To Our Danish Benefactor

Europe: DenmarkA generous reader in Denmark made a donation to Gates of Vienna the night before last. Several emails to him have been returned by his ISP, so we have been unable to thank him.

This public mention will have to serve: Thank you for your kindness. You know who you are.

Also, as a matter of interest, I visited your town with Steen when I was in Denmark back in 2007. It’s a beautiful place.

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5 thoughts on “To Our Danish Benefactor

  1. I visited your town with Steen when I was in Denmark back in 2007. It’s a beautiful place.

    Without much risk, one could say the same for all of wonderful Denmark. The nation’s scenic rural areas are ravaged by terminal quaintness and even its urban zones prove unexpectedly hospitable to the foreign traveler.

    It is no small coincidence that the only exceptions to such praise would be those self-imposed Muslim slums which result from their abuse of Denmark’s generous immigration policies.

    Needless to say (then why say it?), those cases of metropolitan blight may well prove to be a self-curing problem as Danish Muslims continue to foul the nest and, unlike any group since the WWII German’s, make themselves unwelcome in such a genuinely amicable land.

    It is also safe to say that the above map portrays the correct proportion of Denmark’s role in opposing Muslim colonization of Europe.

  2. Mahoundians generally make themselves unwelcome wherever they choose to settle down. It’s mahoundianism in a nutshell. I can’t recall any country outside the mahoundian hemisphere where they are actually welcome and I can’t say that they actually try to improve their ways. Rather they always try to impose their barbarian mahoundianism on their hosts.

  3. harskoghedensk said…
    Question: Would the emailadresse of said Dane by any chance happen to be

    Indeed it would, sir! That email address appears to have the properties of rubber, since it bounced in gmail and our regular mail.

  4. Hmm. As far I know, it is because does no longer exists.

    Anyway. I am pleased to learn that I was not just flattering myself, by thinking that I had earned myself a post on Gates of Vienna.

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