The Reds Rebel Against Geert Wilders

In my recent appeals for help for the PVV, I mentioned that Geert Wilders is facing a Dutch state media onslaught that intends to demonize him and reduce his party’s success in the elections coming up on June 9th.

And it’s not only the official state television service that has Mr. Wilders in its sights, but also the various “independent” media outfits and producers, most of which rely on government grants of various sorts to produce their documentaries.

According to the German blog Politically Incorrect (thanks to Vlad Tepes for the tip), Red Rebel Films looks to be one such anti-Wilders outfit. Hmm… Why does the name “Red Rebel” raise doubts about the impartiality of any film it may produce about Geert Wilders?

Below are excerpts from “A Red Rebel Hit Job on Geert Wilders”, by a Dutch investigative reporter named “Sukarno”:

A Dutch film-making outfit known as Red Rebel Films has recently approached various European and American anti-jihad activists and asked to interview them for a documentary about Geert Wilders. The filmmakers have described their project as an objective look at the Dutch politician, and not an attack piece.

So who are Red Rebel Films? What do we know about their objectivity when it comes to the subject of their upcoming documentary?

According to the Red Rebel website:

RedRebel Films is dedicated to filmmaking that promotes change. We uncover stories that need to be told and produce cutting edge programmes that enlighten, challenge, and provoke opinion.


RedRebel Films is a multi award winning documentary company formed in 2007 by filmmakers Mags Gavan and Joost van der Valk.

Nothing alarming here so far. They are based in London, Cardiff, and Amsterdam. Their experience in film is outlined on their “About” page:

– – – – – – – –

When Mags eventually left BBC and joined forces with Joost, they dedicated their careers to making hard hitting films with a purpose, and set up RedRebel.


Immediately they began making cutting edge current affairs documentaries such as Kashmir’s Missing Men (about the independence struggle in Indian Kashmir).

Their site, however, fails to mention that the film about Kashmir has a pro-Muslim point of view. Does this provide a clue about Red Rebel’s attitude towards Wilders?

When he sent emails to people that he wanted to interview, Joost van der Valk explained that his film company was working on a programme for Dutch Television (VPRO) about the PVV and other similar parties which strongly oppose Islam in Europe.

This may not have been the whole truth, or perhaps it was a way or cover up their intentions. The film or documentary will be only about the PVV and Geert Wilders. There is no other topic.

How do we know this?

On her curriculum vitae, Annemiek van der Hell ( reports that she has been working since “April 2010 — Present (1 month) on a documentary by Joost van der Valk on the PVV of Geert Wilders.“ [emphasis added, source 1 and source 2, in Dutch]

Red Rebel Films wants its interview subjects to believe that it is planning to make an unbiased documentary that presents only the facts, in an impartial manner. But this is plainly not the case, because at the IDFA (Documentary Film Festival in The Netherlands) they had already made a call for a politically-motivated anti-Wilders film:…

Sukarno then proceeds to outline the anti-Wilders background of Red Rebel Films, plus the evidence that it is part of a wider left-wing filmmaking effort to discredit the “scaremonger” Wilders.

I recommend reading the entire piece at PI, but Sukarno’s conclusions are worth noting:

All the people who make these films are connected in one way or another. People such as Pieter van Huystee, for whose company someone even used the nickname “Wilders” when updating information on LinkedIn.

At this point it should be clear that they all are all Antifa-types and Wilders haters. Their attempts to damage Wilders have so far failed, and now, with their to approach to various anti-jihad activists, they may well be aiming for a film that will smear Wilders’ contacts and supporters abroad, especially in Germany, the UK, and USA.

Expect a Red Rebel hit job on Wilders that tries to discredit him based on the people who support him.

All the more reason to visit Geert Wilders’ site and hit the tip jar. The PVV can’t match the power of the Dutch state media without help from ordinary people who want to see Geert Wilders succeed.

3 thoughts on “The Reds Rebel Against Geert Wilders

  1. This may not have been the whole truth, or perhaps it was a way or cover up their intentions.

    It would seem as though Ms. van der Hell learned quite a lot from filming those Muslims in Kashmir. After all, the above quote is a textbook definition of kitman.

    An old saying has it that a man is known by his enemies. That would show Geert Wilders to be the enemy of evil personified. Permit me to suggest that, in order to live up to her name, Ms. van der Hell should go to Hell.

  2. Kitman… Lying by omission. Last February or January, my wife and I watched a pro-mahound documentary on Swiss TV channel SF1 featuring, among other things, non-mahoundians on a visit to a Swiss mosque. When asked by a (visiting) teenage girl why head-tents were worn by mahoundianimas, the imam quoted Mein Qurampf 33:59, but not the whole thing… Just O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such), deliberately leaving out that bit often quoted by imams which (not who) claim that untented women are “asking for rape”: , that they should be known (as such) and not molested.

    While the omission of something so important for the understanding of the animalistic bedouin savagery inherent to mahoundianism drove me nuts (damn, how I wished I had been right there to tell the teenager and the audience about how the tents were supposed to make up for the immoral absence of any self-restraint on the part of penis-possessing mahoundians when it comes to their sexual urges by quoting the whole thing), SF1 has aired more stuff critical of mahoundianism since then than the opposite. Therefore, all in all, anyone following the subject on that channel is more likely to get a picture of mahoundianism closer to what it is in reality than what Jean Ziegler and Micheline Calmy-Rey would have the Swiss public believe it is (and let’s not forget how the result of the vote on banning minarets showed that they’re not ignorant of what they’re dealing with.)

    I know that this is sort of off-topic, but I wanted to take advantage of Zenster’s comment to share a recent example of the use of such a strategy of deception by our enemies.

  3. Jedilson, if you’re Swiss – you have an awesome country. Anyway, I agree, I recall watching Discovery and it was this series on religion and they asked this Imam or whatever about how do they get to heaven and he said that through jihad, but Westerners don’t know what jihad is and he said about the inner struggle. Obviously, the stupid girl that went there(who wore a hijab even if she was the kafir, which to me is extremely moronic since I went to Turkey too and I wouldn’t wear a hijab regardless) swallowed it up. I wanted to be there too to explain the dualist nature of Islam and how jihad can be both, but due to the number of citations of jihad as war against the kuffr, it usually is holy war. Basically, jihad means struggling to please Allah by fulfilling his word both in terms of yourself aka ruin the society you live in with your stuff and obliterating the kuffar.

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