More Dumb Dem Analysis: Tea Party Peeps Have Unhappy Families

File the latest under “you can’t make this stuff up”.

Congressional Representative Steny Hoyer, a Democrat from Maryland and now the minority House Whip thanks to the drubbing the Dems took in November, is right down there with those desperate professors who claim to know that Conservatives are dumber than Dems. Hoyer “knows” that anyone belonging to the Tea Party obviously originated in an unhappy family and is compensating:

There are a whole lot of people in the Tea Party that I see in these polls who don’t want any compromise. My presumption is they have unhappy families. All of you have been in families: single-parent, two-parents, whatever. Multiple parent and a stepfather. The fact is life is about trying to reach accommodation with one another so we can move forward. That is certainly what democracy is about. So if we are going to move forward compromise is necessary. [my emphasis – D]

Bless his heart…

He’s trying to cover all his multi-culti bases in describing families, thus the bizzrely infelicitous image, “multiple parent and a stepfather”…Sheesh. He forgot lots of other arrangements, including polygamous marriages. There goes his base.

I wonder if he’d care to give us some psychological understanding of a few of the questionable people his party hangs with. We could begin with ACORN, that happy troupe of good scouts just out to help humanity while they help themselves to a sinecure.

Or, if we’re going to discuss compromise, how about his Fearless Leader’s idea of compromise with the Republicans? Being succinct is not usually Obama’s strong point, but he said in 2008 how compromise with the Republicans would work when he explained to them,“I won”.

Lucky for him he made this enlightenment to his opponents short and sweet because now he’s going to be eating those words. In fact, he’ll have to eat them over and over again as Republicans, with the Tea Party’s help, stormed the House in spite of his charisma and charm. And now the American electorate self-describes as “conservative” by a large majority.

They won. Sorry dude, but life breaks that way sometimes. You know, the elbow in the lip when you’re not looking.

As for Hoyer, he’s just talking to the choir and the latter is beginning to sound as off-key as he does.

Let’s hope Republicans can develop a spine. It’s not easy when the whole political class in Washington is rooting for the other guys and the New York Times tries to clothe its rabid hatred in semi-rational obfuscations. Too bad the Republicans ever started reading the Times. If it weren’t for the entrenched permanent Democrat bureaucracy in Washington, the Times and little Satan, the Washington Post would’ve folded long ago.

We know Allen West won’t have a problem walking upright, and there are several others who continued to defy Obama even when they were down for the count. They’re back now with enforcements, and I do believe the “compromisers” like Michael Steele are beginning to see the twilight at the end of the road.

12 thoughts on “More Dumb Dem Analysis: Tea Party Peeps Have Unhappy Families

  1. That is really a laugh. Some of the most screwed up people I have ever known were raised by liberal hippie parents. One that comes to mind was raised by hippie parents who were both shrinks! A double whammy! They thought walking around the house totally nude (friends included) was just swell. I had to rinse my eyeballs after leaving his house. And that was just the tip of the iceberg!

  2. For all their fake social justice talk the lefties have a superiority complex – a bit like the NAZIs did.
    And out of that superiority complex stems a need to demonise and devalue their opponents – a bit like the NAZIs did.

    The fact is life is about trying to reach accommodation with one another so we can move forward.
    When we look at the destination of Socialism – the totalitarian Communist state – we see what is really meant by “accommodation”.

  3. Sorry for a split post but let me add two points.
    While I am not an expert on the full range of motivations for someone to be attracted to the Tea Party Movement, we are always told that it is a diverse movement.
    Now if, as is claimed in this Dem pseudo-analysis, that this movement has an inherent handicap to be able to compromise, then the Dems really have nothing to worry about because distilling out a common Tea Party cause takes the ability compromise.
    Second point, Barack Obamas background is quite unconventional, let’s say (e.g. read about Barack Obama Sr.). By floating such a stupid, contrived theory, the Dems are really shooting themselves in the foot.

  4. A very amusing article in Quadrant Online, an excellent Australian conservative magazine, refers to the experiment called for by actor Colin Firth to find out “what is wrong with the brains of people who don’t agree with me” (your guess which way Firth leans …):

    Note the link in the article to another article about the Greens – less funny but a real eye-opener!

    Totally off topic but just because it involves Colin Firth who, regardless of his political leanings, is a very fine actor: If you haven’t already, you MUST, MUST, MUST go see “The King’s Speech” – easily one of the best films of a decade! Up there with “Gran Torino” (but very different)

  5. If’s patently offensive! Now, I know that’s a word that’s over used these days, but it’s long past due for the fascists on the left to hear some plain home truths. Another commenter made a reference to nazis, well, the left have taken a leaf out of the nazi’s book, demonizing and dehumanization.. their specialty.

    As to Hoyer’s comment.. as I mentioned to someone on twitter a few hours back, if he wants to talk about dysfunctional, let’s start with him. It’s a bully’s game to attempt to infer that the victim who refuses to capitulate, is guilty of refusing to “compromise”, so it’s fair to make the analogy that Hoyer is acting like an abusive.. perhaps one should ask him if he abuses his wife?

    These types make a mockery of such things, I guess it’s from reducing real things to little more than banners to waive, something to use as a false front.

  6. In 2008, we went to the 4th of July Tea Party in Beserkley East, (otherwise known as around here as Charlottesville).

    It was held in leafy Stonewall Jackson Park and the ages of the attendees ranged from 80s down to babies. Even some – gasp! – teenagers, but I’ll bet they were homeschoolers since they knew their national anthem and there were no sullen faces — at least where I could see.

    It was easy to observe a range of classes…I renewed an acquaintance with one of the younger members of a prominent black family in our county. Very middle class, college-educated, and I had thought they were Dems. She pointed out her parents to me across the way and said, “not anymore”.

    There were some wealthy people, if you judged by their cars, clothing, pricey coolers and expensive lawn chairs.

    The organizers were smart: they had history games for the kids that appeared to be scavenger hunts. I’d say there were at least thirty kids at the height of the gathering (remember, this is a small area and c’ville is a VERY blue town)

    Lots of retired or semi-retired people. A few groups seemed to be extended families. All the homemade signs — including lots of the Gadsden flag — were about economics and or/sovereignty. Obama’s economic actions have made instant Conservatives out of much of the electorate.

    The thing is, people whose children are grown have time for things like this. On the lib side, they can count on unions to pay members to attend functions. On the Conservative side, you can pull people in if you have a coherent program — as Glenn Beck proved.

    What stood out the most, 8 months after our Congressman’s election to office, was how thoroughly he was detested. Later that year, someone videotaped him in his office warning that if people didn’t stop them, he & the rest of the drunken sailors were going to bankrupt us. “Stop us” is what he said.

    So we did. And by now Mr. Perriello is back with George Soros (if he was ever really Off his payroll) doing online petitions to send to the Chinese government and working for the UN in Darfur. He’d served his purpose: bankrupting the U.S. Soros loathes the US and he wants to bring it down any whichway he can. Perriello was a useful & willing tool.

    He’s been replaced by a machine Republican who will bear close watching. I do hope that the districts Conservatives and Libertarians are going to hold his feet to the fire. We could begin by getting rid of Michael Steele at the top and then working our way down.

    Anyhow, the Tea Party is an army of Davids and it scares the professionals — the pols, the unions, the permanent bureaucracy in D.C.

  7. vangrungy–

    You have used the one word no one may utter. The third rail. You must have been frizzed by now, your corpse an unhealthy blue.

    In fact, do not say “we’re in the black”, “devil’s food cake”, “black thunder” (or is that the name of a rap group?), and of course the infamous one that got a D.C. govt worker fired: “denigrate”.

    All those above examples were in the news at one time or another in the last five years or so because they were examples of racism.

    I remember well the fury which erupted over the words a councilman in some Texas city chose to describe the budget for his municipality. They were, he said happily, “in the black” for that fiscal year.

    One of his fellow councilors, of a darker persuasion, was all asplutter at this rank racism. He didn’t demur quietly either; these professional Victimologists are sooo loud.

    Fortunately for everyone, the times they have changed. Only old ex-Commies would complain about the newly universal moans of politicians complaining about their deeply red budgets.

    Anyway, vg, I’ll leave your comment up and see if it draws in the offended or the offensive. We have both kinds lurking in the shadows.

  8. This is certainly interesting. While I don’t know the political makeup of all broken families, I do know the following:

    1) Criminals are far more likely to come from broken families
    2) Felons are far more likely to vote for Democrats (which is why Illinois made a special effort to get out the “incarcerated felon” vote)

    So those facts, at least, contradict Hoyer’s assertion.

  9. Without wishing to rain on anyone’s parade: Some disturbing news in need of fact checking:

    Tea party members of the House turn to lobbyists and fundraisers

    WASHINGTON — Capitol Hill will be abuzz today with the arrival of a new class of Republican lawmakers who charged into office with a promise to shun the ways of Washington.

    But even as they publicly bash the capital’s culture, many have quietly begun to embrace it.

    Several freshmen have hired lobbyists — pre-eminent Washington insiders — to lead their congressional staffs. In the weeks leading up to today’s swearing-in, dozens of the newcomers joined other lawmakers in turning to K Street for campaign cash. Congressional offices will be packed today with lawmakers’ relatives, friends, constituents and lobbyists, all invited to celebrate the new Congress.

    Many people here, including my own self, have placed a lot of hope with the Tea Party. Permit me to suggest that we no longer look to politicians as our saviors. We The People must be our own rescuers.

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