“You Probably Did Something Wrong to Deserve It”

The video below is a report from French television about Tower Hamlets, the EDL, and the Islamization of England. It’s a bit frustrating to watch, because the original English audio has been mostly damped down and overridden by the French voice-over. However, it has English subtitles, and is still well worth watching.

Pay special attention to the imam who will decide the young mother’s petition for a divorce:

Hat tip: DF. More videos at F. Desouche.

4 thoughts on ““You Probably Did Something Wrong to Deserve It”

  1. Some very dismal footage. Most astonishing of all is how Anjem Choudary manages to continue with his blatant theft of oxygen from far more deserving life forms like scorpions, lice and cockroaches.

    Hearing that slime ball gloat about one day taking over the White House is more than any rational person should have to endure.

    The Brits are going to boil over. Bet the farm on it. And when they do, things are going to get very ugly for their “Asian” population and anyone who tries to defend these cretinous interlopers.

  2. Great video. This was really on French TV? Is this a mainstream channel, or some little fringe cable station? It’s amazing that the narrator is obviously anti-jihadi. If it were American tv, the narrator would spin it a different way.

    Also, it’s noteworthy that the gay man has been enlightened about Islam by getting roughed up by a Muslim mob, and the Muslim woman is openly critical of Islam because the religious authorities don’t care about her husband beating her. There are lots more like these two, and hopefully, when more of these stories get out, gays and feminists will stop supporting the other side, even if they don’t become conservative on other issues, which is fine with me.

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