Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/5/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/5/2010A prominent Francophone Socialist politician in Belgium warns that the country may soon break apart. She says that the realistic prospect of separating Flanders from Wallonia is something that everyone should face up to.

In other news, France says that Turkey is not a safe destination for refugees, and has taken it off the list of countries qualified to receive them.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani Minister of State for Industries says that the Muslim world urgently needs Barack Hussein Obama to take the opportunity of an Eid celebration at Ground Zero to declare himself Caliph of all the world’s Muslims.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/5/2010

  1. What’s left out of the mainstream news reports of the Belgium story is the real reason for it: Islam and, specifically, the emergence of Brussels as the Muslim capital of Europe. That is what is tearing the country apart because the Dutch in the north want to stop it, but the French in the south keep voting for a party that wants to continue the process of islamification.

    This article on Politically Incorrect lays it all bare.

    Unfortunately, it’s in German, but I offer a precis of it in English here.

  2. Thank you to Cheradenine Z for telling us what the leftist media omits. I had no idea Muslims were the X variable in this story. I thought it was another episode in a long history of Welfare parasites concentrated in one area of a country supported by productive people in another area who finally tire of the drones (who also often threaten separation unless they’re bribed to stay) and cut them loose a la the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Quebec in Canada is another such socialist whiner subsidized by the more productive provinces.

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