Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/6/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/6/2010Islamic terrorists in Yemen launched a mortar attack on the car of the car of Britain’s Deputy Ambassador to Yemen. The official was unhurt in the incident, although the car was damaged and two bystanders were injured.

In other news, recent studies indicate that the current recession has led to an increase in sex addiction among unemployed men in Ireland.

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5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/6/2010

  1. re: A’jad’s possible visit to Israeli border

    According to some reports Ahmadinejad will symbolically throw stones across the border fence into Israel

    Here is the whole problem. The West has been so indulgent toward these brats, they really think they can pull these pranks without consequences. If A’jad throws symbolic stones, can’t Israel throw something back at him symbolically?

    Also, there’s an obvious double standard, in that Muslims are allowed their symbolic provocations, while Westerners are supposed to refrain from drawing Mo and other provocative acts. This is actually the fault of Westerners, who are too polite (chicken) to notice such things, because it’s racist to expect [derogatory expression here] to act responsibly.

  2. Glad to drop by. Europe is on the right track with issues of Islamic women using rags in public, no mesquites and so forth.

    I believe that migrants should adhere to use/custom of the country offering asylum or even when the illegal ones crash the party.

    It makes me puke every time some of these characters declares that they are looking for a ‘better future’ for their children.

    Puerto Rico is becoming the USA border for Caribbean illegals, but no one
    is saying, writing anything about it.

    That is that. Screw Islam, rags in public, and illegal aliens.

  3. I really hope the terrorists succeed next time; the British foreign service is the most pro-arab/muslim ever! They deserve what’s coming for their attacks on Israel and Jews, and for their complete submission to islame!

  4. I agree with Juniper in the Desert.

    The current context it’s tragic and hilarious in the same time. The PC gov is refusing to admit the existence of the Islamic problem, on the other hand it became very expensive to keep this appearance. Sooner or later, another large scale massacre will happen. The beast of Islam will not die in silence, therefore sooner, the better.

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