Intifada in Malmö

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Rosengård is a notoriously culturally enriched neighborhood of the southern Swedish city of Malmö. It’s not a good advertisement for multicultural diversity even in the best of times, and these are not the best of times in Sweden.

During the last few days the normal chaos in Rosengård has escalated to a full-blown intifada, with “youths” throwing firebombs and shooting major fireworks at the police.

This news clip from Swedish TV shows what’s happening. Many thanks to Steen for the tip, and to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing it:

Esther has more information:

Calle Persson, spokesperson for the Skane police says that these can no longer be dismissed as juvenile antics, and that adults are behind the attacks. Around fifteen youth gathered for the third night this week in order to confront the police. Police say that attacks – throwing stones, firecrackers and Molotov cocktails, and setting fire to cars – are aimed at the police.

The police showed up with force. A dozen patrols with dogs were called in and managed to deal with the riots. Some of the gang retreated and disappeared into the streets and buildings, but some remained and the police sent the night searching about a dozen of them. Most were men aged 25-30, none were younger than 17.

Hmph — it seems these “youths” are getting a bit long in the tooth…

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10 thoughts on “Intifada in Malmö

  1. France has experienced similar unrest until the whole nation erupted into violence that shook it for weeks on end. Similar events are occurring in Sweden and will escalate over time as the Muslim population grows. Other nations can expect the same when their Muslim populations reach breakpoint.

    The irony of Europe sitting on a ticking time bomb of its own making is not lost on me. The salient question is: will Europe survive? Thus far, they have not given a good accounting of themselves. Instead of stirring, Holger should be rip, roaring by now, but still he slumbers.

  2. Most European nations are like the US, they don’t really wake up to the danger until after a major military disaster. Hopefully they will wake up sooner this time.

  3. Men well past their thirties have been called “youths” or “young” by the French media.

    I remember a “young father of 36”. Thirty-six is pretty old to become a father, if you ask me… A young father of 18 would have been understandable, but 36 ?

  4. Robert, you poor soul, your language skills are lacking! What that reporter meant was a “young father”…of 36 CHILDREN, NOT 36 YEARS! He probably WAS 18 years old, with 36 scruffy young’uns roaming the streets, stealing kaffir wallets…

    Get it?

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