The Stockholm Bomber’s Alma Mater: Luton

Taimour Abdulwahab Al-AbdalyWe now have a face and a name for last night’s Stockholm bomber. Or two names, really: Taimour Abdulwahab and Taimour Al-Abdaly, both of which are associated with the same person on Facebook and various other internet postings.

We also know where the Christmas Jihadi obtained his higher education: the University of Bedfordshire in Luton. Regular readers will recognize Luton as the birthplace of the EDL, and also as one of the most Islamized communities in England.

Did Mr. Abdulwahab/Al-Abdaly also receive his jihad training while in Luton? There’s no answer to that question yet. But The Daily Mail has a lot of additional information on the Stockholm bomber, including the fact that he had been advertising for a second wife on Muslim matchmaking websites:

A suicide bomber who died in a terrorist bomb attack which rocked Stockholm city centre, is believed to be a graduate from a British university.

A Facebook page thought to belong to the 29-year-old indicated that he studied sports therapy at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton. He graduated in 2004.

The man, named locally as Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly, had also posted numerous videos relating to the Iraq war, the war in Chechnya and the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

The Iraqi-born bomber first set his car on fire and then walked 200 metres before the explosives, believed to be in a backpack strapped to his body, detonated.

Just minutes before, he had sent out an email to the police and a news agency warning of deadly reprisals for having Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan.

He was the registered owner of the car that blew up and was reported to have worked on the street corner on which he died, carrying a sign advertising a local fish-and-chip restaurant.

His favourite pages on Facebook included ‘Yawm al-Qiyaamah’, the Islamic ‘Day of Resurrection’. The page’s signature image features London’s Tower Bridge being engulfed in flames and floods. .

The man is also thought to have been active on Muslim contact sites, where he claimed to be looking for a second wife.

In one message on the site, he says that he was born in Iraq and moved to Sweden in 1992. He said he had two daughters, one aged three and one under the age of two. He said he wanted to marry again and that his first wife had agreed to this.

‘In the future, am looking for to move to an arabic [sic] country and settle down there,’ he wrote.

Investigators will be certain to investigate the man’s connections with Luton, a town which has featured in numerous terror investigations in the past.

A leaked British intelligence report from 2008 identified Luton as being home to one of the main concentrations of Islamic extremists in the country.


Police currently believe his bomb may have detonated too early. They are keen to trace a man who was seen speaking to the suspect just minutes before his backpack exploded.

Officially, police said that they did not know the identity of the bomber.

But a source told the newspaper Expressen that they were ‘95 percent certain” that the car owner and the suicide bomber were the same person. They have linked the blasts and are investigating them as ‘crimes of terror.’

See the entire article at the Mail for additional information, plus a lot more photos.

I asked Steen if the Swedish media were still insisting that the burning car had been full of “fireworks”. He said no, not entirely:

Säpo [Swedish security service] said it was terror. The PM held a press conference and said nothing. He dared not use the word “terror”. But everyone now knows it was.

If you can read Danish or Swedish, check out the top posts at Snaphanen — Steen has done extensive research on last night’s events in Stockholm.

Hat tip: DF.

8 thoughts on “The Stockholm Bomber’s Alma Mater: Luton

  1. In hoc signo vinces

    We also know where the Christmas Jihadi obtained his higher education: the University of Bedfordshire in Luton.

    Higher Education, this muslim jihadist could not spell?

    How did he end up in Luton who paid?

  2. Puzzlist: We can all be content that this poor sod can no longer procreate.

    Much like a proverbial bus load of lawyers on the lake bottom; it’s a good start. However, clearly terrorist conduct like this needs to be rewarded by making the remains unavailable to family members and scattering them in the least appropriate manner and in direct opposition to Islamic burial protocols. Where the remains are disposed of should remain unknown so that there is no chance of this maggot’s last resting place becoming some obscene jihadist martyr’s shrine.

    This needs to be implemented across the Western world until highly superstitious Muslim families who fear for the afterlife of their children begin to put a reign on their extremist activities.

    No need for dousing the corpse with bacon fat or any other patently offensive acts (at least, not yet). Just make it impossible for these rutbags to become focal points for potential imitators.

  3. Zenster first publicly pack the casket with pig fat so the other Moslems will know he didn’t get to paradise, then bury it where they can’t find it. We want to dissuade other potential terrorists as well as keep his grave from being a shrine.

  4. A coffin packed with pigfat is too good for this d-bag. I hope they have an open-coffin funeral with the perp naked showing all his self-inflicted wounds—mostly done by his own stupid incompetence seasoned with the usual bigoted hatred and ignorance of the average jihadi Muslim terrorist, or was this bag of dirt an Arab terrorist? Hard to tell the difference nowadays…!

  5. Richard: … first publicly pack the casket with pig fat so the other Moslems will know he didn’t get to paradise, then bury it where they can’t find it.

    If you carefully re-read my original comment you will find that we are in violent agreement. As things stand, no government agency could hope to get away with packing a Muslim corpse − terrorist or not − in pig fat.

    None of that prevents the remains from disappearing into a bottomless pit of red tape that inadvertantly results in said leftovers being incinerated and scattered without record by the lowest bidding sub-contractor.

    Just the inability to bury a Muslim in accordance with prescribed Qur’anic rituals is enough to call into question his or her ascension to paradise.

    Baby steps. Remember, baby steps. Getting terrorist remains tied up and lost in red tape is the first step. Should Islam continue to not get the message, then it’s time to start using lard instead of embalming fluid.

  6. Once upon a time in the UK there were universities and there were colleges of further education… technical colleges… polytechnics… whatever. No marks for guessing that in those days a university degree had value. One day however the Wicked Witch of Westminster declared that this was all most unfair and discriminatory. In future all non-universities were (by magic) to become universities, which meant of course that there could be many more ‘students’ with ‘degrees’. 50% of all school leavers would go to ‘university’, the Witch said.

    … all part of the continuing story of the long slow decline of british education.

    So, the University of Luton…

    “Bedfordshire University, or Luton College of Higher Education as it was called pre-makeover, was labelled “the worst university in Britain” by the Sunday Telegraph back in 2004, and that’s up against some pretty stiff competition.” (Ed West in today’s
    Daily Telegraph )

    He went to a mickey mouse institution and gained a mickey mouse qualification. Of course he could not spell.

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