Underground Carbecue in Rosengård

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Our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter has translated an article from Sydsvenskan about the latest incendiary incidents in the culturally enriched Rosengård neighborhood of Malmö. The translator notes:

In Sweden’s Malmöstan, the Rosengård district is dominated by Arab Muslim refugees from war-ravaged places like Iraq and Somalia. The Swedish fire brigade and emergency services need police protection before they dare enter the area.

And the translated article:

Emergency safety meeting after garage fire

On Monday morning, emergency services managers will meet to discuss how the underground garage fires in Rosengård — of which in this year alone there have been some 25 — are to be handled.

Malmö garage fire

On 11pm on Saturday night came the first alarm that two cars were burning in the underground garage at Ramels road in Rosengård.

On-site emergency services found two separate fires, about one hundred meters apart, inside the garage.

Police secured the scene of the fire, but were subjected to stone-throwing.

The situation gradually became increasingly strained.

“We received indications from police that we should leave,” says Torbjörn Krokström from Rescue Service South.

At 00:52 Rescue Service South left the burned garage, under their own guidelines for the management of risk and violence.

– – – – – – – –

The fire was then extinguished after destroying four cars, but due to stone-throwing, emergency services were unable to stay on for follow-up control and airing of the garage

On Sunday, Rescue officer Torbjörn Krokström worked to summarize an account of fires in underground garages in Rosengård so far this year.

“In Ramels road alone there have been seven underground fires this year. In all of Rosengård there were probably up to 25,” he says.

Fires in underground garages, even without stones, are a safety problem. Large amounts of smoke can accumulate in garages, creating poor visibility and concern for the strength of the structure in the even of any gas explosion. In March, two fireman [equipped with smoke helmets] were lost in a smoke-filled basement on Ramels road and a rescue effort began, though it was discontinued after a few minutes when the two missing fireman found a way out of the smoke-filled garage

On Monday morning the garage fire statistics will serve as the basis for the civil protection managers’ emergency security meeting.

“The next stage will be meetings with police and property owners about the situation,” said Torbjörn Krokström at Rescue Service South.

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15 thoughts on “Underground Carbecue in Rosengård

  1. Police secured the scene of the fire, but were subjected to stone-throwing.

    I recommend Napoleon’s favorite prescription for such unpleasantness:

    A whiff of grapeshot.

  2. rebelliousvanilla: A whiff of deportation is my favourite prescription.

    It is far easier to detect, apprehend and deport wounded criminals.

  3. The Swedish fire brigade and emergency services need police protection before they dare enter the area.

    So DON’T.

    Easy. Self solving probelm. Move any Swedes out. Let the remainder all burn each other to death.

    Then build the place new, and move ONLY Swedes back in.

  4. FT, funny enough, that’s what I’d do. Actually, I’d just move the Swedes out of those areas and stop policing them or providing any service to them or let them out. Their only way out would be out of the country.

  5. Juniper in the Desert: Infiltrate them, trap them in garage, set fire to cars: car-nage!

    Car-Malmö delenda est …

  6. You know, reading all these news, I get why liberals like this type of immigrants. It makes life so eventful. Since news in my city represents just showing car crashes and the like, they’d LOVE being able to show this on TV. And all this suffering worship, instead of achievement worship, would let people from these cities point happily that they’re from the carbeque city. We stopped worshiping heroes and we praise suffering now, right?

    Sorry for my rant. 😛

  7. rebelliousvanilla: We stopped worshiping heroes and we praise suffering now, right?

    A major problem of today is that when people worship a hero they often no longer feel the need to be a hero. The displacement of courageous action onto others is a large part of why so few actually take a stand for anything, even in the face of total disasters like Muslim colonization.

    Compound this with a nanny state that actively discourages personal initiative and it is a formula for societal disaster of the sort we find rampant all through Europe and emerging within American inner cities as well.

  8. Zenster, this is one of the few times when I actually disagree with you. One of the reasons why European men aren’t doing anything about it is the complete lack of heroes and hence pride in their own people and their replacing with the heroes of suffering of other people. A civilization that feels guilty for it’s existence will lack the will to defend itself – this is what we are experiencing. I doubt that Americans being taught about the pioneer of flight that the Wright brothers were would make them less inventive. Actually, having heroes that did great thing leads people to aspire to do similar feats. I doubt that replacing Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s influence in tilting the side to the Union army in the battle of Gettysburg in the history books with Juan Chanax who just brought up a thousand illegal immigrants to the US would give white men a better fighting spirit. The former would inspire them to emulate the feats of the former, while the latter just gives them a defeated spirit.

    You want European men to fight for Europe, teach them about what a hero Charles Martel was and what a feat he accomplished by crushing the Muslim armies. I can give you examples from my own life on how these things change. Learning about the history of my city and what a great place it was before communists defiled it didn’t make me settle for how it is. Now I’m more emotionally involved in it and I want it to be better.

    But again, the biggest problem in this is that Western Europeans have feminized curriculas that don’t appeal to young men. This is why I’d make gender based schools – to teach history and pride to men is a lot different than doing it to women. For the former, you need to give them idols and teach them about how great the battles that their ancestors won are. For the latter, you need a more civic approach. I can tell you this from my experience too – I loved the civics part of history, while the battles themselves weren’t that interesting to me. I liked reading about them later in life and out of curiosity. But my male classmates loved the battles parts and being taught about the men who won them. If you want European men to fight, you need to teach them to be proud of their European identity and give them heroes to look up to. This would lead to them seeing the Muslims as the Other and knowing who they are – identity defined by the myths and heroes of their own nations of which they’d take pride.

  9. About the nanny state, I agree though. It’s quite funny that societies nowadays encourage free riding, instead of discouraging it. But again, this is just another way in which we are upside down.

  10. rebelliousvanilla: Zenster, this is one of the few times when I actually disagree with you.

    In reality, we are very much in agreement. My hastily made point about hero worship omitted reference to your own observation regarding how suffering has displaced achievement and competence.

    It is as if suffering is an achievement in and of itself. Do not confuse this with any travails of martyrdom in the traditional Christian sense. This modern suffering is the parading of one’s wounds like a professional beggar flaunting his deformities to passersby. No better example exists than the “Palestinians” and their assiduously self-inflicted mayhem.

    One of the reasons why European men aren’t doing anything about it is the complete lack of heroes and hence pride in their own people and their replacing with the heroes of suffering of other people.

    It may help to view this through the lens of modern religion now run amok. Not only is there the pre-existing guilt of “White Man’s Burden” that Christian “pale males” are constantly flogged with but also the triumph of altruism and its exaltation of suffering which has been promoted to supremacy over actual ability.

    Classical heroes are now regarded an insensitive muscle-bound brutes who are to be discarded in favor of the modern effete dilettante whose sensitivity knows no bounds. It is precisely this over-sensitivity that has turned every last hopeless cause into a new crusade of monumental importance to so many bleeding hearts. In fact, this over-emphasis upon compassion is a primary factor in why Muslim “sensitivities” are given such a wide berth instead of the prompt slap-down they so richly deserve.

    Wisely, you do not conflate the overpaid and undereducated steroid-saturated athletes of today with actual heroes like Martel or Sobieski. The fatuous adulation that fixated sports fans bestow upon their athletic celebrities are so many fake pearls cast before real swine. Astray in their modern ultra-feminist utopia, European men are presented with a Hobson’s choice of self-neutering Politically Correct inoffensiveness or being frozen out of the reproductive pool by supposedly liberated “womyn” who will not tolerate the slightest whiff of an alpha male in their midst.

  11. Zenster, obviously that I don’t consider Cristian Chivu a hero for my country, even if I can’t say that he undereducated considering that he speaks three languages fluently, for example. Heroes are people who did great things to influence the outcome of a real event, not of a game. And Sobieski even if he was ruthless, he was also fair.

    Even feminists love alpha men, by the way. Actually, feminism is the utmost female desire if she is to play by her instincts and do immoral things – the creation of enough beta men to take care of the children that she will conceive with the alpha men, either through taxes and welfare or child support. I actually laugh each time a woman debates how ‘nice men’ aren’t treated unfairly due to the sexual preference of women for them during the menstruation compared to the desire for alpha men during ovulation because she will prefer a relationship with a nice man. I laugh because the whole point for a man is to impregnate her and if someone else uses his resources to raise his child, that’s even better. As a nice person, you get screwed twice over in that scheme. But again, everything that women say related to relationships is to hide this ugly little truth. So yes, even feminists crave certain things. Desires are just instinctual, you can’t do much about it. The problem is if you are one of the many men who wants a sane life in a civilized way that puts constraints on gratification. But this is how civilizations are built – you spread the women around to have all the men work, you don’t allow the alpha men to satisfy their polygamy or women their hypergamy.

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