“For It”

Kudos to David Horowitz for his efforts last night during a Q&A period after one of his speeches. He did a masterful job.

From the notes accompanying the video: “A Muslim Jew-hater and supporter of genocide is flushed out by David Horowitz at a speech during ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ at the University of California San Diego.”

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

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7 thoughts on ““For It”

  1. Horowitz: Will you condemn Hizballah? [UCSB MSA Campus President replies] That question is too complicated for a “yes / no” answer.

    Only a Muslim could find any nuance in a point blank question about genocide.

    In case anyone is wondering, here is the section about Israel from “The Hizballah Program“:

    The Necessity for the Destruction of Israel

    We see in Israel the vanguard of the United States in our Islamic world. It is the hated enemy that must be fought until the hated ones get what they deserve. This enemy is the greatest danger to our future generations and to the destiny of our lands, particularly as it glorifies the ideas of settlement and expansion, initiated in Palestine, and yearning outward to the extension of the Great Israel, from the Euphrates to the Nile.

    Our primary assumption in our fight against Israel states that the Zionist entity is aggressive from its inception, and built on lands wrested from their owners, at the expense of the rights of the Muslim people. Therefore our struggle will end only when
    this entity is
    obliterated . We recognize no treaty with it, no cease fire, and no peace agreements, whether separate or consolidated.

    We vigorously condemn all plans for negotiation with Israel, and regard all negotiators as enemies, for the reason that such negotiation is nothing but the recognition of the legitimacy of the Zionist occupation of Palestine. Therefore we oppose and reject the Camp David Agreements, the proposals of King Fahd, the Fez and Reagan plan, Brezhnev’s and the French-Egyptian proposals, and all other programs that include the recognition (even the implied recognition) of the Zionist entity.

  2. What a wretched hag, that student was. I sincerely hope David Horowitz is getting through to university lifers with such messages.

  3. I had a good laugh at that. Long. Loud. Evil.

    That man handed that…thing (as I do not give it the designation human, much less woman) its a$$ covered in its own feces. With a cherry on top.

    That was a moment of perfect beauty.

    Everyone there now knows what’s in their midst. Everyone. Note there was some clapping there in the background when she said, “For it.” Regardless, for the bulk of those in attendance you could feel it even from that video tape, the sinking horror of those in that room of the monster breathing oxygen there with them.

    I wonder if they shall remember tomorrow.

  4. She looked and sounded like an American convert (excuse me, revert) to Islam. One wonders, though, if before her conversion whether she was a standard lefty who already thought Israel was evil, or did she have to consciously change her worldview to advocate the murder of Jews? I don’t understand how anybody who didn’t start as a murderous sociopath can so easily discard Judeo-Christian notions of morality.

  5. Ties-in well with the Dutch-Morrocan girls clad in Burqas wanting to marry Jihadis, and a woman I once served with “Jihad” written on the side of her headscarf…

    The headscarf brigade are more wannabe Hitlers than devout, well-behaved princesses trying to be Cinderella.

  6. There are stupid liberals and smart liberals. Stupid liberals do not think for themselves and are more likely to be religious (whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim or otherwise) and smart liberals are atheists but they see that the Isreali occupation of Palestine is wrong.

    I’m an atheist, I’m a very moral person and I am not a murderous sociopath. However, I do have to say that the “Judeo-Christian notions of morality” are as immoral as they get. Oppression of homosexuals, women and non-believers to begin with is outrageous and in direct opposition to a free, democratic society.

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