Violence Against Gays in Amsterdam

Amsterdam — gay demo #1

Growing violence against gays in the Netherlands prompted gay rights organizations to mount a demonstration in Amsterdam yesterday. It is a well-known fact — although not always a publicly-acknowledged one — that most of the anti-gay violence comes from Muslim immigrants or their Dutch-born descendents.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report about yesterday’s incidents based on Dutch-language sources. He includes this explanatory note:

The protest was a response to the continuing wave of anti-gay violence in Amsterdam. In recent weeks, gay and lesbians were abused on the Zeedijk, in the Reguliersdwarsstraat and the Muiderpoort-Station. [source]

First, from Het Parool:

Gays threatened during demonstration

Amsterdam — gay demo #2AMSTERDAM — A demonstration of two thousand gay and lesbians against anti-gay violence Sunday was ruined by a series of incidents. In one of them a demonstrator[1] was injured at the hands of two women of 18 and 19 years. Afterwards the demonstrator reported the perpetrators to the police. They were both subsequently detained, but set free on Monday.

The two women wanted to get through a group of demonstrators on the Westermarkt with their bikes, shortly after the march had ended. When the man said something about it, they shouted insulting remarks at him. This resulted in a fight in which the man was hit by the two women. When one of the woman hit him with a bag, he was wounded in the head. The man and bystanders managed to hold the girls until the police arrived.

[Note: Shortly after the demonstration against anti-gay violence a boy was beaten up by two Moroccan girls. This was reported by eyewitnesses who were present. (source) — VH]

But there were more incidents. On Monday, the reports poured in to a gay-rights organization, the foundation “Right to Feel Safe”, as spokesman Fya Hopelezz said.

For example, there were boys on scooters [see article below; these may have been Moroccans] who repeatedly drove onto the protesters. A group of lesbians was threatened, verbally abused and pelted with beer cans [see also the article below], and several fights had to be calmed down.

“This makes me very sad. It shows how rock-hard the situation is now in Amsterdam,” says Hopelezz. “The anger sits deep in the gay community. Anger over the violence, but also because everyone keeps saying that anti-gay violence is not that bad within the city.”

[1]   Update 2: A police spokesperson made it known to that the incident was unrelated to the demonstration. However, police did report that the perpetrators had expressed anti-gay statements and then beaten up the victim till he was bleeding. It is not clear whether the victim is gay; according to police he was not part of the demonstrators. Police said they take the matter seriously. The perpetrators have been arrested [and released on Monday]. [source]


VH adds the following article from
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More reports of violence during demonstration

Right to Feel SafeAccording to the organizer “Right to Feel Safe”, yesterday’s violence — during and after the demonstration — was not confined to a single homophobic incident.

Yesterday reported that a boy was beaten up by two girls. Today “Right to Feel Safe” has issued a press release stating that more than that happened.

During the demonstration, two boys drove into the crowd several times with their scooter, “and on purpose flew narrowly past Dolly Bellefleur, who is beloved by the gay community,” writes Right to Feel Safe. Furthermore, a group of lesbians were hit by beer cans that were thrown at their heads, and Right to Feel Safe this morning received four additional reports of verbal abuse and threats.

According to Right to Feel Safe, this represents the ninth reported anti-gay incident in four months. The action group has announced that it will continue to demonstrate as long as there is an increase in incidents. Fya Hopelezz of Right to Feel Safe says: “The incidents during the protest once again show how serious the situation is.”

The politician Ahmed Marcouch [PvdA MP, Labour Party, Socialists], who was present, twittered yesterday that his impression was “that the police had a minimal presence”. According to Marcouch, this was a sign that “our administrators are not yet deeply aware of the seriousness of hate against gays”.

11 thoughts on “Violence Against Gays in Amsterdam

  1. On Monday, the reports poured in to a gay-rights organization, the foundation “Right to Feel Safe”, as spokesman Fya Hopelezz said.

    Maybe Dutch gays might feel safer if they managed to establish a few no-go zones for Muslims.

    The fact that Muslims impose similar boundaries upon unbelievers leaves the door wide open for such zones to be created by Islam’s victims.

    Taken on a much larger scale, Islam continues to ignore how its own predeliction for violence invites repayment in kind.

    I wonder how much violent resistance it will take to make Muslims realize just how ill-thought-out their routine resort to physical coercion really is.

    Atrocities against Msulims — no, not the Iraq or Afghan wars, but real atrocities — are right around the corner. They will be the precursor for a much larger Muslim holocaust that is waiting in the wings. Inaction against jihad on the part of Islam and Western governments alike assures this grisly outcome.

  2. The Multi Cult gets bitten by its own delusional push for witlessly unexamined “inclusiveness”.

    Inviting in the Intolerant ~because of Tolerance~ is about as damned crazy (verdomd krankzinnig in Dutch) as one can get.

    But it was The Netherlands’ sworn policy, since the late 1960’s, to invite in their contempt-filled “downtrodden minority” replacements.

    Invasion of the Body [Politic] Snatchers now doesn’t seem so wise, eh Hollanders?

  3. I cant feel sorry for this lot, the vast majority of them no doubt, march with Pro Palestinian yobs, against the Israeli Jews.

    The same folks that beat these people up…the ones that support terrorist attacks against Israeli Jews.

    And lets face it, these gays arent bestest buddies with Christians.

    They are walking the tightrope.

  4. Escape Velocity —

    Ah, but have you forgotten?

    The laborers who came late to the vineyard were paid a full day’s wage, the same as was paid to the workers who arrived at dawn.

  5. One thing that obliged me to undergo a thorough recalibration of my previous support for homosexual rights was this simple epiphany:

    99.99% of gay people are the product of nuclear families.

    You can bite the hand that feeds you for only so long.

    The gay agenda has become so hostile to normal family life that it can no longer be tolerated. Especially not when it engages in something so stupid as enabling Muslim deconstruction of Western civilization. Not even ordinary Leftists can possibly match the suicidal insanity of gays who defend or support Islam.

  6. Somewhere I read that the Dutch press is calling Geert Wilders a “libertarian Islamophobe”. That has got to be putting someones’ panties in a bunch.

    Things are getting interesting.

  7. That was a very interesting point made by Zenster, the needless hostility of gays to the nuclear family simply because they were born unlucky in the sexual sweepstakes. It appears to be a case of “If I have to suffer, then everyone has to suffer” and by gay suffering I don’t mean rejecting parents because there’s no evidence the majority of families do reject their gay children rather than feel sorrow for them and try to support them to the best of their ability. Instead I mean the psychological suffering of being born into the 3% of the population that got the short end of the stick with all its implications for feeling normal and procreation etc. Too many gays feel they can empower themselves only by tearing apart the heterosexual family structure that is rightly the corner stone of most societies throughout history because children are statistically most likely to be happy and successful in the care of both biological parents. Any alteration decreases the safety of children but adult gay selfishness does not factor this in.

    Gays in Amsterdam are the first victims of a noxious invader for whom they helped open the gates wide. It’s only human not to feel too sorry for them or to hope this wakes them up out of their bitter negativity toward the West that has provided them with the most sheltered life. Talk about sawing away at the limb you’re sitting on!

  8. It has long been my wish that libertarianism overtake the Democrat Party as one of the 2 leading parties in the US.

    Then we could largely have an agreement on fiscal economic policy, and fight over social policies, social cons vs social liberals.

    Sideline the Anti American Pinko Commie Left.

    One can dream.

  9. Well, that is very gay to be beaten up by two girls. Those gay men are going to have to be more manly if they are going to stand up to radical Islam. Protesting does not help, some boxing lessons might.

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