The Rope-Sellers

Concerning doing business with the capitalist world, Vladimir Lenin famously (and apocryphally) remarked: “They will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

Ninety years later, the situation hasn’t changed. Yes, there’s a different totalitarian ideology bent on world domination, but it’s still in the market for rope.

And Miles Young, the CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, is eager to bag the Islamic rope account. The promotional video below concerns the American Muslim Consumer Conference coming up at the end of this month in New Jersey.

It seems the heads of sales divisions all over the kuffar world are salivating at the thought of “the Islamic market”:

The notes accompanying the video are below the jump. If you’re interested in attending this important event, registration information is included:

Miles Young, CEO of the world’s largest Marketing and Advertising Agency, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. Ogilvy is a significantly large part of the WPP group which reported $11 Billion in annual revenue last year.

What does he think of the muslim market? play to hear his views on the largely untapped Muslim Market around the world and the American Muslim Consumer Market in specific. Ogilvy has identified the Muslim market as the next 1 Billion market, next to China and India.

Miles Young is going to speak at the American Muslim Consumer Conference this year (Oct 30, 2010 in Hyatt Regency – New Brunswick, NJ) and will share excerpts from his company’s study and experience in dealing with this market.

If you haven’t bought ticket, now is the time, since it is a fantastic opportunity to meet him and other such successful executives who will be attending the American Muslim Consumer Conference. Hurry, before they get sold out.

To register, visit:

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5 thoughts on “The Rope-Sellers

  1. Ah yes, the “vast Muslim market”. Didn’t we hear this same taurine fecal matter about the “vast Chinese Market”?

    While China’s near-total lack of balanced trade may be symptomatic of a different paradigm, the injurious nature of facilitating Chinese industry’s advancement with the West’s hard-won technological expertise will match or be exceeded by any similar dalliance with Islam.

    Even though Islam is almost foredoomed to remain technologically illiterate, enabling its economic interests along with legitimizing its overall supposedly moral and ethical constructs is nothing short of suicide.

    It has been economic suicide to have engaged China in such a manner and it will be physical suicide to do so with Islam.

    To hear Miles Young, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, drool over the prospects of getting into bed with Islam is to hear some of the most abject treason imaginable outside of governmental or military circles.

    A solid comparison can be made to Ford Motor Company’s betrayal of its customer base when their executive board accepted counsels’ recommendation to absorb the lower cost of negligent death lawsuits over the more expensive alternative of re-engineering the Pinto automobile’s catastrophically failure-prone gas tank.

    At what point will we hear Miles Young exclaim, “I didn’t know!”, when it turns out that Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide assistance in palliating utterly incompatible Muslim practices for the larger Western markets allowed Islam just that much greater and devastating penetration of our national defenses and institutions? Yet, they are not given a moment’s pause nor do they experience a millisecond’s compunction over the prospect of delivering the West unto its enemies.

    If Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide is, indeed, the “Worldwide” organization that they claim to be, then they are damn well aware of the deleterious influence that Islam exerts around the globe.

    If, like so many multinational corporations today, they are able to renege on any sense of loyalty or allegiance to its original native markets, then Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide is just one more blood-sucking parasitic entity that is hard at work surrendering this world into Islam’s withering embrace.

    This is yet more treason courtesy of the transnational financial elite and deserves nothing save the back of our collective hand. Goodness knows that Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide is giving us the back of theirs as they sniff about Islam’s hindquarters in pursuit of the next thirty pieces of silver to be wrung out of our deepest misfortune.

  2. goethechosemercy: The corporate rich get more and more stupid with each passing year.

    Which automatically beggars the question of how is it possible for stupid people to make such slathers of money?

    At one time, a prerequisite for making large amounts of money was having a well-honed mind or an exceptional ability to craft. While there certainly has been a relaxation of morals and ethics, this in no way provides a complete explanation for how it is that these abject morons manage to succeed in such large measure.

    I suppose one contributing factor is how so many people entrust their life savings into the hands of criminals and incorrigibles. Bernie Madoff springs to mind.

    For the life of me, it seems as though Miles Young had taken the same decision as Ford Motor Company. Evidently, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide views a certain (and possibly large), number of deaths from terrorist atrocities as acceptable losses in exchange for the profit gained by empowering Islam via their own public relations programs.

    How close is one allowed to skirt outright murder and still be able to claim innocence? Haven’t we already seen quite enough of this rubbish from the world’s ostensibly moderate Muslim population?

    It would appear as though plausible deniability is the new innocence.

  3. Thank you, 1389. I’m glad to know that my analysis works for others as well.

    Remember, you can’t spell “analysis” without a-n-a-l.
    (Old Harvard Lampoon joke)

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