Protesting the Persecution of Pakistani Christians

Stories about arson, assault, and murder directed at Pakistan’s Christian community are commonplace. They come through the news feed almost every night.

The typical story begins when a rumor circulates among Muslims in Pakistan that Christians have done something heinous to Muslims, usually involving the desecration of the Koran. The stories inevitably prove to be unfounded, but the truth is no barrier to Muslim hysteria, and devout protesters go on the rampage sacking, burning, and killing

The following report from Pukaar News describes one such series of attacks, and the worldwide protests in its wake. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing it:

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8 thoughts on “Protesting the Persecution of Pakistani Christians

  1. I just saw an announcement that a new Western Liberation Organization is going to burn 1.000 Qurans sometime at an unspecified date in a secret location. The act may or may not be posted on You Tube. The thing is that the Islamic extremists may never know. They can never be certain that a Quran isn’t burning somewhere under the rainbow just now, or tomorrow or yesterday.

  2. Most secularized Europeans and especially the European Left dont care about the persecution of Christians by Muslims, since they are persecutors of Christians themselves, albeit in less physically harsh ways.

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