Acquittal for Geert Wilders on a Second Count

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The prosecution in the Geert Wilders case has previously demanded that the charge of insulting a group be dropped. Now Mr. Wilders must also be found not guilty of the count of inciting hatred, according a statement today by the prosecutor

Our Flemish correspondent VH points out that we’re not there yet — there is one more charge (discrimination), and in the end it’s up to the three judges to decide.

Here’s VH’s translated excerpt from Elsevier:

Prosecutor demands acquittal Wilders for inciting hatred

[Friday October 15] The Public Prosecutor (OM) today has asked the court in Amsterdam for acquittal of Geert Wilders of incitement to hatred, which count included among other things a quotation in which the Quran is compared to Mein Kampf. According to the OM, none of the statements for which the PVV leader is standing trial meets all criteria for incitement to hatred. The prosecution has asked for acquittal for this part of the indictment.

Later today the OM will expresses its claim.

The comparison between Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf and the Quran is according to the OM not from Wilders, but is a quote from the writer Oriana Fallaci. The Amsterdam court [which had ordered to the prosecution of the PVV leader] previously had instructed to add the quote to the list of statements for which the PVV leader is standing trial.

Tuesday, the prosecutors Birgit van Roessel and Paul Velleman had already indicated that Wilders is not guilty of insulting a group. For that they also asked acquittal.


7 thoughts on “Acquittal for Geert Wilders on a Second Count

  1. YYYEEEAAAHH !!!!!!!!

    Spiritual red wine and bread and cheese for everyone!

    Dance and sing!

    It’s all Geller’s and Spencer’s fault….. 😉 ….seems their hard work as re. teh NYC mosque is waking people up to the danger!

  2. The public prosecutor has asked the court to acquit Wilders of all counts. It even stated formally that a muslim background is NOT a racial or ethnic background, so that racism cannot be a factor! Remarkable, there is no other word for it.

    Ferdy is covering the trial here.

  3. I am overjoyed to see that he has beaten this charge, he has won this battle but he has not won the war yet. Keep up the great work Geert, patriots all over the Western world are behind you all the way !

  4. Kleinverzet, I’d like to ask you why is it important that racism can’t be a factor. I mean, even if Muslim was a racial or ethnic background, so what? Racism is a farcical concept invented by Trotsky. It’s about time we should all walk along and not care about it.

  5. rebelliousvanilla, I know your question is directed at kleinverzt but let me also respond to this important question.

    Racism and the notion of collective guilt are some of the most destructive forces of the human spirit, while fighting the totalitarian ideology of Islam is, I fervently believe, the greatest humanist challenge of our time.

    The Left wants, for their own debased political ends, to desperately link the fight against Islam with racism when it is in fact diametrically opposite.

  6. RV,

    You are of course right that racism is a cultural-marxist notion that thrives on identity politics and hence needs to be fought.

    But the reality on the ground is that we have to deal with it, even if grudgingly and tacitly.

    The prosecutors statement that anti-muslim sentiment is specifically not racism seems to be at first glance a case of common sense. But we all know that muslims trot out accusations of racism as soon as they feel wronged.

    The statement by the prosecutors is therefore important, that it is for the very first time that a functionary if any of the branches of power has made it publicly.

    This is going to take a huge amount of wind from the sails of the grievance industry, especially where muslims are involved.

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