Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/3/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/3/2010Yesterday’s left-progressive “One Nation Working Together” rally in Washington D.C. didn’t draw a very large crowd, so CSPAN substituted a photo from an earlier Glenn Beck rally at the same location, which drew a huge crowd. Comparative photos from the two events show that when it comes to public gatherings in our nation’s capital, the liberty-loving right can attract much larger numbers than the socialism-loving left.

Perhaps Jon Stewart has noticed the shift in the wind: he has publicly turned against President Barack Hussein Obama, and is mocking and criticizing him on “The Daily Show”, Mr. Stewart’s popular television program.

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6 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/3/2010

  1. Hello Baron and Dymphna, I have a complain 🙂

    It’s not critical, but important (at least for me). I’m lurking on this site for more than 2 years right now. I’m trying to be a good reader and I usually read the News Feed and my feeling is that the daily News Feed is simply overkill for news. Nobody is bothering to comment, because they know that a new News Feed will be available the next day. There are good articles mixed with bad articles and most of the time, too many news. I know that you cannot control the quality of the news, but I’m pretty sure you can control the quantity.
    So what I’m suggesting is to use a “less is more” approach. Select 2 days of the week in which we are spoiled with the News Feed. Example: Sunday and Wednesday. Or just Sunday. Or another day(s).
    For comparison, the same thing is done on a gaming site that I visit regularly: They only post the news summary on Sunday and the people have time to think and post their thoughts. Simply put, on that site a discussion on news is possible. Which, in my opinion, is not possible right now on GoV with this format of the News Feed.

    So, what will you say? I don’t expect sudden changes, but please give this idea a fair chance.


  2. Toro, just because the news feed doesn’t get a lot of comments doesn’t mean people aren’t interested. I usually skim the whole thing every day and read a few articles, and comment now and then. Many of these stories are just obvious examples of how we’re getting screwed. There’s not much to discuss, but it’s convenient to have all the related stories in one place.

  3. Toro and latté island —

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Toro, the news feed is my way of not wasting any tips that people send me. A lot of good material arrives in my inbox, and I don’t have time to use more than 10% of it. The news feed is my way of making it available to others who might be interested in it.

    If I limited it to certain days, it would become too big to deal with. There are some days when it is almost too much to deal with in a single day.

    And I can’t spend the time picking and choosing “the best of the news feed”, because that would defeat the purpose, which is to make all the material available, while saving me as much time as possible.

    So there you have it. A daily news feed is the most time-efficient way for me to do this.

  4. OK Baron. I was trying to push some thinking from me to you, but I guess that defies the purpose of this site 😛
    Anyway, I guess important news will get a better coverage as separate posts. So, skimming FTW 🙂

  5. What kind of snarky comment is that Toro?
    GoV is trying to post a news feed with wide ranging purposes. What you are advocating is the censorship of the news feed.
    You hide behind the idea that the Baron should censor this feed based on his perogative and time limitations. I, for one, celebrate this news feed. Let the discerning mind decide what they want to link to and what they don’t..

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