Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/14/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/14/2010One of the most senior Islamic clerics in the UK says that under Islamic law, rape is impossible within marriage. Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed, president of the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain, says that as long as a woman is a man’s wife, his having intercourse with her cannot be termed “rape”. Besides, says Sheikh Sayeed, wives who claim rape are often lying.

In other news, the dollar has reached a 15-year low against the yen, as investors reacted to speculation that the Fed would engage in yet more “quantitative easing”. Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. James McGovern of Massachusetts, referring to campaign finance laws that have been declared unconstitutional, said, “I think the Constitution is wrong.”

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5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/14/2010

  1. In the heated debate surrounding Islam in Germany, the perverse interpretation created by the Osama bin Ladens of the world is often presented as the “true” core of the religion. But average Muslims in both Turkey and Germany do not recognize this distortion of their faith.

    That could only be possible if they had never read Mein Qurampf. There is absolutely no “perversion” or “distortion” in all the calls to violence and derogatory descriptions of non-mahoundians in that collection of inbred bedouin savage contradictory and repetitive rantings. All one has to do to see it for themselves is to read the damn thing.

    I’m so sick of hearing and reading such crap from apologists all the time, but I’m somewhat hopeful that the next few years might see such baseless allegations and those making them completely lose any credibility they could possibly have.

  2. Deport him! He’s a menace, and an affront. Same with those vile creatures who insulted the troops home-coming parade.
    If these people can’t leave their alien barbaric ways at home when they come to a civilised country, we don’t need them.
    We’ll publish this on Ross’s Right Angle down here, next week.

  3. RE: Fjordman’s link to: Tea Party Luring US into Adventures in Irrationality

    What is the point of this article. Firstly it’s from The New Scientist, which you have to register to read.

    Much more importantly though, it’s written from that snarky, know-it-all liberal attitude that GoV mostly skewers.

    Are we really supposed to accept that Global Warming is a ‘scientific fact’ because people like the insiders at New Scientist say so? Despite Climate-gate, despite the many open letters from many renowned scientists disgreeing with the AGW theory, and on and on.

    The people who insist on ‘Global Warming as Fact’ are the philosophical twins of those insisting on the “Islam is just another peaceful religion with a few fanatic members” theory.

    The New Scientist has nothing intelligent to say on this, merely smarmy comments putting down non-libs as country buffons. Really, I’m surprised you ran this, and even more surprised Fjordman, who I admire, saw it as topical.

    The Tea Party is not amusing. It has done more to shake up a evil and complacent Dem/Rino ruling elite than any movement since the 1960s.

    If we in the USA are ever going to have and end to the Muslim menace in the USA, not to mention the Latino Reconquista, it will be because of Tea Party Patriots, not Al Gore and the other Socailist clowns pushing AGW.

    Tea Party supporters are no more deserving of disdain than your hero, Gert Wilders.

    Is it so hard to understand that from Europe?

  4. Zeke —

    Fjordman sent that link because it was such an asinine article about the tea parties. Sort of: “Look how bad this one is.” He respects the tea parties — he knows I’m a tea party person.

  5. Ah, this is an advanced blog! We are not even given a frame, but forced to interpret for ourselves.

    I retract my questioning of Fjordman’s posting.

    Yes, it is a perfect example of the typical snarky know-it-all attitude of the elites.

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