of the English Defence League’s historic demonstration in Luton against Islamization. Vlad Tepes found some other interesting coincidences, did a bit of dot-connecting, and made the following video about the prime minister’s sudden discovery of Muslim “extremism”.

Make sure you watch this video all the way to the punch line at the end, which will either have you rolling in the aisles or reaching for your Webley, depending on your temperament:

10 thoughts on “Cameron’s Follies

  1. The anti-Moslem resistance being led by Tommy Elisabeth and Greet are a political movement that is gaining momentum Cameron is trying to save his political life. He and the other mainstream politicians who have been downplaying the danger from Islam are on their way to retirement but they refuse to go quietly.

  2. Islam is an unregenerate deathcult.

    There’s no whitewashing its black heart.

    Cameron is trying to pussyfoot in hobnailed boots.

    And looks ridiculous in the prancing effort.

  3. A good video, however, the remarks regarding Germany at the end are not accurate. Germany has not at all abandoned Multiculturalism. Mrs. Merkel is a spineless opportunist, when she commented on Multiculturalism, she did so only to placate rising public discontent and to gauge the reaction.

    Also, I wouldn’t call Germany solvent. The country has a national debt of more than Euro 1.72 Trillion (or more than Euro 21,000 per head) that increases by over Euro 2,200 per second. Perhaps it is just less bankrupt, if there is such a thing, than other Eurorean countries.

  4. In hoc signo vinces

    “Let us engage groups that share our aspirations.”

    The fly in the blue ointment is that he is being politically out-flanked on both sides by groups that share his socio-economic dogma, he recognises the danger of being squeezed and then eventually trampled underfoot.

    The over spanked public school boys were politically arrogant in their five year plan – a conspiracy to atomise and then crash and burn the British State.

  5. This clueless dolt Cameron finally gets it? Most of the people reading this blog have understood the threat that Islam is for about 20 or so years. This is the best in political leadership that Britain has to offer? Of course, I have a Marxist for POTUS. I DO understand what the Brits are going through.

  6. Old boring story. From Gordon Brown to Angela Merkel and Sarkozy, many luminaries of the EUSSR have declared in the past that multiculturalism has failed.
    What they mean by that is “the majority is guilty for not doing enough to integrate and accept the ethnic, religious and racial minorities. Please, can I have more money for inclusion and integration governmental projects, at the expense of the European taxpayers? Thanks.”

    This is like Khrushchev blaming Stalin in the plenary session of the Soviet Politburo: “Comrades, some mistakes have been done in the past. But only some misguided individuals are guilty for misinterpreting the tenets of Marxism-Leninism. We know that the line of the Party is flawless and viable now and in eternity. It’s not Communism to blame, on the contrary, our major mistake is that we didn’t apply 100% the Communist programme. Thanks for your standing ovations! Now, can we proceed?”.

  7. WAKE UP —

    Gates of Vienna’s rules about comments require that they be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. Your comment violated the last of these rules. We keep a PG-13 blog, and exclude foul language, explicit descriptions, and epithets. This is why I deleted your comment.

    Use of asterisks is an appropriate alternative.


    WAKE UP said…

    The most we can expect from the current bunch of politicians (Cameron included) , who have connived with the multicultural [nonsense] all along, is that, when it all finally implodes, they will try to save their own self-interested [backsides], and in the process will pretend that they’re saving ours. Any good that comes out of their activities will be entirely accidental. Nothing will ever change where the Muslims are concerned *, and Cameron is either being disingenuous or simply has no idea what he’s doing – or both.

    * ever since 9/11, the entire “expatriate” Muslim community in the West has had ample chance to show they GET IT. They haven’t, and never will.

  8. Armance may have hit the nail on the head:

    What they mean by [“multiculturalism has failed”] that is “the majority is guilty for not doing enough to integrate and accept the ethnic, religious and racial minorities. Please, can I have more money for inclusion and integration governmental projects, at the expense of the European taxpayers? Thanks.”

    I.e., there are two ways to regard something as a “failure”:

    1) the underlying intentions and goals are good, but the execution has failed

    2) the execution has not failed == it simply exemplifies the rotten substance that permeates the project (which should be scrapped altogether).

    More pertinently, I have seen politicians and analysts time and time again lament that Muslims are not “assimilating” — this lament clearly couched in terms of continuing to promote the project of assimilation.

    When that project continues to show signs of failure, is where the rubber meets the road that divides the anti-Islam observer from the PC MC multiculturalist:

    The former will recognize that Muslims are solely to blame for that failure, because their super-culture, Islam, has deformed them to a point where success (on a scale sufficient for our safety needs) is impossible.

    The latter will continue to scratch their heads and wonder why Muslims are failing to assimilate, and will tend to locate sources of that failure in our Western system, in poverty, in our Western tendencies toward bigotry of the Other, perhaps timidly stepping their toes into the waters of possibly considering that a “tiny minority” of Muslim “extremists” may be making matters worse — but never ever considering that Islam itself and its poisonous hold on the hearts and minds of Muslims is the sole cause of this failure.

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