Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/12/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/12/2010North Korea’s “Peace Commission” has publicly announced that the country is ready for war. It says it is prepared for a full-scale conflict if South Korea and the United States continue their provocations.

In other news, Iraqi Christian delegations have met together and worked out a plan to form a specifically Christian province in what is now the Kurdistan region of Iraq. They plan to petition the Iraqi government to allow the formation of this new province.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/12/2010

  1. Quote:
    If action is not taken, it will be clear to all that Mubarak’s regime and Egyptian courts condone, and even support, government induced violence upon Christians”.
    end quote.

    And Islam legitimates it ALL.

  2. Quote:
    The column entitled “2010 Copts,” by Abdel-Nasser Salama, an obscure journalist, appeared on December 6; it accused Pope Shenouda of having instigated sectarian tension in Egypt ever since he became Pope in 1971, by introducing into the Egyptian society “terms such as sectarianism, sectarian strife, citizenship and the resort to foreign powers for support.”
    end quote.

    In the 9th century, Mozarabic Christians living in Spain rose up. They sensed that their churches were emptying out, many of their numbers had submitted (not converted) to Islam.
    After the uprising was brutally suppressed (as only Muslims can suppress the infidel), the Muslim authorities beheaded the Christian rebels.
    Then, they forced the Christian authorities to take responsibility for the beheadings, to state publicly that the martyrs deserved what they got, and that Muslim authorities were innocent.
    And we know what happened– Christian authorities knuckled under.
    They stated that their preaching was at fault, that they may as well have swung the axes and swords on the necks of their parishioners themselves.
    The Egyptian Muslims are trying to do the same here. To force Shenouda III to take responsibility for Muslim brutality, to saddle him with every Muslim sin.
    Just for the record:
    The Mozarabic Martyrs were INNOCENT.
    The Copts of Egypt are INNOCENT.
    The Muslim authorities and mobs are GUILTY.
    And we will remember all of it.

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