Bottoms Up!

Almost everyone has seen the photos and videos of Muslims praying on the streets of Paris. With thousands of posteriors pointed skywards, they clog the thoroughfares of the French capital every Friday, claiming it as territory for the Ummah through their public devotions.

But it’s not just France. The video below shows the same sort of behavior exhibited by Muslims in Athens. I asked our Greek-German correspondent MaggieTh to summarize the Greek-language portions of the video, and here’s what he had to say:

The newscaster just says that 2,000 Muslims gathered today in such-and-such a place in order to blah-blah.

At the end another newscaster says some Greeks gathered during the prayers too and threw eggs at them, played loud music, etc. The poor Muslims were very annoyed.

Here is the context for this issue:

Since 1830 there hasn’t been a single mosque in (Southern) Greece, and all Muslims that arrived in the 1990s have been praying in normal buildings (like flats) that have been changed into “mosques”. Since the 1990s they have put pressure on the government (with the help of the EU) for the construction of a great monumental mosque near Athens, with the money Saudi Arabia has been offering for many decades to fund such a project. With the help of many multiculturally-oriented Greeks, they are pursuing their plans.

A lot of people are against these gatherings, but others show their solidarity with them, because they are poor, good, and deprived of their right to pray in their monumental mosque. This mosque has now been granted them, after extreme pressure from the EU, and it will be built in the next few years.

The original video from Riposte Laïque was accompanied by text in French. Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the titling:

On a related note, here’s a commercial message from Vlad in collaboration with KGS:

8 thoughts on “Bottoms Up!

  1. Anyway, as I was saying earlier: someone wise once said, “We must ensure that while we are trying to protect ourselves from the problems of massive immigration, we must not create the type of place where we don’t want to live.” Unfortunately this may be the only effective strategy in stemming Muslim immigration. It worked for Vlad the Impailer. Also, the scene from High Plains Drifter provides some guidance.

    One idea would be to require that all new immigrants shall remain nude for the 1st 5 years of living in their new country. Also no sex during this period under the penalty of castration. Bottom’s up!

  2. Any non-Muslim man or woman who would contend that Muslim street prayers are “peaceful” religious expressions should remember the public sexual assault that happened to Lara Logan in Egypt as a result of spontaneous public “wilding” by a large group of “anonymous” devout Muslim men.

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