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Our British correspondent DF sends these brief notes about a talented new culturally enriched star of the Labour Party’s shadow government:

On 8 October the Labour Party appointed a new shadow cabinet. The new Shadow Justice Minister is one Sadiq Khan.

Here are some interesting facts about him:

Sadiq KhanHe has been exposed three times for fiddling his expenses, even after the public outcry last year.

Five members of Khan’s family and various clients belonged to fundamentalist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. Something he called “irrelevant” and “trivial”.

He got the bent copper Ali Dizaei off the hook. Dizaei was later jailed in Wandsworth Prison, in Khan’s own constituency.

Did you know Khan tried to join the defence team of Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person convicted of the 9/11 attacks? The US government refused him clearance. As they did over a Guantanamo suspect’s trial.

Did you know Khan voted for post office closures at 7pm in Parliament and spoke out against closures at 8pm in a public meeting in his constituency?

Or that he stated on Question Time that he wasn’t a Muslim but an Agnostic?

But that he gave a lecture to the Fabian Society entitled ‘Being a British Muslim’?

Mr. Khan met with a constituent named Babar Ahmad “while the latter was held on remand in HMP Woodhill pending extradition proceedings to the US for allegedly running a website that raised funds for the Taleban in the 1990s.”

From the Times Online (4 Feb. 2008):

Mr Khan’s constituents may take another view on whether Babar Ahmad is worth this investment. As a former chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain’s legal committee, Mr Khan remains the most Islamist-friendly of MPs. Compared with other Labour Muslim MPs – such as Khalid Mahmood – he has too often catered to the “victim mentality” in the community.

And from The Sun (6 Feb. 2008):

Mr Khan later defended extremists and Brits held in Guantanamo Bay.

Last year it was revealed that five members of his family belonged to fundamental group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that [then Justice Secretary Jack] Straw knew on December 14 of concerns over Mr Khan’s jail visits to another terror suspect.

It looks like we now have an Islamist just one step away from being Justice Minister.

Talk about the fox in the chicken coop.

4 thoughts on “Sadiq Con

  1. I just had a horrible thought. Sometimes it feels like the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings. Without the battle. But a new ruling class has arrived on England’s fair and green shores with a different language, legal system, customs, and demands of the natives/Anglo-Saxons.

    Except the arabs, when they arrive somewhere, never integrate into the population. Unlike the Normans in England, Sicily and elsewhere. Syria, Lebanon and every North African Mediterranean country…the arabs historically just took over and proceeded to out-breed the natives over a thousand years.

    Someone save England!

  2. In point of fact, we have already had a serving Islamist Justice Minister, Shahid Malik.

    Malik was the man who publicly wished for a Muslim Prime Minister, Insh’Allah!

    He resigned after the usual corruption charges British Muslims seem to attract.

    Justice Minister Resigns

  3. @Seigetower: “Without the battle. But a new ruling class has arrived on England’s fair and green shores with a different language, legal system, customs, and demands of the natives/Anglo-Saxons.”

    Actually that’s exactly what the Normans did. They virtually wiped out the Anglo Saxon way of life and brutally imposed their own system.

    They drastically changed the course of history. The only difference they were not doing it in the name of islam and did not require the population to change their religion.

  4. In hoc signo vinces

    Chairman of the Conservative Party and member of the Cabinet Baroness Warsi, anyone?

    In its December 2006 edition, the New Statesman ‘revealed’ that Warsi received support for her general election campaign from Lord Ahmed, a Labour peer. According to the New Statesman’s report, Warsi “welcomed Lord Ahmed’s support”.

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