“You Will Get Your Additional Dead and Wounded”

Cem Gülay is a Turkish-German author who sometimes appears in TV discussions. In the clip below he is referring to Thilo Sarrazin’s book, among other things.

Many thanks to maggieTh for the transcript, to the Counterjihad Collective for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Is this fellow threatening the German people with ethnic violence if they continue to support German nationalists? Or is he just mouthing off?

You decide.

Here’s the transcript of the subtitles:

Eh, if you guys, if the people want to fight this fight in this way, then they will lose.

Because right-wing populism has never led to anything, we’ve known that for the past centuries.

This will cause even more aversion, more hatred, also hatred against the Germans.

And if the migrants are in the majority in the next 10-20 years, if they remain at this level, this level of education, then you will get your additional dead and wounded.

4 thoughts on ““You Will Get Your Additional Dead and Wounded”

  1. The crusty Social Democrats and the Socialists who carry the ‘Christian Democrat’ banner will not solve this problem.

    Germany, like most countries, also has a rabid, reality-rejecting Green party (commies to boot) who rely heavily on the mohammedan vote.

    There are a few people who are able to do what Geert Wilders did in Holland, but they have to get organized, its 5 minutes to 12!

    Mohammedans like this demented Turk in the video need to be stripped of citizenship and shipped back to his homeland. There is no other way.

    The absurd hate speech laws have to be revoked and the media (just like the political theater) needs to be totally cleansed of Stalinist blockheads, 68-wankers and life long bureaucratic parasites.

    There will be blood!

  2. The translation was fine, but I wonder if non German-speakers will correctly understand “you” in the last paragraph.

    Guelay doesn’t say “man” which is the German equivalent to the “you” we mean when we’re speaking generally and don’t necessarily mean to include the person we’re talking to (for example, “In the next 20 years, you’ll see immigration increase to a level approaching population replacement…” etc.).

    Guelay says “ihr” which means “you guys” in German. He is specifically and very clearly talking pointedly not only at the interviewer, but everyone like him, namely other Germans. Another way to translate this word in this context might be “you people” as in:

    You people will get your additional dead and wounded.

    I don’t see how this could be interpreted as anything other than a threat.

  3. I received a similarly veiled threat some time ago, when discussing with “moderate”, “anti-Islamist activist”, “secular”, “French”, Left-wing Muslim journalist Mohamed Sifaoui on the comment space of his blog.

    (His heavily-censored comment space on his blog, by the way.)

    The discussion was centered on the appropriate way to contain and repel Islamists (which is allegedly Mohamed Sifaoui’s aim).

    At some point in the conversation, I wrote that the only way to thwart Islamism was to ban Islam in France, including the Koran.

    To which he replied : then, you’ll get war.

    My further comments were censored.

    That’s “moderate Islam” for you.

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