CBN on the Islamization of Europe

CBN is the only major television news outfit that reports substantively and accurately on the Islamization of the West. The following video is part of a recent special report by Erick Stakelbeck about the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the United States and the growing presence of Islam in Europe.

The excerpt below contains some earlier material, as well as an up-to-date summary by Mr. Stakelbeck. In it you’ll see some familiar figures from the European Counterjihad, including Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Lars Hedegaard, and Ted Ekeroth.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this report:

9 thoughts on “CBN on the Islamization of Europe

  1. And why would their men bother? They’ve been taught they are every bad thing under the sun, taught to be girls, taught their existence and their feelings are evil, shunned by their women and watch as their women toss themselves at the criminals, the thugs, the jihadi, the ‘other’. Their earnings are taken to facilitate this and other sanctions that do not benefit them, but rather further increase their suffering. Their government mirrors this policy of disenfranchisement at every opportunity.

    Why? What reason can you give those men to fight for their women, their children, their country, when none of the above want their men?

    These men have to be given a reason to fight; I’m not so sure it exists anymore.

  2. K’thardin, you have a funny way of putting it. No offense, but why should Western women want their men? Being shunned by women should actually be a great thing. Maybe Western men will snap out of their girlhood(your post reeks of that).

    It’s simple – you’re men. Instead of whining about how bad it is and vote in a flawed system, how about destroying the system? Sure, men have no reason to DEFEND the current system or culture. But they have every reason to abolish the system and implement one that favours them – so you can do the girl thing and whine or the man thing and get the party going.

    I’m sad to say this, but I’m embarrassed by the men of the West.

  3. K’thardin

    RV called you a girl pejoratively, even though she is one. To a fair minded and rational man (i.e. you K’thardin, or Whiskey, or perhaps Zenster) this is mind boggling. Girls and boys are equals right?

    Girls secretly disagree, and I would too if I was one. If I was a girl when I looked at a man I would see someone who has a blissfully low maintenance haircut. I would see somebody who doesn’t have to spend an hour or more every morning and sometimes evening getting ready to leave the house and be in public sight. I would see somebody who isn’t in a psychopathic, passive-aggressive cut throat competition with “friends” to be the most beautiful and desirable. I would see someone who isn’t afraid of spiders or unlit streets. I would see someone who doesn’t have long running bitchy stand offs with “friends” whom you neglected to acknowledge for a year, it would be better to be a man who can pick up a conversation with someone they haven’t spoken to in 5 years without incident. I would see someone who doesn’t have to have tedious “so and so said this and that” conversations with friends you are jealous of.

    If I was a girl it would be only natural to desire a dominant man with a devil may care attitude to validate you and submit to. It would be nice to be free of the cut throat competition with “friends” because you have a powerful dominant man to call your own whom only your undeniable beauty could slightly tame.

    If I was a girl I would be jealous of men and would like to submit men like K’thardin (whom I can dominate) to the ultimate humiliation: sitting down to pee. This has already happened in Sweden remember. But why would I want to do that? Because the rational minds of men like k’thardin make them predisposed to:

    A. Boring you with a problem solving mathematical mentality

    B. “Whining” (i.e. complaining about difficult problems – like the long terms consequences of contraception).

    C. Then going home and writing a blog like this.

    So if I was a girl the only men who could excite would be self centred jerks. Because they wouldn’t take me seriously and I wouldn’t be able to emotionally abuse them like I do to K’thardin; they probably wouldn’t even care if I started giving them grief.

    Here’s a particularly extreme example of how uniquely disgusting “girls” their idiot bad boys can be.

    Caveat: I don’t think all woman are like this, just a large minority of them.

    What overall conclusions can be drawn for counter-jihad? That being reasonable is not enough to get people’s attention. Which is probably why Pamela Geller’s cheer leading style blog is more popular than the comparatively dry GoV.

    (474 words)

  4. Nice rant, HH. Given that I, too, view the current female predilection for thugs and bad boys as a penultimate abdication of women’s so-called liberation, I’ll try to overlook the “perhaps”.

    Even as women have demanded increasing participation with respect to the running of society they still exercise magical thinking in imagining that they are totally immune to the consequences of making exceptionally stupid choices in selecting their mates.

    While I remain deeply opposed to spousal abuse and violence against women in general, I have pretty much lost all sympathy for women who hang out with gangsters, thugs or bad boys and then endlessly whine about getting the snot kicked out of them. I am millimicrons away from finally beginning to believe that they simply deserve it. Such is the measure of my disgust with how modern women abuse their position in the mating game.

    This entire hypocrisy is epitomized by the popularity of (c)rap music with young women. Second only to Islam, (c)rap music propagates a culture of misogyny, intense disrespect, prostitution, explicit violence and hardcore criminality which should give any sane woman near-terminal panic attacks.

    Women simply DO NOT comprehend how − by giving themselves to these scumbags in the hopes that such cretins will magically change or be transformed by love − they are de facto REWARDING the antisocial and abusive behavior they use to attract females. What incentive does a man have to change his ways when his very worst conduct is so lavishly rewarded?

    Just as with the lunacy of believing that, “If he loves me, he’ll change for me”; modern women need to get over the whole distortion of “If it doesn’t hurt, it can’t be love”. Few other catchphrases have done so much damage while masquerading as harmless adages.

    The degree to which women propel Liberal causes along with how those selfsame Liberal causes shelter and coddle Muslims with their Islamic jihad is rapidly negating whatever actual worth Feminism might once have had. Only a bare few women, like Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, seem to have any grasp of what Feminism is supposed to stand for.

    The inability shown by modern feminists with respect to roundly condemning Islam for its institutionalized policy of abject gender apartheid is a searing indictment of what women’s liberation really portends for the future of our world. Let us all hope that House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s dethroning is just a bare beginning in the reversal of fortunes for modern Liberal women and Liberalism in general.

  5. You see you just did it there Zenster, you’re still being fair minded and rational. But I suppose NOT being rational is like asking a young lady like this not to come into work dressed like a model. It’s hopeless. It’s like asking Zenster to shave his legs and wear a skirt “or else no one will ever take you seriously”.

    “Given that I, too, view the current female predilection for thugs and bad boys as a penultimate abdication of women’s so-called liberation,”

    Nah, I think you’re overestimating what is only an extreme yet minority phenomenon. I myself know a lawyer woman, who used to dance in Stringfellows to pay the bills at university, so you can imagine what she looks like, who lives with a pot bellied 4 foot tall quiet Chinese bloke so they can share their love of World of Warcraft… Seriously. They both work full time as professionals so they’re not losers who are barely above drug addicted dole scum.

    But anyway my overall point remains the same, the way you make people feel is often more important then what you do or say actually means.

  6. Homophobic Horse, I don’t think men and women are equal. You probably don’t know my views on this, but it’s cute to make nice suppositions, right?

    And yes, men who act and think like girls are pathetic. I’m actually quite fond of you know, real men? But those are non-existent today and hence the reason why we’re in this mess. And yes, I’d like to be ‘dominated’ by a man and as the person who actually is doing the selection related to this, I can tell you that Western men are quite horrible at this.

    Jerks and losers aren’t really my cup of tea though. And I don’t consider K unmanly for what he said, but his attitude towards it. Dude, you’re a man, grow a pair and do something. Just like women didn’t win a war to get voting rights, in the same way, we can’t do squat if men want to strip us of that ‘right’, for example. Men control society and whatever women and outsiders do is because men allow it. So yes, this is entirely on European men.

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