Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/6/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/6/2010Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born radical imam who mentored both the Fort Hood Jihad Shrink and the Christmas Day Lap Bomber, has been declared “Terrorist Number One” and a legitimate target for American military action. Al-Awlaki is reportedly living in Yemen.

In other news, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has decided to call for a general election on May 6, despite the fact that Labour is currently polling ten percentage points below the Tories. Meanwhile, there are worries that Islamophobia is on the rise in Russia in the wake of the deadly terrorist suicide bombings on the Moscow metro.

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4 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/6/2010

  1. It’s a breath of fresh air indeed to see Avidgor Lieberman compare Recep Erdoclown to Qaddafi and Hugo Chavez, rather than kiss his ayrab camel’s ass like most Western dhimmi politicians do.

    I wonder if Lieberman’s suggestion that Erdoclown ought to deal with Turkey’s problems with the Kurds could have included something in the lines of “how can you demand that we not retaliate against Hamas attacks when that is akin to asking you Anatolian Ayrabs not to retaliate against PKK rebels launching attacks against your own country”? This is a question that the Erdoclown-loving MSM has avoided asking for way, way too long. Should that goon keep up his anti-Israel barking, perhaps Mr. Lieberman will finally get a chance to do it.

  2. “MIGRANTS are flocking to Britain at a rate of one a minute, according to shock new figures.

    “Official statistics show more than 518,000 people moved to the UK last year — an average of more than 1,400 every day.

    “The annual number of people granted British citizenship also rose by almost 60% between 2008 and 2009.

    “Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage quoted the figures as he attacked the three main parties for their “dishonest” attitudes towards immigration.

    He said: “It is not racist to talk about immigration from a non-racial and non-sectarian perspective.

    “But the figures quoted refer to non-EU immigration and the main parties are all signed up.

    “We have a total open-door policy to an unlimited number of people coming to this country from eastern Europe.”

    Crazy. And the Brits will elect the Cons that started sounding like a second Labour instead of UKIP.

  3. Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born radical imam who mentored both the Fort Hood Jihad Shrink and the Christmas Day Lap Bomber, has been declared “Terrorist Number One” and a legitimate target for American military action.

    Thus has The United States decided to summarily execute one of its own citizens. While al-Awlaki certainly has worked very hard to earn this distinction, it definitely flies in the face of Obama’s official Kumbaya Policy™.

    There arises out of this decision something much more far reaching. In 1976 American president Gerald Ford issued Executive Order 11905 prohibiting political assassinations. This position was reaffirmed by both Carter and Reagan and has yet to be overridden by any subsequent legislation.

    To be sure, Washington D.C. views its current declaration regarding al-Awlaki as one that pertains to an enemy of the state; Which this terrorist leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula most clearly is. However, it is more than likely that few in the Capitol understand that, by all definitions, this would be a political assassination.

    As an imam, al-Awlaki is, in that role, a political leader of Islam. Furthermore, his declaration of war against America can only be construed as an issuance of political policy for Islam in general and its jihadists in particular.

    Perish the thought that America’s own politicians would comprehend how its official order for this assassination derives its substance from the fact that Islam is a political ideology and not a “religion”.

    More than anything, this is also one more button on a coat that Obama vowed to shrug off (as prospective president), during his election campaign and yet has had carefully tailored to himself since taking office.

    It is advisable not to hold your breath waiting for the MSM to howl in rage about Obama authorizing the summary execution of an American citizen. Far be it from them to paint any portrait of The One™ in colors remotely similar to those of his predecessor.

  4. As much as I like Nigel Farage, he is such a hypocrite. According to his party statement, I should be issued a British passport tomorrow because I believe in freedom – that’s how they define British people. And it’s not racist to talk about immigration from a racial point of view either. Heck, ethnic British people should be sovereign in their own country and not be ethnically cleansed and I say this as someone with 0% Anglo-Saxon ancestry. I was quite disappointed when I visited the UK of how un-British it is and how little ethnic British people appreciate their country… Paul Weston seems more sane about it. Still, I’d probably vote for the UKIP, if Daniel Hannan wasn’t available in my constituency. I wouldn’t vote for another Tory. I don’t even know why Daniel(awesome name :P) Hannan is even in the Tory party.

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