Out With Jimmie, Sha-La-La!

The blogs have been so full of the Geert Wilders trial that the political news about Sweden has been pushed into the background. But not within Sweden itself: the controversy over the election of Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrat) MPs to Parliament continues. The Swedish state media continue to promote outrage against the “racists” and “xenophobes” of SD, and the leftists have vowed to intimidate and harass the new MPs until they leave office.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated an article from Aftonbladet about an anti-Sverigedemokraterna demonstration that took place Monday in Stockholm:

Thousands march to Parliament

Stockholm demo 2010-10-04

Thousands of people gathered at the Sergel square in Stockholm to protest against racism.

[Photo: Olof Jönsson]

Thousands of people gathered today [Oct. 4] at Sergel Square in central Stockholm to protest against racism. The crowd sang songs that included “Out with Jimmie”, directed against the Sweden Democrats’ party leader Jimmie Åkesson.

The crowd marched to the Riksdag [Parliament].

The protests were linked to the opening of Riksdag, where the Sweden Democrats have taken seats for the first time.

“The Sweden Democrats are a cowardly party that beats the body politic down instead of raising it up. It is incomprehensible that we now have a party in parliament that has no respect for human rights,” said the Left Party’s Lars Ohly, who made speeches about racism.

Filled square

Sergel Square quickly filled with thousands of people who wanted to show their opposition to racism.

“It is full, the entire square. The atmosphere is good, and there is much applause and chanting. Among other things, ‘Out with Jimmie, sha-la-la-la-la’,” said Aftonbladet reporter Olof Jönsson from the scene at 6pm.

“Jimmie” referred to the Sweden Democrats’ party leader Jimmie Åkesson.

March to parliament

At half past six in the evening the whole crowd began to march along Harbour Street through Coin Square to the parliament.

At the front, Lars Ohly and those around him waved red flags.

Shortly after 7pm, the whole of Coin Square over to the parliament building full of people who chanted and sang.

“It is a success. Fantastic that so many could come here and show their displeasure,” one of the organizers told Aftonbladet.

Eggs at the police

The demonstration on the whole went very well. The only fly in the ointment was when some people suddenly started throwing eggs at officers.

“The police officers took cover behind one of the cars, but then they came out again,” said Olof Jönsson.

After that, police officers started wearing helmets. Egg throwing did not lead to a fight.

At 8pm, most demonstrators left Coin Square.

Behind the campaign were, among others, September Alliance and Facebook groups against racism.

Similar demonstrations were held today in several cities around the country.

6 thoughts on “Out With Jimmie, Sha-La-La!

  1. Well, German socialists did similar stuff in the early 1930’s, until all resistance was futile and they took over.

    I hope the SD’s have the guts to stand firm – and that the press will get its act together and start reporting fairly. If they do that, the outrage should cease.

  2. I love how protesters of this type always go after the “party” in their speeches and slogans. As if they got to where they are by sheer force of will alone? They conveniently purge from their brains that the party exists because thousands of their fellow “racist, xenophobic” citizens voted for them. These are the things that of a hot war make.

    Like the Tea Party for example. I asked myself the other day? Lets say Tea Party Republicans sweep into office in November, winning back both the House and Senate. Then let us suppose that (worst case scenario) that they turn out to be the same do nothing, faux Conservative Republicans that we have all come to know and hate? The right will feel its backs are indeed against the wall and the Left will feel as betrayed and emboldened as the right. Neither side will want anything resembling the middle anymore (which is fine with me) which leaves a giant open hole that could turn very, very ugly. Civil war part deux anyone?

    Being the cynical bastard that I am.This seems more likely to me then anything else? Sorry to drift OT, but this thread just kind of took me there.

  3. The majority of these deluded people are decent. They were brainwashed to react like Pavlov’s dogs, to certain words like racism. There is one obvious way to get most of these people on our side. Simply demonstrate that racism isn’t necessarily a white thing. Current events in South Africa, if publicized more, would deprogram most people fast. Once deprogrammed, they will become nationalists in their respective countries (i.e. White Nationalists, without the baggage).

  4. This is the marxist brand of “democracy” that says we can march but you can not,we can speak but you must not be heard,we are unequivically right and any-one that dissagrees are worse than animals and deserve to be killed.In science generally ,an allowance is usually made for unforseen error,a conscienceness of i might be barking up the wrong tree,since all things are mutable,this is called reason,but in marxism we see nothing of this,they think that they have reached the acme of perfection of thier political ideals,and the glaring inconsistencies are always attributed to thier opponents,transference,and are totally blameless,there are many people in mental institutions with similar attitudes,these we call psychotic or insane.

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