No Shoes for the Sweden Democrats!

The owners of Brandos, a chain of Swedish shoe stores, are doing their part to combat racism and intolerance in Sweden. The two gentlemen have publicly informed anyone who voted for Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) that they are not welcome in Brandos stores.

Cavatus has more:

…they say that SD-voters (340,000 persons) are not welcome as customers in their shops. What they neglected is that they have shops in several European countries where far more right-wing parties have got far more votes than the Sweden Democrats; countries where the immigration policy is far more restricted that the immigration policy in Sweden. These countries have in fact an immigration policy which is the one that the SD strive for.

Here’s the video from Brandos:

There is a movement to boycott Brandos over this issue. See the post at Cavatus’ blog.

Hat tip: Tony.

9 thoughts on “No Shoes for the Sweden Democrats!

  1. Juniper, they can’t. A Swedish feminist said she throws up on white men and that she wouldn’t have a white baby and that at least with Muslims she can talk about their joint hatred for white men. She was sued for hate speech and the judge ruled that the law applies only for speech against non-Swedish people. There you have it.

  2. I should HOPE that they CANNOT be sued. They are a private buisness and if they don´t have shareholders they should only have the general public to answer to. And if the Public should chose to shop or not to shop at their stores that would be between them and their costomers. The Government and Courts should have nothing to do with this.


  3. That’s a pretty interesting projection by these guys, when you think about it ?

    On the overt level, it might just be a rant and a Branson-like stunt.

    But essentially what they are declaring to their target political and client markets is the development of a cultural/political apartheid – where folk with opinion of the centre-right no longer are allowed to inhabit their ‘prgressive’ space.

    That has all sorts of nasty implications from the grim history of the 20th century. But it does seem to emphasise the point that civil society is unlikely to come together in a compromise middle ground any time soon.

    More likely a relentlessly widening chasm between the cutural Left and the righ-of-centre.

  4. M.S. wrote: More likely a relentlessly widening chasm between the cutural Left and the right-of-centre

    Not at all. I see this shoe-theatre as the absolute last gasp of pretentious hipsters. The tipping point has already been reached where I live, in the San Francisco Bay Area, which used to be the capital of the hipster universe. But, as I’ve mentioned repeatedly, you only have to read the comments after every crime and immigration related story in the lefty rag San Francisco Chronicle ( to see that the majority of comments, most from people who are somewhat socially liberal, are openly hostile to cultural enrichers, be they Muslim, Latino or black. Cheer up–you will see this in Sweden, when enough liberals have been mugged. This has already happened in California.

  5. The NAZIs stoped Jews from shopping in certain shops: Juden Verboten.

    And now we have the leftwing fascist banning the people they dislike.

    Where is Vivian Reding?

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