Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/6/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/6/2010Scandinavian governments are upset that American embassies are engaging in surveillance and data collection directed at suspicious people in the vicinity of their embassies. Such activities are against local law. The United States insists that the host governments have full knowledge of these practices, but that is not true, at least in Norway. Denmark suspects that the same thing has been going on in Copenhagen, and Sweden has confirmed that it occurs in Stockholm. The foreign ministries of all three countries are considering their options.

In other Scandinavian news, Sweden’s Migration Minister Tobias Billström says that he is tired of absorbing asylum seekers from Greece. He has expressed his surprise that Greece cannot even control its border with its traditional enemy, Turkey.

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/6/2010

  1. From Netizen, who says —

    “this subtitled video shows nice ties between Albanian Islam and Italian fascism”.

    Italian Fascism and Albanian Islam

    It shows far more than that, Netizen. This brief look at the conflict between the church & state of Albania, plus the collusion of Islam with some of the invading players, is of historical interest on a number of levels.

    The principle that “Scientific Materialism” would conquer the “reactionary religious” (be they the Orthodox/Roman Churches or Islam) didn’t turn out as planned. Scientific
    Materialism didn’t prove to be very resilient after all.

    Still, this is interesting as a piece of historical propaganda. “Propaganda” in this sense is not pejorative. It simply means an effective way of putting one’s point across. At one time this effort to portray the march of Scientism as an antidote to reactionary religion may well have been effective. But that train left the station (and the track) of history long ago.

    BTW, the date at the site says 1967, but it looks much older than that, especially the mode of dress and some of the artifacts in the film.

    A prime value of the internet is the ability to preserve pieces like this.


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