Burning Poppies to Celebrate the English Caliphate

Burning poppies November 11, 2010

Update: The arrest of Tommy Robinson on a “public order offence” is confirmed here.

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In the United States, today is Veterans’ Day (formerly known as Armistice Day). It marks the ninety-second anniversary of the end of the Great War, and is a day of solemn ceremony honoring the veterans of all our wars.

In Britain the 11th of November is called Remembrance Day, and from today on it will be remembered as the day that England was publicly acknowledged to be an outpost of the new Islamic Caliphate.

In Kensington this morning, while “persons of British background” were remaining silent in remembrance of the nation’s war dead, Muslims — the ungrateful beneficiaries of the British welfare state who despise their host country — were burning poppies and proclaiming Islamic dominance.

According to The Daily Mail:

Islamic protesters sparked fury today after they burned a model of a poppy and deliberately broke the silence at Armistice Day commemorations in central London.

As millions of Britons fell silent to remember those who have died in war, members of a group called Muslims Against Crusades clashed with police during an ‘emergency demonstration’ in Kensington, west London.

As the clock struck 11am, the Islamic protesters burned a model of a poppy and chanted ‘British soldiers burn in hell’.

They held banners which read ‘Islam will dominate’ and ‘Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell’.


It is understood the event took place in Kensington because it is outside a protected zone around Parliament where spontaneous protests are banned.

Police were questioning people they suspected were preparing to travel to Kensington after arriving at Victoria Station.

It is thought Muslims Against Crusades is a splinter group of Islam4UK, founded by Anjem Choudary.

This was a celebration of Mohammedan conquest. If these scum face no consequences for their acts, it is as if the UK had officially declared itself an Islamic colony.

The English Defence League vowed that it would not take this lying down:

A series of incendiary comments were posted on a social networking website linked to the English Defence League.

Some members pledged to attend while others showered the Islamic group with abuse and criticised police for allowing the demonstration to take place.

English Defence League protester Clive Donnellan, 49, a construction manager said: ‘The MAC could have chosen a more sensitive day to protest. They are preaching hate and although it’s great to have free speech this shouldn’t be happening today. They can come down any other day and say what they think.’

And I just received this unconfirmed report from a contact in the EDL:

[EDL leader] Tommy Robinson was arrested for jumping the police barrier and launching into the Muslims who were burning poppies.

It’s enormously gratifying to learn that there is at least one Englishman who is willing to disregard the personal consequences to himself and stand up for his country.

On this Remembrance Day of 2010, let’s remember what Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League stand for during this, the twilight of England and the dawn of the Islamic Republic of Britain.

Amsterdam: EDL #5

Hat tip: Gaia.

48 thoughts on “Burning Poppies to Celebrate the English Caliphate

  1. This is shameful. My 4 year old daughter and I were at Trafalgar Square for the silence this morning. Her school wouldn’t grant authorisation for her to have the time off yet Muslim pupils are allowed an extra 2 authorised days off for Eid. We pander to these pupil and now they do despicable acts like this. If they don’t respect this country then they should leave and go back to their third world slum.

  2. There’s something sick festering in the heart of this country. Yesterday evening there was an award ceremony called ‘Pride of Britain’ which honoured, among others, soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. Eighteeen surviving pilots from the Battle of Britain were given an award also. (By Prince Charles no less.)

    Now we open the papers and read about this. There’s a fundamental disconnect between what this country used to be, and the doctrines embraced by the political class in recent years that have led us here.

  3. Anyone who actually goes out in a boiler suit on each day and works for a living relies on the truth. You can’t just pretend to do a job, you need to actually figure out what’s wrong and whatever you do to fix the problem in front of you has to be in accordance with reality. If you didn’t rely on the truth, then you couldn’t get any work done.

    Politicians and journalists don’t have that worry. They can come up with any fantastic theory they like, and they’re insulated from the consequences if they’re wrong (i.e. if they’re not using the truth to guide them but are instead expressing an illusion that exists nowhere in real life).

  4. There’s a genre of crime novel, Mediterranean noir, which is hugely popular in Italy. Check out writers like Massimo Carlotto. One of the reasons these books sell in Italy is that they are a more accurate reflection of life in Italy than the ‘official’ version one finds in the media. Again, that disconnect …

  5. They held banners which read ‘Islam will dominate’ and ‘Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell’.

    How does one negotiate or reach any compromise with this sort of mentality? Is it even at all possible?

    Most likely it will be far too late before Muslims, with their death obsessed culture, finally wake up to the fact that they have painted themselves into a coffin corner when it comes to how the West must deal with jihad.

    Islam continues to make this an all or nothing proposition. Few others are better than Western culture in assuring a “nothing” outcome for its enemies. We did it with Imperial Japan, which had vowed against any form of unconditional surrender, and it is just as likely that Islam’s intransigence will meet with a similar fate.

    Being resolute and stupid is a fatal combination. Rarely, if ever, has it proved otherwise. Islam will have to consider itself fortunate if it survives to learn this historical object lesson.

  6. In hoc signo vinces


    How does one negotiate or reach any compromise with this sort of mentality? Is it even at all possible?

    Zenster, I think you and I know the answer to that question NO negotiations and NO compromises are possible we can give no quarter.

  7. This was a celebration of Mohammedan conquest. If these scum face no consequences for their acts, it is as if the UK had officially declared itself an Islamic colony.

    And it sure has… Here is a little something we can all recap, words on signs brandished by black cube worshippers, to which none of Britain’s “hate speech” laws apply (and which are proof of how far the mahoundian colonization has come):

    Slay those who insult islam

    Behead those who insult islam

    Europe you will pay, extermination is on its way

    Butcher those who mock islam

    Europe take some lessons from 9/11

    Massacre those who insult islam

    Behead those who say islam is violent

    And this is perhaps the best, for its unthankfulness to Britain’s first real islam channel, BBC= British Blasphemic (sic) Crusaders

    On the other hand, many GoV readers sure remember that Christian couple who owned a hotel in Liverpool who got arrested on charges of the most serious felony in Britain’s inJustice system these days, “hurting muslim feelings”; for saying to a mahoundian guest at their hotel that mahound was a warlord, and that they thought that the mahoundian veil was a form of bondage.

    Today’s demonstrations are just yet more evidence of what we all have known for a long time… As far as Britain’s political elite’s decisions are concerned, the UK is now West Porkistan.

  8. Every single one of these bastards must be permanently expelled from the West. All of them. There is no other solution to this. Those who try to import more of them should be treated as the traitors they are.

  9. Actions like these hasten the day when all of Europe will be embroiled in a major war against Islam. The sad thing is that the first half of the war will be fought in Europe.

  10. This was a crowd that needed pig juice lobbed onto them. That wouldn’t be hard. Probably have much more impact on the jihadis than brawlers. Have the juice prepared ahead for the next incident.

  11. How is all the photos show police arresting EDL supporters and none of the scum Muslim traitors who are openly inciting a riot when is this country going to wake up and deal with these traitors

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1328703/Remembrance-Day-Poppy-burning-Muslim-protesters-mar-Armistice-Day.html#ixzz150kcqTYW

    This is the lead comment in the Daily Mail concerning the lack of sensitivity by the Muslim community in Britain. I have to congratulate the muslims what a wonderful home goal. 6,000 people recommended this. The Daily Mail is a very conservative newspaper by the way. As Churchill most aptly put it this is not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning. Britain is slowly turning the corner, we have seen it in Germany a couple of weeks ago. Large countries have a lot of inertia and it takes them a long time to change direction, small countries like Denmark and Holland can do it a lot quicker which we have seen happen. All we need now is the E.U. to subsidies muslim groups to complain about Christmas burning Christmas trees etc, kill two birds with one stone foment contempt against the muslims and the E.U.

    What I was really trying to say is that 5,000 middle class Brits saw through the spin, the bullshit is not working any more. We have turned the corner. Things are changing exponentially give it a couple of years, and this scum will be spending a few years behind bars, and not the other way round. Brilliant result.

  12. It is time for the Native Peoples of Britain to take back your nation by force. You have allowed the idiot barbarians to disarm you, to confiscate your weapons, to ridicule your heritage, to rape your women and children.

    And all you do is rant. How many of the British troops would back the second Republican Army?

    Once you as a nation stood up to tyranny and won. It is time you do it again.

    If this hasn’t woken you up, nothing will.

  13. Jedilson Bonfim said…

    “Behead those who say islam is violent”

    That’s really going to get the message across convincingly.

    I despair at the dhimmitude of our supposed lords and masters. Why do these Islamic extremists not get arrested for hate crimes?

  14. In hoc signo vinces


    Do the Britons feel themselves to be subdued yet?

    This question deserves a reply any of my countrymen want to attempt an answer as there is some explaining to do, before we all die of embarrassment.

  15. at-ttt

    Peaceful non violent protest only works against Christian authority.

    Non violent protest doesnt work against Islamic states, it only gets you killed, locked up, charged with blasphemy, and so on and so forth.

    Figure it out already.

  16. ‘This was a celebration of Mohammedan conquest. If these scum face no consequences for their acts, it is as if the UK had officially declared itself an Islamic colony.’

    You mean like American politicians and media people whitewashing what went on at Fort Hood, inventing pre-traumatic stress symdrome, a whole new disease, to excuse an Islamic terrorist’s actions, and the American general who actually said that he preferred ‘diversity’ ie having Muslims like Major Hasan in the American army to preventing such acts of Islamic terrorism from happening again? Like that, you mean?

  17. This is an appalling event, to be sure, but let’s remember that should anyone in the UK wish to up sticks and leave, there aren’t exactly a whole lot of alternatives. The land of the free? Well, maybe not.

  18. Nick —

    You mean like American politicians and media people whitewashing what went on at Fort Hood, inventing pre-traumatic stress symdrome, a whole new disease, to excuse an Islamic terrorist’s actions, and the American general who actually said that he preferred ‘diversity’ ie having Muslims like Major Hasan in the American army to preventing such acts of Islamic terrorism from happening again? Like that, you mean?

    Yes, I mean exactly like that.

    The USA is in worse shape than Europe. We keep telling ourselves that we’re better off, but we haven’t a clue. We simply have been so well-anesthetized that we can’t even feel the gigantic organ of Islamic penetration that is being jammed up our nether parts. The Europeans are at least aware of what is being inserted where it hurts the worst.

    I post European news from time to time at Big Peace, where the readers are almost all Americans. Most of the commenters there react to what I write as if they hadn’t even read it, with that smug, “Well at least we’re not as bad off as Europe” mentality.

    One of them even said, “Europe is done. Stick a fork in it.”

    I want to shout at them, “You fools! You’re asleep! Don’t you realize that large parts of the upper levels of the federal government have been BOUGHT? The Muslim Brotherhood owns you! Your future is Islam! Wake up, dips***s!”

    But I don’t. There’s no point.

  19. @al-ttt —

    Someone on another thread said you were a troll. I reluctantly must agree. No name-calling, esp. against those who are r5isking everything in the attempt to save their country.

    When you have a better solution, please come back and let us know. Otherwise, your comments are hostile and unfriendly and not welcome here. I’ve been blogging for too long to put up with that anymore

  20. Hey, Baron–

    Amazing language, sir. I am going to have to turn you in to the Mouth-Washing Brigade. Tsk. Tsk.

    But I know what you mean about the commenters on our posts there. Those are terminal cases of ignorant bloviation. If I see that oh-so-original phrase one more time –i.e., “Europe is done. Stick a fork in it”. I am going to make a citizen’s arrest and ask the judge to make them attend classes for the cliche-ridden mugwumps.

    Imagine what Mencken would have done with those people.

  21. One place to start is to do what the Italians have done, they refuse to allow Islam the status of a religion until Islam, 1) Stops plural marriages. 2) Stops killing apostates. 3) Allows other religions to preach and convert people in Saudi. There are several more, including stopping the rape of wives and the beating of wives. Add what you want delisting them as a religion is a start.

  22. Just a day ago I read about a gigantic load of the signs of the islamization of America mentioned by the Baron in an article from the American Thinker. Americans trying to delude themselves into thinking that the ongoing opensewerization process in Europe is something the US has been immune from would be in for a hell of a shock if they found out about all this.

  23. Baron,

    It’s quite incredible for those of us in the middle section of our lives, who actually have something to look back on, to see what’s happening to Britain and America.

    The sickening thing is, wherever one looks one finds the same lack of what I can only call the human spirit. That which sustained Britain and America and their allies during WWII is now entirely absent.

    The political class appear to have taken the place of any ‘authority’ in people’s lives. They are now the authority which must be obeyed, the source (so they’d like to think) of moral thinking throughout the society they now wish to shape in their own image.

    It’s deeply troubling.

  24. “Comment deleted” was a perfectly legitimate remark made by someone who actually lives in England and knows first hand how everything the EDL doies simply HELPS the Muslim agenda

    Most of those posting here and the admin are Yanks who havent got the foggiest notion about life in the UK,even those whove lived here a few years

    What I wrote was simply[with a couple of inserted revisions]:

    “More aggro talk from EDL members. With “friends” like them we dont need the UAF.

    Take it lying down is exactly what they should do. A lie down peaceful protest.

    As it is, every time they open their lardy-gobs the rest of us [in the UK] who genuinely work to resist the Islamic agenda [rather than engage in impotent macho posturing] get slated with the same [rent-a-thug] image.

    Frankly, Im getting sick of them.”

    Now, theres plenty of talk about “free speech” here, but does it actually mean anything. The above comment (mine) is from someone (me) who lives adjacent to an illegal mosque and who is currently working to have it closed. I know, and you lot over there dont, how the current conduct of the EDL only HELPS these Muslims in my midst and HINDERS my efforts to address the problem. I have to continually watch my back for accusations that “hes EDL” which simply ends debate and hands victory on a plate to the Muslims on the other side of the issue.

    You should learn from my experience. If you remove this comment, then clearly you dont really want to know but prefer to keep your head up in cuckoo land. It would also mean you also obviously dont really give a damn about free speech.

  25. Recently on the EDL’s own forum, the question of whether expert witnesses (such as those at Geert Wilders’ trial) could possibly align themselves with the EDL arose. It was generally accepted that it would be very difficult indeed for such a person to do so, due to all the negative publicity surrounding the EDL. This on their own website mind you. So Al, I think you have made a fair point.

  26. “The EDL are terrible people, we would always keep these groups under review and if we needed to ban them, we would ban them or any groups which incite hatred.” – Prime Minister David Cameron. (See link.)

    That’s what you get from the leader of the country – when you can get him to even acknowledge the existence of the English Defence League.

  27. Here’s an interesting one, mind you – see link.

    The bobbies didn’t just roll over and do what these people want. Which apparently is ‘disgraceful’, etc, etc.

  28. al-att —

    First of all, let’s get one thing clear: deleting comments from this blog has nothing to do with “free speech”. This is a private forum, not a public space, and it has rules of discourse which are clearly posted. According to Dymphna’s judgment, you violated rule #1 by displaying a lack of basic civility.

    If you had been prevented by the state from publishing your own opinions as you might see fit, then that would violate your right of free speech, and would constitute censorship. But our enforcement of our rules violates no one’s right to free speech.

    Secondly, the issue isn’t with the ideas behind what you said, but the insulting way in which you expressed them. If you had said: “I disagree with the statements and actions of the EDL. They are counterproductive, and harmful to our movement,” there would have been nothing amiss whatsoever, and no one would have considered deleting your comment.

    But referring to the EDL’s “lardy-chopped gobs” is rude and insulting, as well as being totally unnecessary. We have many EDL members among our regular readers, and I object to your insulting them.

    My tolerance for unpleasant comments is higher than Dymphna’s, so I had let it be. But she was acting well within our posted standards to give it the heave-ho.

    One of the reasons why she allows less latitude for such behavior is that she has complex chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other people’s unpleasant verbiage can cause her actual physical distress. Charles Johnson’s nastiness back in 2007 sent her to bed for months.

    So not only was she acting within our own guidelines, she was protecting herself from the harm that can be done by unthinkingly crass and cruel behavior, such as what you displayed here.

  29. Baron with due respect (and I do respect your work here) I disagree.

    All newspapers are privately owned forums but if the owners decided to blacklist and ban certain journalists from being published, that would be censorship. As indeed happenned when Mark Steyn was dropped by The Telegraph. Whether its public or private is immaterial.

    Secondly you say:

    “But referring to the EDL’s “lardy-chopped gobs” is rude and insulting, as well as being totally unnecessary. We have many EDL members among our regular readers, and I object to your insulting them.”

    But the phrase you (not exactly) quote me with there is descriptive and accurate as a characterisation of these people.Most of them appear to be men with a weight problem that gives them that distinctive swollen pasty-faced look satirised by Georg Grosz in his cartoons of life in Weimar Germany. However, referring to the latter doesn’t really convey as succinctly the image that is conveyed by the former. “lardy” means fat. “Gobs” means mouths. They do have fat mouths which appear to be regularly replensished with burgers and butties. None of this is irrelevant. It all plays into the gross image problem that not only afflicts the EDL but all the people whose views they decide to publicly associate with.

    I am very sorry about Dymphnas sensitivity,I have similar problems in a different context. But unfortunately this whole topic area is a minefield of truly aggravating and distressing material. Let me illustrate with “my” story:

    In the nineteen Seventies I was newly out of Sixth Form (High School maybe) when I read an article in New Statesman of all places about FGM. In those days the Left had not yet discovered their love affair with everything Islamic. The article explained what FGM was (although the discrete ancronym was not used in favour of some more explicit terminology) in horrific detail. Moreover, that at that time the WHO estimated there to be at least 100 million victims in the world.

    I went out of the shop where I had read the article in a stunned state of shock. I was truly numbed. I really could barely grasp that such things had ever been done, let alone still in the 20th Century.I looked around me at all the people happily going about their business oblivious of this appalling nightmare that I had discovered.

    At that exact point began my opposition to Islam and everything it represents, facilitates, permits and has culturaly associated with it. Not all Muslims practise FGM…thank God…but (with but scant exception) ONLY Muslims practice FGM and it is a direct manifestation of Islamic attitudes to women.My disgust of Islam and a burning desire to see it utterly eradicated from the face of this Earth was then ignited, that Summer afternoon in 1979.

    This disgust burns in me still and FGM still strikes me as the worst evil in the world, dwarfing anything done by one community against another because it done by parents to their own children. I recently saw a picture of a young girl screaming in distress as she was overpowered by smiling family members about to inflict this horror.

    I cannot see how it is possible to discuss Islam and its effect without raising the most distresing material. It is for fear of bringing such horror into the open that the Western media coined the heinous euphemism “female circumcision” and which stillmeans that most Westerners are ignorant of this worse than barbaric practice. Had this been discussed openly and widely thirty years ago, the present stranglehold that Islam has on us might well not have come about.

    So, unfortunately, I believe the shocking and the distressing sometimes needs saying.

    Compared to any of that, referring to a fat mans fat cheeks surely doesnt amount to much. Although I note your special reasons and will keep that inmind.

  30. You mean like American politicians and media people whitewashing what went on at Fort Hood, inventing pre-traumatic stress symdrome, a whole new disease, to excuse an Islamic terrorist’s actions, and the American general who actually said that he preferred ‘diversity’ ie having Muslims like Major Hasan in the American army to preventing such acts of Islamic terrorism from happening again? Like that, you mean?

    Well the people making those claims were widely ridiculed. The General’s resignation was called for by many commentators, including on TV and radio. So while there were some bleeding heart types doing this, by and large Americans rejected their interpretation of these events.

    We don’t yet know what is going to happen buy I suspect he’s going to get the death penalty for his crimes. So it’s not all coddling over here, as you suggest.

    If a bunch of muzzies tried to burn the flag in Arlington on veterans day they would certainly be arrested, and might well be beaten first, depending on who was around.

    I know I’m in a minority here but I don’t think Islam has anywhere near the power and destructive force in the USA as it does in Europe. Their just are not as many of them here, and they have to get in line behind the native born blacks and Mexican invaders to be a threat.

    For instance there are a dozen or more dead central cities that are huge ghettos that Blacks already control in the USA that are virtually no-go areas for whites. They are seething dung heaps of corruption, drug-dealing, petty theft, gang violence, welfare and food-stamp dependency, and open air prostitution — all of it on a scale that is difficult to imagine, even for many Americans who have never visited them. Places like Detroit; Gary, IN; East New York, NY, Newark and Trenton, NJ, areas around Miami, FL; a big chunk of Chicago; parts of Cincinati.

    If you haven’t been to these areas it really is hard to believe how seperate from the rest of the USA they are.

    Now we are adding 20 million plus “latinos” who are essentially unassimilatable instant under-class welfare dependents.

    This is predictably resulting in many new Latin Barrios that, while not quite as violently depraved as the black ghettos, are non the less still essentially foreign enclaves in America.

    Compared to this the few Muslims in the USA are just not that worth getting that worked up over.

    Sure, it’s horrible when a US Army Major goes on a shooting spree. But the jihadis would have to pull off an event a day like that to equal the everyday rate of killing, robbing and raping that the two main minorities in the USA perpetrate already.

    Islam is a not the first of biggest threat in the states, and that those who think it is are ignoring the much larger minority social-pathology all around them.

    That’s not to say we shouldn’t pay attention to Islam in the USA, but if we ejected every muzzie in America we’d still have problems Europe can only dream of (in their nightmares).

  31. If —

    Sorry; we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    When the New York Times chooses to spike one of its writers’ stories, that’s not “censorship”, it’s editorial discretion. And it violated nobody’s right to free speech.

    No matter how you parse it, I find your wording insulting, and I’m not even a memeber of the EDL.

    “Insulting” is in the eye of the beholder — in this case mine, and my wife’s. I don’t have to buy the definition of “insulting” provided by the people who hurl insults here, and I won’t. If it seems insulting to me, it’s insulting.

    The rest of all this is casuistry, as far as I’m concerned.

    You have a right to express your opinions in whatever manner you see fit. That’s why God gave you your own blog.

  32. Baron,
    I wasn’t aware of your good wife’s health issue that you mention, however I can, for reasons I’d rather not go into here in any depth, appreciate more than most what you’re saying. Please pass on my best wishes to Dymphna then, and can I also say something that’s probably not said openly enough times, which is: Thank you for all your hard work, and for giving so many different people a forum to express themselves. When I was sitting in front of an old Amstrad (with actual ‘floppy’ discs etc) back in the early 90s, a forum like ‘Gates of Vienna’ would have been something one could only have found in a sci-fi novel. And yet here we all are.

  33. @IfYouCantStandTheHeat:

    Your heart-felt story about your own Muslim moment is quite a tale. It would make a good post, esp. if we asked readers to chime in on “their” Muslim moment. I know what mine was, i.e., the moment in which I said to myself, “this is truly malignant evil”. The woman who stood up to it had magnificent courage. What she really wanted to do was commit suicide but her father and her imam encouraged her to take her case to court. Seeing it in all of its brutal, dystopic horror was truly awful. But her responsive courage in the face of a whole state arrayed against her was magnificent.

    Anyhow, let us know if you’ve any objection to my using your story to build a post. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll presume it’s okay — I mean if you’re too weary with the argument to continue further.

    I hope you will assent. It is a good story, well told. It deserves a larger audience and, who knows, it could become a meme. Never can tell what will resonate with others across a wide spectrum

    Thank you for telling that.

  34. I agree, that’s a powerful story, and maybe such a personal turning points will be effective in getting people to ‘tune in’ to what we’re trying to say.

  35. We need young people to stand up for and defend Western Civilization.

    Old Farts arent going to face down young Muslim colonizers, Jihadis, and gangs.

    E! E! EDL!

  36. al-att

    Tommy Robinson just gained the EDL a lot of sympathy and good will by challenging those hate filled ingrates, and ripping their jihadi flag out of their hands.

  37. You can of course blame EDL for polarization. The good thing about it is that EDL are able to show very clearly what true Muslims are made of, that they can not handle opposition. When Muslims are provoked by EDL, they are the one who have a problem, and that problem will still be there if you want to oppose Muslims in a more moderate way.

    I strongly believe that authoritarian people need to be treated authoritarian, and right now there seems to me that there are very few groups in England, beside EDL, who are willing to do so. (at least from a Norwegian view)

    You do not discuss with the animal. There are no reason to believe that Muslims should have more respect for peaceful demonstrations compared to Islam. Peaceful demonstrations will only be seen as an opportunity to dominate even more.

  38. Dag Reidar Bye: You do not discuss with the animal.

    Variously attributed to the American authors Mark Twain or Robert Heinlein, the following saying sums it up rather well:

    Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes time and annoys the pig.

    You have also nailed the problem rather well by observing how:

    When Muslims are provoked by EDL, they are the one who have a problem, and that problem will still be there if you want to oppose Muslims in a more moderate way.

    Tolerance for the intolerable is quite clearly not a virtue.

  39. Dymphna: It is a good story, well told. It deserves a larger audience and, who knows, it could become a meme. Never can tell what will resonate with others across a wide spectrum

    Please do proceed with this idea. It is worthy of a permalink on GoV’s list of important articles.

    Much like JFK’s assassination and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, most people can tell you their own exact “Muslim moment”. I’ll be all too happy for the chance to share mine.

  40. I think it’s best to make sure Choudary’s lot have as much publicity as possible. In this way people will open their eyes to the real face of Islam and start to see what the irreversible and devastating implications will be if we allow this country to become Islamised. The truth is that these individuals are actually practising Islam in it’s true form, not the benign, enriching and all-encompassing movement the leftist liars and traitors who run this country are constantly trying to make us believe.

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