The Ottawa Terror Bust

Three terror suspects were arrested in Ottawa over the last two days. They will be charged with possessing explosive materials and preparing IEDs to be used against Canadian targets, as well as other terror offenses. The three men are Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, Misbahuddin Ahmed, and Khurram Syed Sher, which gives this incident a Mohammed Coefficient of 33%.

Vlad Tepes has YouTubed the official law enforcement press conference that was broadcast yesterday on Canadian TV:

Notice that conspiracy extended to Iran, Afghanistan, Dubai, and Pakistan. One of the alleged perps has an Iranian name, and at least one is from Pakistan, which gives the lie to the idea that Sunnis and Shi’ites never cooperate with each other.

See this news article for the partial text of the charges against the suspects.

These mysterious violent extremists, who were planning their extreme violence! What on earth could have been their motive??
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We may never find out.

Their motivations may never be known.

These three men came from diverse backgrounds. They had nothing in common but their unpronounceable names and a propensity for having carnal knowledge of farm animals…

Seriously, though — Misbahuddin Ahmed worked for two years as a general radiography technologist at Ottawa’s Hospital Civic Campus. In other words, he had access to radioactive materials. If he hadn’t been caught, he might have ended up as the Dirty Bomb King of Ontario.

Fortunately, the Mounties got their man.

For additional humorous material on one of the Ottawa Three, see this video that Vlad put together a little while ago.

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  1. Most Arabic printed matter omits vowels. Arabic dictionaries are arranged by word roots. One such triliteral root is HMD (ح م د), which means “praise.” MuHaMMaD = “the praised one. ” Other related names are AHMaD and HaMiD. Thus, the “Muhammad coefficient” for the three men (Hiva MoHaMMaD Alizadeh, Misbahuddin AHMeD, and Khurram Syed Sher) should be 66%. For the 9/11 hijackers, the Muhammad coefficient is 26%: MoHaMeD Atta, Fayez BaniHaMMaD, AHMeD al-Ghamdi, AHMeD al-Haznawi, AHMeD al-Nami.

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