Burqa Bandit Redux

We’ve seen burqa-wearing bank robbers before, but in a novel twist, this one is a woman. Here’s the brief news item from Fox 29 Philly, with the video below the jump:

Cops: Burqa-Wearing Bank Robber Nabbed

Woman Charged In Del. Jobs Suspected In Pa., N.J.

Delaware police say they’ve arrested a woman who robbed two banks while wearing a burqa.

LaShawnda Jones is charged with robbery, conspiracy and wearing a disguise during a felony.

Police say she robbed two TD Bank branches in October, one in Bear and one in Wilmington.

Police say she’s also wanted for robberies at TD Banks in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Below is Vlad’s excellent remix of the news video:

Hat tip: heroyalwhyness.

One thought on “Burqa Bandit Redux

  1. One of our readers had this to say in an email whose subject line read, “Two Levels of Racism”:

    I was thinking, two things really:

    #1 if that LaShawnda should change her name to La Mohammed;

    #2 if it comes out that LaShawnda is not a [redacted] Muslim will she get in more trouble with the [redacted] Muslims than she ever could with law enforcement.

    maybe the [redacted] Muslims don’t care as long as someone is committing a crime in the name of Allah

    Actually, I’m not sure that it is merely two levels of racism there. Whatever, the theological idea expressed does appear to be in error.


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