Mark Steyn on Danish Television

“You have to have something to assimilate to… There’s a huge hole in the heart of where European identity ought to be.”

This interview is in English with Danish subtitles, but there are no English subtitles on the Danish portion:

Update: Anne-Kit of Perth, Australia, has kindly sent a translations of the Danish portions of this TV program:
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Europe as we know it will disappear in the course of the next half century. Millions of Muslim immigrants and their descendants will by and large conquer the entire continent. This sombre prediction comes from Mark Steyn, Canadian writer, journalist and debater.

Today he was in Copenhagen to receive the Free Press Society’s Sappho Prize for his views, such as these on US Fox TV in 2007 where he made this prediction on the development of European countries such as the UK and France.

[Fox TV clip]

The Free Press Society awards the Sappho Prize for journalistic merit coupled with fearlessness and an uncompromising attitude. Among others it has been awarded also to Flemming Rose, the Cultural Editor of Jyllands-Posten [who first published the Mohammed cartoons — translator] and to Kurt Westergaard, the creator of the Mohammed cartoons.

[Interview ]

And in addition we should add that the Sappho Prize came with DKK20,000 [around US $3,500] and a sculpture of the poetess Sappho, who according to the Free Press Society is the symbol of an unconventional search for freedom and the equal worth of human beings.

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9 thoughts on “Mark Steyn on Danish Television

  1. You have to have something to assimilate to… There’s a huge hole in the heart of where European identity used to be

    Even if there were a strong European identity, why would a Muslim want to join it, something Islam forbids?

  2. If there had been a strong national identity in place to begin with, then mass immigration would never have happened on the scale it did.

    Notice Steyn mentioned national culture, which is the real point, the Achilles heel for Europe. And those ankle tendons were deliberately cut by the transnational elites in charge.

    What is a EUROPEAN culture anyway? Perhaps a construct of the European transnational elites.

    Strong national cultures have their own separate mythologies, holidays, foods, districts or regions, currency, languages (including dialects within the larger national language) and belief systems.

    If you think of it in terms of physics, beginning with the sub-atomic particles –>atom –> going on to molecules –> working your way up to, say, the galaxies — that might be an analogous replication in the physical world of our geopolitical realities.

    At the outer edges of physics — the realities of Heisenberg, et al– the matter of scale interferes with our ability to think usefully about how these ‘bits’ function in our everyday reality.

    The same is true in trying to consider Europe as a whole. Too big, too cumbersome for our limited hardwiring which wants to contemplate our neighborhood, our district, our state, our country.

    The sheer size of America and China make it hard for them to hold together. The Chinese have done it with brutal repression. America did it with a Founding Myth, one which is being eviscerated by the social engineering of our crypto-Marxists in charge. They are in charge on both sides of the political spectrum. That’s why the US is in turmoil.

    James Lewis is always worth reading, but this one is particularly fine:

    Obama Is Colluding with a New Fascist Imperialism

    The malarkey about “thinking globally and acting locally” is prima facie evidence of elitist split thinking — or more likely, their speaking with forked tongues. In reality, no sane person could or should do what they prescribe.

  3. Dymphna, the Chinese are a single people, just like Americans were to a certain degree before 1865.

    And yes, this is why people who take Europe as a whole make a huge mistake. Every culture in Europe is different. This is why the EU will not succeed eventually.

    Mass immigration though isn’t related to strong national culture. You can just force your culture on others and this doesn’t change a fact. This is related to people not seeing their nation as their extended family to the degree they did in the past. And this wasn’t destroyed by some elites, by but the USAF, RAF and the Soviet tanks. We basically got two ideologies in Europe, both based on universal egalitarian methodology – socialism and liberalism.

  4. rebellious vanilla: you said, “the Chinese are a single people.”

    NO they NOT! Absolutely NOT. You better do your homework.

    The evidence that the people are not Homogenous is that each Provinces has a different languages, if they don’t learn other languages, their only communication is in written form, either Mandarin or Pin yin.
    The people look different too, and have different folk costumes and dances.

    The Government is the only thing holding these groups together.

    There are also, officially, 56 distinct ethnic groups.

    Large ethnic minorities include the Zhuang,, Manchu, Hui, Miao , Uyghur, Yi , Tujia, Mongols, Tibetans, Buyei, Koreans, as well as ethnic Caucasions from Russia, but born in China for several generations. Not to mention, Eurasian, mixes of Caucasians and people of the Border region between Russian and China.

  5. allat, sure, Americans aren’t a people either, even if you exclude nonwhites then. lol.

    And Scandinavians are considered different people in the same sense, yet they’re mostly the same genetically. They have different languages too in the same sense. Mandarin, Cantonese and so on are dialects of Chinese.

    92% of China is Han Chinese.

  6. What is a EUROPEAN culture anyway?

    Christianity for one thing. But there are certainly European cultural markers that include a big swath of peoples from say, Turkey.

    But you are correct that National identities are stronger, but that would exclude others, even other Europeans. Poles in the UK for example….you dont even have to go to the Roma in France and Italy to make the point.

    Christianity is what binds Europe, without it, or rather, when Christianity is rejected and reduced to the level of all other religions or belief systems, then you have nothing to assimilate to. You have Welfare State enabled Secular Hedonism, or “Do Your Own Thing.” And the Muslims are happy to oblige.

    Interestingly enough Welfare State Secular Hedonism helped drive the birthrate decline. Sure technological modern economies dis as well, but the widespread adoption of Abortion on Demand, which is opposed by orthodox Christian Doctrine…was the doomsday machine. Not even widespread availability of contraception would have produced the demographic dive, that abortion on demand did. 45 million babies in the US have been aborted since Roe v Wade….incidentally, that is how many illegal aliens and their offspring are in the US.

  7. Dymphna, the Chinese are a single people, just like Americans were to a certain degree before 1865. — RV

    Actually more like 1965. The Immigration Act which was the youngest Kennedy brother, Teddy’s, first gift to the American People. Of course most of Western Europe adopted these same immigration policies about the same time.

  8. 92% of China is Han Chinese

    The US was 92% Euro Christian in 1960. Now its 67%.

    The Aussies are 89% Euro, and culturally Christian, if not true Christians…now….also heavily British Anglo, Irish, Scottish. But that number is fast declining.

  9. EV, blacks were citizen in 1960. I don’t see the other 8% of China being non-Asian. The proper way to say Americans being a people would be to say they were 90% Anglo and 10% other European, but we all know that’s not the case.

    Gypsies aren’t European, by the way. They come from Pakistan. And excluding other Europeans would be normal and the thing that should happen.

    And birth rates don’t matter as much as immigration. IF we didn’t open the borders, we’d largely still be European. Give me a break. Even if we started having 2.5 kids per woman, the demographic situation wouldn’t get that much peachier.

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