The Bundesbank Gives Sarrazin the Boot

Thilo Sarrazin: Outbanked

As expected, Thilo Sarrazin has been fired from his position on the board of the Bundesbank, due to his politically incorrect opinions about Muslim immigrants in Germany.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated the report from BILD.


Sarrazin has just learned he will lose his job.

Bundesbank kicks out Sarrazin!

Merkel [CDU] welcomes his departure, Berlin senator [Körting, SPD] speaks of “witch-hunt”


[It seems that among Germans, a third support Sarrazin, with a potential extra up to 25%]

To the vast majority of [newspaper] BILD readers, Sarrazin’s thesis should not be a causal factor in his dismissal. In a quick poll, 89 percent of the approximately 130,000 participants are of the opinion that he wrote the book as a private citizen and it has nothing to do with his office.

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Even more: About 90 percent of the readers even want Sarrazin as Chancellor, on the precondition he founds his own party. They are of the opinion that he is the only politician who looks to the people “straight in the face” and expresses what the German people think.

Different result were obtained in a representative survey by YouGov on behalf of BILD: 42 percent say that Sarrazin is no longer acceptable for the Bundesbank, 34 percent think the opposite, 25 percent have no opinion.

3 thoughts on “The Bundesbank Gives Sarrazin the Boot

  1. The problem probably being that he has the audacity to open a debate on economics, where the government and normal central bankers prefer to protect the pretence that everything is under control.

    The charge for ‘racism’ seems a ruse.

  2. Actually, “Ausgebankert” does not mean ‘outbanked’. It is extremely derogatory and vile in this case. It actually means “outbastarded”

    A ‘bankert’ is a bastard, one who is sired on a bench, and the word-choice here is one of extreme Schadenfreude, almost incomprehensible to those who support Sarrazin.

    Regardless, I believe his approach of bringing genetics into the debate will hound him for the rest of his life.

    Few understand it, even fewer will give him the benefits of the doubt, and he will be further disgraced by the MSM and their willing executioners.

    I think we should concentrate on the doctrine of Islam. Wilders, Spencer, Ayaan, Wafa Sultan and all those among us who work on exposing Islam have a far better success rate when we focus on Islam than getting side-tracked with genes and IQ’s.

    Sarazzin may have a point, but given Germany’s history, genealogy is still a taboo territory, so why bother?

    Islam and all that comes with it is bad enough.

  3. sheik yer’mami: I think we should concentrate on the doctrine of Islam.

    I would qualify your statement to only one extra degree and that is to say:

    Concentrate on the political doctrine of Islam. Extending the issue to include whether Islam is or is not a religion provides too many opportunities for distracting debate.

    Focusing on Islam’s political agenda is always a win because shari’a automatically must be included in any discussion of Muslim governance and once the shari’a camel has got its nose inside the tent, the whole place begins to stink quite readily.

    Shari’a law is one giant violation of human rights just as Islam is an ongoing crime against humanity.

    It’s as simple as that.

    PS: Thank you for the very entertaining linguistics lesson.

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