“Objectively Advancing the Cause of Islamic Supremacy”

Below is a video with excerpts from a speech given by Mark Steyn in Ottawa last Saturday at a tribute dinner for Ezra Levant. The event was hosted by the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies, where a DVD of the entire speech may be purchased.

Mr. Steyn points out the importance of right-wing bloggers, and the fact that their attempts to expose the illiberal actions of entities like the infamous “Human Rights Commissions” bring on lawsuits and other legal action in an attempt to silence them. He specifically mentions the Canadian blogger Blazing Cat Fur, who is being sued for $500,000 for linking to Mark Steyn’s website.

I’m certain that BCF will beat this ludicrous lawsuit, but he will be out a large sum of money just to pay for the lawyers. So visit the link above and send him a few bucks if you possibly can.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and YouTubing these clips:

One thought on ““Objectively Advancing the Cause of Islamic Supremacy”

  1. Well, we know of many ways in which the cowardly mainstream-media outlets refuse to publish or air stories on certain topics rears its ugly head, because they’re free to do so… Their refusal to ever even slightly come close to putting out anything on ayrab/mahoundian enslavement of blacks, just to mentione ONE example, isn’t only something that prevents mahoundianism from being criticized as it should; but it also certainly prevents many black mahoundians, those converting not out of sheer self-hatred but complete ignorance, from opening their eyes to the truth about mahound-worshipping and quitting that cult.

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