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“Grooming and pimping” has been in the news a lot lately in the UK. The term refers to the depraved practice of using alcohol, drugs, and gifts to lure very young girls into gang rapes and prostitution. The perpetrators are usually Muslim immigrants.

This is not a new phenomenon — I’ve been reading articles about it for at least four years — but it has gained prominence in the British media after a recent series of high-profile trials and convictions of gangs of “Asian” men who pimped out vulnerable young white girls under the most sordid conditions.

The story below is slightly different — the “grooming” process was the same, but never advanced to “pimping”. The perpetrator seems to have kept his two charges, thirteen and eleven years old, entirely for his own pleasure. He is now a fugitive, and is believed to be hiding in Pakistan.

By the way — this case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Here’s the report from The Beeb:

Bradford fugitive sentenced to 21 years for child rape

A man who raped and sexually abused a 13-year-old girl more than 100 times has been jailed in his absence [sic — the reporter means “sentenced in his absence”] after he disappeared in the middle of his trial.

Mohammed Nawaz, 57, who is thought to have fled to Pakistan, was given a 21-year sentence at Teesside Crown Court.

He was convicted of four counts of rape and five indecent assaults on two girls after he disappeared in October.

Nawaz, of Flockton Road, East Bowling, Bradford, repeatedly preyed on the 13-year-old, the court heard.

Mr Justice Treacy said Nawaz had shown a “total absence of shame, of recognition of what he has done and of remorse”.

The court heard Nawaz assaulted the 13-year-old girl at the flat he owned above his takeaway in Stanningley, Leeds.

The judge said: “These acts occurred on dozens and dozens of occasions, probably running into three figures.”

The court heard Nawaz would use bribes of cigarettes to coerce the child and would sit in his car waiting for her to pass him in the street.

“This shows a degree of predatory ruthlessness towards an underage girl,” the judge said.

Nawaz also abused a younger girl, aged 11.

The offending was prolonged and “committed in a manipulative and cynical way”, the judge said.

Nawaz was held in high esteem in his local community, the court heard, having lived in the UK for 40 years and running a successful business and becoming a landlord.

The judge made a Sexual Offences Prevention Order which bans Nawaz from contacting either victim and prevents him from unsupervised contact with any girl under 16.

He will automatically be banned from working with children.

Det Insp Ian Mottershaw, of West Yorkshire Police, said: “We are investigating the possibility that he has fled the country and we are working with the appropriate international authorities to locate him and secure his return.”

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  1. P***** off thoroughly p***** off.

    The preying upon of young girls by muslims is reaching epidemic proportions. This is in Lancashire and Yorkshire in the main. A 17 year old mother was stabbed to death and her body thrown in the canal only a few weeks ago. I’ll leave you to guess the religion of the 21 year old they’ve charged with the murder. The other alleged attacker, a 17 year old hasn’t been named. But I won’t be taking bets on his religion.

    Whenever these things are in the news they always get a muslim from the ramadan foundation to tell us it’s not racist. Funny if anything happens to a non white they don’t get the BNP on to say it’s not racist.

  2. Everywhere the courts are letting people out on bail until after the sentencing, what is surprising is that there is not people jumping bail and running.

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