Islam or Freedom?

“We will not accept Islamization.”

It has taken several days to put together a complete English-subtitled version of Geert Wilders’ speech in Berlin. Mr. Wilders departed from his prepared text in several places, so that the official English text could not be used for subtitling without alteration.

Thanks to the translating and subtitling efforts of the Counterjihad Collective and Vlad Tepes, we can now present the speech just as Mr. Wilders delivered it in Berlin on October 2nd.

It must have been an electrifying speech for the German audience to hear, based on the frequency and intensity with which the speaker was interrupted with applause. The occasion is certain to go down in history — assuming, of course, that the history of these times is not destined to be written in Arabic.

Geert Wilders is now on trial in Amsterdam for speaking the truth about Islam. The mainstream media — not just in the Netherlands, but throughout the West — are bound to distort the proceedings to obscure the import of what Mr. Wilders says, and to paint him in the worst possible light.

That’s why we need to do our best to help him. He is the de facto political leader of the Counterjihad — no one else comes close to him — so he deserves all the support and assistance we can give him. The best way to do this is to:


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Geert Wilders is almost certain to be convicted by the kangaroo court in Amsterdam, but that will not put an end to his mission. In fact, as Obi-Wan Kenobe said to Darth Vader in the first Star Wars movie: “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”

A full transcript of the text used in the subtitles is below the jump. If anyone wants the SRT file used for the subtitles, drop me an email: unspiek(at)


00:00   On Monday October 4th, 2010, in a court in Amsterdam,
00:03   Geert Wilders was put on trial for his freedom.
00:06   Two days before, on the eve of the anniversary of German reunification,
00:08   an event was held in Berlin, by yet another European political party established to preserve
00:13   the traditions of European liberty and to oppose the Islamification of the continent.
00:16   There Mr Wilders delivered the following speech,
00:18   again giving voice to the opinions that the European establishment,
00:22   would like to see him thrown in jail, for having the courage to express.
00:26   Dear… Dear Friends, I find myself very happy to be here in Berlin today.
00:35   As you know, the invitation which my friend René Stadtkewitz extended to me,
00:41   has cost him his membership of the CDU group in the Berlin Parliament.
00:47   René, however, did not give in to the pressure.
01:01   He did not betray his convictions.
01:05   His dismissal prompted him to establish his own new political party.
01:12   And René, I thank you for your invitation, and I wish you all the best:
01:19   and I also wish you a great great deal of success with your new party.
01:38   My friends as you may have heard, the past weeks have been rather busy for me.
01:46   Earlier this week we succeeded in forging in The Netherlands,
01:49   a minority government of the Liberals and the Christian-Democrats,
01:55   which will be supported by my own party.
01:59   And this is an historic event for the Netherlands.
02:05   I am very proud of having been able to help achieve this.
02:11   And at this…
02:22   At this very moment, while we are here,
02:25   the Christian-Democrat Party conference is deciding
02:29   whether or not to approve this coalition.
02:33   And if they do…
02:35   If they do, we will finally be able to start to rebuild our country.
02:41   To be able to preserve our national identity,
02:44   and offer our children a better future.
02:48   Despite…
02:57   And despite my busy schedule,
03:00   it has always been a wish of mine, to come to Berlin.
03:04   Because Germany too needs a political movement,
03:08   which is both willing to defend German identity,
03:11   and to stand up against the Islamification of Germany.
03:32   Your Chancellor Angela Merkel says that,
03:35   “The Islamization of Germany is inevitable.”
03:39   She has called upon citizens to be prepared
03:42   for more changes as a result of immigration.
03:46   She wants the Germans to adapt to this situation.
03:51   The Christian-Democrat leader has said, and accepts that, quote:
03:57   “More than before mosques will be an integral part of our cities.” Unquote.
04:06   My friends…
04:08   My friends, we should not, and we will not
04:11   accept the unacceptable as inevitable:
04:16   Without trying to turn the tide!
04:31   It is our duty as politicians to preserve our nations for our children.
04:37   And I hope that René’s new movement
04:40   will be as successful as my own Partij voor de Vrijheid,
04:45   as Oskar Freysinger’s Schweizerische Volkspartei [in Switzerland],
04:49   and as Pia Kjaersgaard’s Dansk Folkeparti in Denmark,
04:53   and similar movements elsewhere.
05:06   My good friend Pia Kjaersgaard recently spoke in Sweden,
05:11   at the invitation of the Sverigedemokraterna.
05:15   She said: “I have not come to meddle in Swedish domestic politics.
05:21   Because that is for the Swedish people to be concerned with.
05:24   “No,” she said, “I have come because
05:28   in spite of certain differences today’s Swedish debate, in many ways
05:33   reminds me of the debate we’ve had in Denmark for 10-15 years.
05:40   And I have to come to Sweden because it is also a concern to Denmark.
05:45   We cannot just sit on our hands
05:49   and be silent witnesses to political developments in Sweden.”
05:52   And the same, the very same, applies for me
05:57   as a Dutchman with respect to Germany.
06:00   I am here…
06:12   I am here today because Germany matters to the Netherlands,
06:18   and to the rest of the world;
06:21   and because we cannot, in the absence of a strong German partner,
06:25   establish an International Freedom Alliance.
06:38   Dear friends, tomorrow is the Day of German Unity.
06:43   Tomorrow exactly twenty years ago, your great nation was reunified
06:50   after the collapse of the totalitarian Communist ideology.
06:55   The Day of German Unity is an important day for the whole of Europe.
07:01   Germany…
07:09   Germany is the largest democracy in Europe.
07:15   Germany is Europe’s economic powerhouse.
07:18   The wellbeing and prosperity of Germany is of benefit to all of us.
07:24   Because the wellbeing and prosperity of Germany,
07:27   is a prerequisite for the wellbeing and prosperity of Europe.
07:39   Today I am here, however, to warn you about a looming disunity.
07:45   Germany’s national identity, its democracy and economic prosperity,
07:51   is under threat from the political ideology of Islam.
08:00   In 1848, Karl Marx began his Communist Manifesto with the famous words:
08:08   “A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of communism.”
08:14   But Today…
08:16   Today, there is a different spectre stretching across Europe:
08:20   It is the spectre of Islam.
08:24   This danger…
08:34   And this danger, is a political one today also.
08:39   Islam is not merely a religion, as many people seem to think:
08:44   Islam is mainly a dangerous political ideology.
09:01   The Flemish Professor Urbain Vermeulen, the former president
09:06   of the European Union of Arabists and Islamicists, points out that,
09:10   “Islam is primarily a legal system: a law,” rather than a religion.
09:19   I quote from the bestseller and BBC television series: The Triumph of the West,
09:26   which the renowned Oxford historian J.M. Roberts wrote in 1985.
09:32   And he wrote that,
09:34   “Although we carelessly speak of Islam as a ‘religion’;
09:38   that word carries many overtones of the special history of western Europe.
09:45   The Muslim is primarily a member of a community,
09:49   the follower of a certain way, an adherent to a system of law.
09:56   Rather than someone holding particular theological views.”
10:02   And the American political scientist Mark Alexander writes that,
10:07   “One of our greatest mistakes is to think of Islam
10:12   as just another one of the world’s great religions.
10:18   We should not do so.”
10:29   “Islam,” he says, “is politics or it is nothing at all.
10:34   But of course, it is politics with a spiritual dimension…
10:39   …which will stop at nothing, until the West is no more.
10:44   Until the West has… been well and truly Islamized.”
10:49   And, he was right. These…
10:56   These are not all just statements by opponents of Islam.
10:59   Islamic scholars say, and think, the same thing.
11:03   To anyone who has read the Koran, the Sirah and the Hadith:
11:09   there can be no misunderstanding about the nature of Islam.
11:15   Abul Ala Maududi, the influential 20th century Pakistani Islamic thinker, wrote,
11:24   – and I quote, emphasizing that these are not my words but those of a leading Islamic scholar –
11:31   he said: “Islam is not merely a religious creed [but] a revolutionary ideology,
11:39   and jihad refers to that revolutionary struggle…
11:44   to destroy all states and governments anywhere, on the face of the earth,
11:50   which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam.”
11:55   And Ali Sina, an Iranian Islamic apostate who now lives in Canada,
12:02   points out that there is one golden rule,
12:06   and that this golden rule lies at the heart of every religion:
12:12   that is, that we do unto others, as we would have them do unto us.
12:19   But in Islam, this rule only applies to fellow believers, but not to Infidels.
12:39   Ali Sina says, and I quote,
12:42   “The reason I am against Islam is not because it is a religion,
12:47   but because it is a political ideology of imperialism and domination,
12:53   in the guise of religion.
12:55   Because Islam does not follow the Golden Rule, it attracts violent people.”
13:03   A dispassionate study of the beginnings of Islamic history,
13:07   reveals clearly that Muhammad’s objective was
13:11   first to conquer his own people, the Arabs, and to unify them under his rule,
13:19   and then to conquer and rule the world.
13:23   That was the original cause.
13:26   It was obviously political and was backed by military force.
13:32   “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah’, ”
13:41   is what Muhammad said in his final address.
13:44   He did so in accordance with the Koranic command in sura 8:39:
13:50   “Fight them until there is no more dissension and the religion is entirely Allah’s.”
14:00   According to mythology, Muhammad founded Islam in Mecca,
14:05   after the Angel Gabriel visited him for the first time in the year 610.
14:11   However, for its first twelve years, when Islam was religious rather than political,
14:18   Islam was not a success.
14:20   But in 622, Muhammad emigrated with his small band of 150 followers, to Yathrib,
14:29   which was then a predominantly Jewish oasis.
14:32   There he established the first mosque in history, and seized political power,
14:39   he gave Yathrib the name of Medina (which means the “City of the Prophet”);
14:44   and began his career as a military and a political leader,
14:49   who conquered the whole of Arabia.
14:52   Tellingly, the Islamic calendar starts with the hijra,
14:58   the migration to Medina:
15:01   the moment when Islam became a political movement.
15:07   And after Muhammad’s death, Islam developed,
15:11   based upon his own words and deeds: Sharia.
15:14   An elaborate legal system which justified,
15:17   the repressive governance of the world by divine right
15:22   – including rules for jihad,
15:25   and for the absolute control of believers and non-believers.
15:30   And Sharia as you all know,
15:32   is the law of Saudi Arabia and Iran, among other Islamic states.
15:38   It is also central to the Organization of the Islamic Conference,
15:44   which in article 24 of its Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam,
15:50   proclaims that, “all rights and freedoms are subject to the Islamic Sharia.”
15:58   And the OIC is no religious institution; it is a political body.
16:06   It constitutes the largest voting-block in the United Nations,
16:11   and writes reports on so-called “Islamophobia” in Western Countries,
16:17   which accuse us of human rights violations.
16:22   To speak in biblical terms: They look for the splinter in our eye,
16:29   while ignoring the log in their own.
16:48   Under Sharia law, people in territories conquered by Islam,
16:53   have no guaranteed legal rights,
16:56   not even the right to life or the right to own property,
17:00   unless they convert to Islam.
17:04   Before I continue,
17:07   and in order to avoid any misunderstandings,
17:10   I want to emphasize that I am talking about Islam,
17:15   not about Muslims.
17:17   I always make a clear distinction
17:20   between the people and the ideology,
17:23   between Muslims and Islam.
17:27   There are many moderate Muslims,
17:31   but the political ideology of Islam is not moderate,
17:37   will never be moderate, and has global ambitions.
17:53   It aims to impose Islamic law, or Sharia, upon the whole world.
17:59   The way to achieve this is through jihad.
18:03   The good news is,
18:05   that millions of Muslims around the world,
18:08   – including many in Germany and the Netherlands –
18:11   do not follow the directives of Sharia,
18:14   let alone engage in jihad.
18:17   But the bad news…
18:19   The bad news however, is that those who do follow them,
18:25   are prepared to use all available means
18:28   in order to achieve their ideological, revolutionary goal.
18:34   In 1954 the British-American writer and historian Professor Bernard Lewis,
18:42   in his essay Communism and Islam, spoke of,
18:46   “the totalitarianism, of the Islamic political tradition.”
18:51   Professor Lewis said that,
18:54   “The traditional Islamic division of the world
18:58   into the ‘House of Islam’ and the ‘House of War’…
19:01   …has obvious parallels in the Communist view of world affairs…
19:06   …The aggressive fanaticism of the believer is the same.”
19:12   says Professor Lewis.
19:14   And the American political scientist Mark Alexander states,
19:19   that the nature of Islam, differs very little
19:22   – and only in detail rather than style –
19:25   from despicable and totalitarian political ideologies,
19:29   such as National-Socialism and Communism.
19:34   He lists the following common characteristics for these three,
19:39   these three, ideologies:
19:42   Communism, National-Socialism and Islam.
19:45   First: They use political purges to “cleanse” society of what they consider undesirable.
19:56   Second: They tolerate only a single political party,
20:01   where Islam allows more parties, it insists that all parties be Islamic ones.
20:09   Third: They coerce the people down a road that they must follow.
20:16   Fourth: They obliterate the liberal distinction between areas of private judgment and of public control.
20:27   Fifth: They turn the educational system into an apparatus for the purpose of universal indoctrination.
20:35   Sixth: They lay down rules for art, for literature, for science and for religion.
20:44   Seventh: They subdue certain people who are given second-class status.
20:53   Eighth: They induce a frame of mind akin to fanaticism,
20:58   adjustment takes place by struggle and dominance.
21:03   Ninth: They are abusive to their opponents, and regard any concession on their own part,
21:10   as a temporary expedient, and on a rival’s part, as a sign of weakness.
21:19   Tenth: They regard politics as an expression of power.
21:24   Lastly: They are anti-Semitic.
21:29   There is one more striking parallel,
21:33   but this is not a characteristic of the three political ideologies,
21:40   but rather it is a characteristic of the West:
21:43   It is the apparent inability of the West to see the danger.
21:50   The prerequisite to understanding political danger:
21:53   is a willingness to see the truth, even if it is unpleasant.
22:14   Unfortunately, modern Western politicians seem to have lost this capacity.
22:22   Our inability leads us to reject, the logical and historical conclusions,
22:28   to be drawn from the facts.
22:32   Though we could, and should know better.
22:36   What is wrong with modern Western man,
22:40   that we end up making the same mistake over and over again?
22:45   There is no better place to ponder this question,
22:52   than here in Berlin.
23:07   Here in Berlin, the former capital of the empire,
23:11   of the evil that was Nazi Germany.
23:14   And a city which was held captive by the
23:17   so-called German “Democratic” Republic for over forty years.
23:22   When the citizens of Eastern Europe rejected Communism in 1989,
23:30   they were inspired by dissidents such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,
23:35   Václav Havel, Vladimir Bukovsky, and others, who told them:
23:39   that people have a right,
23:41   but also an obligation, to “live within the truth.”
23:46   And freedom, dear friends…
23:49   Freedom requires eternal vigilance;
23:53   so it is with truth also.
24:08   So it is too with truth.
24:10   Solzhenitsyn added however, and I quote, that,
24:14   “The truth is seldom sweet. It is almost invariably bitter.”
24:21   Let us, let us together, look the bitter truth squarely in the eye:
24:27   We have lost our capacity to perceive the danger,
24:32   and to understand the truth,
24:34   because we no longer value freedom.
24:38   Politicians from almost all establishment political parties today,
24:41   are facilitating Islamization.
24:44   They are cheering for every new Islamic school,
24:47   every Islamic bank, and every new Islamic court.
24:52   They regard Islam as being equal to our own culture.
24:57   Islam or Freedom?
24:59   It doesn’t really matter to them.
25:03   But to us? To us? It does matter.
25:18   The entire establishment, the elite
25:21   – universities, churches, trade unions, the media, politicians –
25:27   are all putting our hard-earned liberties at risk.
25:32   They talk…
25:39   They talk about equality,
25:42   but amazingly fail to see how in Islam,
25:47   women have fewer rights than men,
25:49   and infidels have fewer rights than adherents of Islam.
26:01   Are we, then, going to repeat the fatal mistakes of the Weimar Republic?
26:20   Are we succumbing to Islam because our commitment to freedom is already dead?
26:26   No. It will not happen.
26:30   We are not like Frau Merkel.
26:32   We will not accept Islamization.
26:55   We have to keep our freedom alive.
26:59   And, to the extent that we have already lost it,
27:01   we must reclaim it in our democratic elections.
27:16   This is exactly why, precisely why,
27:19   we need new political parties that defend freedom.
27:30   It is to support such parties that we established the International Freedom Alliance.
27:40   As you know, I am standing trial in the Netherlands.
27:46   On Monday, in two days time, I will have to go to court again.
27:50   And I will have to spend most of the coming month there.
27:55   I have been brought to court because of my opinions on Islam,
28:01   and because I have voiced these opinions in speeches,
28:07   articles and in my documentary film Fitna.
28:11   I have personally lived under constant police protection for years.
28:16   Islamic extremists want to assassinate me,
28:19   yet it is I who stand before a court,
28:22   because the Dutch establishment – most of them non-Muslims –
28:28   want to see me silenced as well.
28:32   I have been dragged to court because in my country,
28:36   freedom can no longer be fully enjoyed.
28:42   Unlike America, we do not have a First Amendment which guarantees people
28:49   the human right to express their opinions,
28:54   and foster public debate by doing so.
28:57   And in contrast to America, in Europe, the nation state,
29:02   and increasingly the European Union also,
29:05   prescribes how citizens
29:07   – including democratically elected politicians such as myself –
29:11   how we should think, and what we are allowed to say.
29:26   One of the things we are no longer allowed to say,
29:31   is that our culture, our culture, is superior to certain other cultures.
29:39   This…
29:48   Saying only this, is seen as a discriminatory statement
29:55   – a statement of hatred even.
29:58   We are indoctrinated on a daily basis, in the schools and through the media,
30:02   with the message that all cultures are equal,
30:06   but that, if one culture is worse than all the rest,
30:09   then it is our own.
30:14   We are inundated with feelings of guilt and shame
30:18   about our own identity and what we stand for.
30:25   We are exhorted to extend respect to everyone and everything,
30:29   except ourselves.
30:31   This…
30:46   This is the message of the Left and of the politically-correct ruling establishment.
30:54   They want us to feel so ashamed about our own identity,
31:01   that we simply refuse to stand up for it.
31:05   The detrimental obsession of our cultural and political elites with Western guilt,
31:13   merely reinforces the view which Islam has of us.
31:17   The Koran says that non-Muslims are kuffar [the plural of kafir],
31:21   a word which literally means “rejectors” or “ingrates”.
31:26   Hence non-believers, are “guilty”.
31:30   Islam teaches that in our natural state we have all been born as believers.
31:36   Islam teaches that if we are not believers today, the fault for this thus lies with us,
31:41   or the fault lies with our forefathers.
31:45   Subsequently, we are always kafir – guilty – because either we or our fathers are apostates.
31:53   And hence, according to some, we deserve subjugation.
31:57   And our contemporary leftist and politically-correct intellectuals,
32:02   are entirely blind to the dangers of Islam.
32:07   Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky argues that the West,
32:13   after the fall of Communism,
32:15   failed to expose those who had collaborated with the Communists.
32:21   By for example purposefully advocating policies of détente and improved relations,
32:27   or a relaxation of international tension, and peaceful coexistence.
32:33   He points out that the Cold War was, “a war we never won.”
32:41   “We never even fought it… Most of the time, the West engaged in
32:47   a policy of appeasement toward the Soviet bloc
32:53   – and appeasers don’t win any wars.”
33:06   Dear friends… Islam is the Communism of today.
33:12   But…
33:17   But, because of our failure to come clean with Communism,
33:23   we are unable to deal with Islam,
33:26   trapped as we are in the old Communist habit of deceit and double-speak;
33:33   which in the past plagued the countries in the East, and that now plagues us all.
33:39   So we see the sort of people, who before turned a blind eye to Communism,
33:46   are precisely the same politically-correct, leftists, who today close their eyes to Islam.
34:03   They are using exactly the same arguments
34:07   for “improved relations”, and appeasement as before.
34:13   They argue that our adversary is just as peace-loving, as we are,
34:20   that if only we were to meet him half-way, then he would also do the same.
34:26   That he only asks for respect, and that if we respect him, he will in turn respect us.
34:34   We even hear a repetition of the old moral equivalence mantra.
34:40   They used to say that Western “imperialism” was as bad as Soviet imperialism;
34:49   today they say that Western “imperialism” is just as bad as Islamic terrorism.
34:57   In my speech a few weeks ago in New York, on September 11th,
35:02   I emphasized that we must stop this “Blame the West, Blame America”-game,
35:09   which Islamic spokesmen are playing with us.
35:27   And we must stop playing this game ourselves.
35:32   And I have exactly the same message, dear friends, for you today.
35:39   It is an insult to tell us that we are guilty,
35:44   and deserve what is happening to us.
35:47   How is it exactly, that we deserve becoming strangers in our own lands?
35:53   We should accept such insults no longer.
36:12   First of all, Western civilization is the freest and most prosperous on earth.
36:21   Which is precisely why so many immigrants are so keen on moving here.
36:24   Secondly…
36:29   Secondly, there is no such thing as collective guilt.
36:33   Free individuals…
36:41   Free individuals are free moral agents who are only responsible for their own deeds.
36:51   I am very happy, very fortunate, to be here in Berlin today in order to deliver this message,
37:00   which is extremely important, especially so, here in Germany.
37:05   Whatever…
37:07   No matter what took place in your country in the past,
37:13   the present generation is not responsible for it.
37:34   Whatever happened in the past, is no excuse for punishing the Germans of today.
37:49   But… But, neither is it an excuse, for you to shrink from the fight for your own identity.
38:10   Your only responsibility is to eschew the mistakes of the past.
38:16   It is your duty to stand with those threatened by the ideology of Islam,
38:24   such as the State of Israel and your Jewish compatriots.
38:41   The Weimar Republic refused to fight for freedom,
38:46   and was overrun by a totalitarian ideology,
38:50   with catastrophic consequences for Germany, the rest of Europe and the world.
38:56   Please do not refuse to fight, for your freedom, today.
39:14   I feel lucky to be in your midst today because it seems,
39:18   that twenty years after German reunification, a new,
39:23   a new generation no longer feels guilty, just for the fact of being German.
39:41   The current and very intense debate about Thilo Sarrazin’s recent book,
39:48   is an indication of the fact that Germany is coming to terms with itself.
39:53   I have…
40:01   I have not yet read Dr Sarrazin’s book, but I say this:
40:05   While the minds of the ruling politically-correct establishment
40:09   may be closed to, and almost unanimously critical of his thesis,
40:12   and while he may have lost his job as a Bundesbanker,
40:16   nevertheless, a large majority of Germans acknowledge that Dr Sarrazin
40:21   has addressed an important and pressing issue.
40:35   “Germany is abolishing itself,” warns Sarrazin,
40:40   and he calls upon the Germans to halt this process.
40:44   The enormous impact of his book indicates that many Germans feel the same way.
40:50   The people of Germany, do not want Germany to be abolished.
40:54   Despite all…
41:04   Germany is no longer ashamed to assert its national pride.
41:18   In these difficult times, when our national identities are under threat,
41:23   we must stop feeling guilty about who we are.
41:26   And with that cease feeling shameful,
41:29   and say together who we are:
41:31   We are not kafir, we are not “guilty”.
41:48   Like other peoples, Germans too have the right to remain who they are.
41:53   Germans must not become French, nor Dutch, nor Americans, nor Turks.
42:00   They should remain Germans.
42:10   When the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan visited your country in 2008,
42:17   he told the Turks living here that they had to remain Turks.
42:23   He literally said that, “assimilation is a crime against humanity.”
42:28   And Erdogan would perhaps have been right,
42:32   if he had been addressing the Turks in Turkey.
42:47   However, Germany is still the land of the Germans.
42:52   And hence, the Germans have a right to demand that anyone
42:56   who comes to live in Germany should assimilate.
43:00   They have the right…
43:07   They have the right
43:09   – no, they have the duty to demand, for the sake of their children –
43:17   to demand that newcomers respect German identity,
43:21   and fully respect Germany’s right to preserve its identity.
43:25   And we must realize…
43:29   We must realize that Islam expands in two ways.
43:35   Since it is not a religion, conversion is only a marginal phenomenon.
43:41   Historically, Islam has expanded either by military conquest,
43:48   or, it has expanded by using the weapon of hijra: immigration.
43:55   Muhammad conquered Medina through immigration.
43:59   Hijra is also what we are experiencing today.
44:03   The Islamization of Europe continues all the time.
44:09   But the West, our West, has no strategy for dealing with the Islamic ideology:
44:17   because our elites say to us, that we must adapt to them,
44:22   rather than the exact opposite.
44:35   In this regard, there is a lesson which we can learn from America,
44:41   the freest nation on Earth.
44:43   Americans are proud of their nation, its achievements and its flag.
44:50   We, too, should be proud of our nations.
44:55   The United States has always been a nation of immigrants.
44:59   And President Theodore Roosevelt was very clear about the duty of immigrants.
45:07   Here is what President Roosevelt said, and I quote:
45:12   “We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith,
45:19   becomes an American and assimilates himself to us,
45:22   he shall be treated with a full and exact equality with everyone else…
45:29   But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American,
45:35   and nothing but an American…
45:38   There can be no divided allegiance here…
45:43   We have room for but one sole loyalty
45:47   and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
45:52   Endquote.
46:05   And it is not up to me to define what Germany’s national identity consists of.
46:13   That is entirely up to you.
46:16   However I do know, that German culture,
46:19   like that of neighbouring countries such as my own,
46:24   is rooted in Judeo-Christian and humanist values, and not in Islam.
46:43   Every responsible politician has a political obligation:
46:48   to preserve these values against ideologies which directly threaten them.
46:55   And a Germany…
46:56   A Germany full of mosques and veiled women,
47:00   is no longer, my friends,
47:02   it is no longer the Germany of Goethe,
47:05   of Schiller and Heine,
47:06   of Bach and Mendelssohn.
47:28   It will be a loss to us all.
47:32   It is vital that you cherish and preserve your roots as a nation.
47:38   Otherwise it will be impossible for you to safeguard your identity:
47:43   you will be abolished as a people, and you will lose your freedom.
47:49   And the rest of Europe will lose its freedom with you.
47:55   My friends, when Ronald Reagan came to a divided Berlin 23 years ago,
48:04   he uttered, not far from here at the Brandenburg Gate,
48:09   the following historic words, to the Soviet General Secretary:
48:20   “Mister Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”
48:25   President Reagan was not an appeaser,
48:29   he was rather, a man who spoke the truth, and who loved freedom.
48:34   Today, we must again tear down a wall.
48:40   It is not a wall of concrete,
48:43   but rather it is a wall of denial and ignorance, about the real nature of Islam.
48:50   The International Freedom Alliance aims to coordinate and stimulate these efforts.
48:59   And because we speak the truth – and it is the truth – voters have given my party,
49:05   and many other parties too, from Denmark all the way to Switzerland,
49:09   the voters have given us the power to influence the political decision-making process.
49:15   Whether that be in opposition, or through supporting a minority government;
49:21   as we too want to do soon in the Netherlands.
49:26   President Reagan… President Reagan showed, that one can, by speaking the truth,
49:33   one can change the course of history.
49:37   He showed…
49:47   He showed also, that there is no need to despair.
49:52   Never!
49:55   My friends… Just do your duty.
50:00   Do not be afraid.
50:03   Speak up. Speak the truth.
50:06   Defend Freedom.
50:08   Together we can preserve freedom,
50:12   together we must preserve freedom,
50:14   and together, my friends, we will be able to preserve freedom.
50:19   Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Islam or Freedom?

  1. Just out of curiosity? Does anyone know what the proper pronunciation of Geert’s name is? Is it Geert with a hard G or is it pronounced with more of an H sound? Like Heert? And what about his last name? Is it a strong W or more of a V sound like Vilders? Or is it something completely different?

  2. spackle —

    It’s a voiced guttural g, and sounds kind of like an h with a bit-of throat-clearing accompanying it.

    The W in Wilders is pronounced W in some versions of Dutch, and V in others. When I asked one of the Dutch people accompanying Geert to help me learn to pronounce his name, he used the W-sound. But I have also heard it pronounced “Veelders” on Dutch TV, so I know both versions are possible.

  3. Baron-

    Thanks. Exactly as I thought. Glad to know I have been pronouncing it correctly. Although many people (mostly my fellow Americans) roll their eyes when I try to pronounce foreign names correctly. For some reason it comes across as smug. Oh well.

  4. Baron, Please answer me one question if you can/will. How can a ¨Infidel¨such as myself know or reconize the diference between a Moderate Muslem and a Radical Muslem bent on jihad. Because from where I´m looking it appears to me the only way to be safe from Jihad is to get ALL Muslems out of my country the U.S.A. or after our New Restoration War has comenced to kill any and all muslems in my area of operation. And can you answer me one other question is it true that a radical muslems hate a so called moderate muslem just as much if not more than a Infidel such as myself. And if that is true even a so called moderate muslem must pretend to be radical while in the prescence of their more radical brothers.


  5. Dennis308 —

    How can a ¨Infidel¨such as myself know or reconize the diference between a Moderate Muslem and a Radical Muslem bent on jihad.

    It’s very difficult. Do you mean Muslims that you know personally? Or the ones you see on the news?

    If it’s the former, you would have to use the same criteria you use to judge everyone else you know. This would mean getting to know the person well enough to know his habits, morals, predilections, etc.

    If they’re on TV or in the papers, it’s even harder to tell the real radicals, because the CAIR talking heads and other Muslim Brotherhood figures are so good at misrepresenting themselves, and Islam. That’s their job — to lie convincingly to the infidel.

    Because from where I´m looking it appears to me the only way to be safe from Jihad is to get ALL Muslems out of my country the U.S.A.

    The only effective policy would begin with some simple (but politically difficult) steps:

    1. Stop ALL immigration from ALL Muslim countries, and also watch out for third-party countries like Britain. It’s not our business to determine who is radical and who is “moderate” — and it’s nearly impossible, anyway, because the radicals are trained to pretend to be moderates.

    Keep ’em all out.

    2. Deport all foreign Muslims if they commit crimes, revoking the citizenship of naturalized Americans if required. Dealing with the ones who were born here is more difficult, but long prison sentences without access to Korans or halal food would be a good start.

    This would be if we were serious about dealing with the Islam problem. But we aren’t.

    3. Stop allying with or sending foreign aid to any Muslim countries. This would include all the usual suspects, like Egypt and Pakistan.

    …or after our New Restoration War has comenced to kill any and all muslems in my area of operation.

    What do you mean by this? If you are advocating killing all Muslims, I suggest you take the discussion elsewhere. We have rules about commenting here, and that sort of talk violates Rule #2.

    And can you answer me one other question is it true that a radical muslems hate a so called moderate muslem just as much if not more than a Infidel such as myself.

    There is some truth to this. Muslims are prone to accusing other Muslims of takfir, which is blasphemy or apostasy, if they fail to be sufficiently Islamic. Takfiris are often hunted down more ruthlessly than infidels.

    And if that is true even a so called moderate muslem must pretend to be radical while in the prescence of their more radical brothers.

    Yes, I think this is true. That’s why you hardly hear a peep from the “moderates” most of the time.

  6. Dennis 308 from “Texas”
    “get ALL Muslems out of my country the U.S.A. or after our New Restoration War has comenced to kill any and all muslems in my area of operation”

    You’re not really in Texas are you?

    This is not a site where posters advocate rounding up and killing people. But I guess you knew that already.

  7. Maybe ¨KILL¨ all Muslems was to harsh of a word for you. Deport them is some what kinder maybe.

    Maybe the problem is not so much the Muslems, But the Idioligy of Tollerance of a People that ARE Intolerant of anything outside of their own Religious/Political views.

    If YOU will not defeat your enemey, then your enemey will defeat YOU…… and
    Before you can defeat YOUR enemey you have to know your enemey, at least who the heck they are. Not so much because that is what you or I want but because you realy don´t have a choice, their Intolerance leaves you with only two options ……… or submit.

    And yes meccano I´m very much in TEXAS.


  8. How can a ¨Infidel¨such as myself know or reconize the diference between a Moderate Muslem and a Radical Muslem bent on jihad.

    Ask them to publicly renounce specific verses from the Quran, some of those promoting racism, violence, terrorism and keeping women down.

    A good way to do that is to have them sign this Charter, or explain in detail why they refuse to. Surprisingly few ‘moderate’ Muslims agree to do that.

    If you have any Islamic org nearby, please try this as well, preferably with a journalist and a video camera at hand. The results just might be postworthy 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for the translation. I will watch/listen tomorrow, as it is late here. I will also pass it along.

    He truly is a hero for times. May God continue to give him the grace and strength to stand strong. He is a voice for freedom in this generation.

  10. Dennis

    Greetings to you and your compatriots in the Lone Star State from across the pond.

    Thought you were a troll. Apologies.

    I am fully aware of islamic intolerance, as are most people who visit this site. Just think you should choose your words more carefully. Here in the UK it is very difficult waking people up to the threat and persuading them that anti-jihadists are not neo nazi gun crazed loons who just want to start a race war. Your comment makes this task even harder

  11. How can a ¨Infidel¨such as myself know or reconize the diference between a Moderate Muslem and a Radical Muslem bent on jihad.

    A quick way to find out, is to ask them if they support Hamas.

  12. Dennis

    “Muslims come in ALL races”


    Its wonderful that you have embraced inclusiveness in your rounding up and killing smorgasbord.

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