The Multicultural Duo from Amsterdam

After the success of Geert Wilders’ party (the PVV) in the Dutch municipal elections earlier this month, the PvdA (leftists) are attempting to regroup. One of the PvdA’s strategies seems to be to elevate Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen at the expense of party figures who have been associated with past failures.

Another rising star of the PvdA in Amsterdam is Ahmed Marcouch, whose ascent is apparently yoked to that of Mr. Cohen. Our Flemish correspondent VH has prepared a report about the multicultural duo from Amsterdam.

First, his translation Elsevier:

Cohen wants Marcouch at his side in The Hague

by Jeroen Langelaar

Job Cohen wants to take his PvdA [Labour Party, Socialists] colleague Ahmed Marcouch from Amsterdam to the Hague. The new leader of the PvdA suggested this to Marcouch shortly after the municipal elections [which thus would have been before Wouter Bos resigned for so-called “family reasons”] Cohen sees Marcouch as a welcome strengthening in the upcoming parliamentary elections of June 9. According to the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, this choice makes it more difficult to dismiss Cohen as “soft” and “multicultural,” as the PVV likes to do.

Job Cohen and Ahmed Marcouch

That Marcouch join the table in the TV programme Pauw & Witteman [of the left-wing broadcaster VARA] on Friday was also insisted on by the former mayor of Amsterdam [that much influence he seemingly has on a subsidized TV program]. Despite the alleged offer by Cohen, Marcouch would reportedly prefer a position as alderman in Amsterdam. Whether he is eligible for that is as yet unknown. Deputy mayor Lodewijk Asscher (PvdA) approached him to become Chairman of the PvdA in Amsterdam.

Marcouch has doubts. “I want to pick up the struggle against the problems of the district and for the freedoms of gays and Muslims, as in Amsterdam-Slotervaart. That is why so many Amsterdammers gave me their vote. So I cannot do anything else but go for to the position I can best fulfill that promise with.” The former district chairman of Amsterdam-Slotervaart was in elected in the municipality with preference-votes. [Note: on election day, at 08:15 in the morning, he sent 12,000 text messages to telephone numbers he had taken from a database of the Amsterdam-Slotervaart district council: “Elections Today! Go vote. Give your Preference vote for the council to Ahmed Marcouch, PvdA list 1 number 29. Every vote counts! Thank you!” —Needless to say the Public Prosecutor is not investigating this.]

Het Parool: “Marcouch has doubts about taking a seat in both the parliament in The Hague in addition to the Amsterdam City Council, but does not exclude it. He must decide by Wednesday. […] Persons involved assume that he will apply for a seat in parliament this week. Should he still become alderman, then he can always withdraw before the elections of June 9.

VH adds the following excerpts from: Roodkoper [pdf], October 2005. Link from “Dossier Ahmed Marcouch,” by Carel Brendel.
– – – – – – – –

Marcouch: “Islam is essentially enlightened. The first commandment in the Koran is education. When you study Islam properly you see that Islam in its essence is liberal, individualistic, freedom-oriented.” Marcouch goes to his bookshelves, and brings forth a beautifully designed book, gilt-edged, glittering in the sunlight. “This is the collected works of Said Qutb, the Egyptian scholar who in the sixties was executed by Nasser. He is being labeled by the AIVD [Dutch Secret Service] as the godfather of Islamic extremists and the inspiration of the Takfir al Hizjra, followers who say that Muslims should isolate themselves. But what Qutb meant was that he no longer observed the real Islam in society, the Islam of equality and social justice. This is essentially an enlightened view. What does that mean for Muslims in this era? The biggest threat to Islam is the stupidity and ignorance of Muslims themselves. That is the lesson you can learn from Qutb.” […]

“The biggest mistake is that from 2008 onwards, the government no longer wants to allow imams from abroad. But you must precisely invite Muslim heavyweights from abroad to give lectures here, as a counterweight to Afshin Ellian. Youssouf El Qaradawi for example, the President of the European Council for the Fatwa. Such figures you must use, to bring forward the message of social participation with authority. […] Is it not bizarre that priests from South America will soon be allowed into the country, and do not have to do an integration course? […]

— How do you think it will go further with the Muslims in the Netherlands? Many people are afraid a large Muslim underclass will arise.

“That subclass is already here. It would be naive not to face that. But we must not only view that as a socio-economic phenomenon. It is much more essential that the Netherlands abandon the illusion that the Dutch culture is purely made up of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Islam is intertwined with the Judeo Christian tradition. If the Dutch accept that, the Muslims will feel they also are part of it.” […] “You can not claim that a religion that has been so vibrant for centuries, now only consists of blood-lust and fanaticism. Look,” says Marcouch, and brings out a nice looking book: Islam. Art and Architecture. “About the heyday of Islam,” he says. “Muslims still live in this: the past. But they forget that our ancestors had worked extremely hard for it.”

16 thoughts on “The Multicultural Duo from Amsterdam

  1. How sad that the Jooz-done-it creeps who post from time to time on these pages can’t reconfigure their view of reality so that they can become constructive and credible voices against toxic Jews like Job Cohen – a species that proliferates also at the top echelon of American governance.

  2. Since over 80% of diaspora Jews vote for and donate to toxic leftist politicians like Job Cohen (and Barack Obama), then trying to narrow the focus to these politicians alone doesn’t appear much different from Muslims claiming that only a “small” percentage of their group are Islamists/jihadists/radical.

    The radicals are only as effective as the number of so-called “moderates” who enable them. Diaspora Jews are overwhelmingly leftists who are selling out both Israel and America to Muslim interests. What they hope to achieve with this does not lend itself to a rational explanation. Perhaps it’s second and third generation post traumatic stress disorder. But this can’t be the entire explanation as Jews have started movements injurious to their host societies (e.g. Bolsheviks in Russia) before the Holocaust.

    Granted, people have assigned Jews too much credit or blame depending on how one looks on it for making other peoples unhappy. However, making “the Joos did it crowd” into a dismissive argument is dishonest. Sometimes someone really is persecuting a paranoid. Like most people on this earth, at some points in history, the Jews actually DID do “it” and have not been just victims.

    With the exception of the minority of conservatives among them, they’re “doing it” now, selling out both Israel and the USA.

  3. @ laine
    I agree with more than 50% of your points, and will not contest the others, other than factual corrections. For instance Jews did not start Bolshevism, Communism or Socialism; the French did, mostly. Neither you nor I know how diaspora Jews vote, except it’s reasonable to assume that their votes skew left. The percentage that voted for Obama is 78%, not over-80%. And if you do what a statistical demographer must do, which is isolate the variable “Jew” from “university education” and “urban” you’ll find out that Catholics and Protestants of otherwise similar demographic characteristics to Jews also voted in great majority for BHO.
    However, as to the thrust of your argument, I am in the same camp, if modified by years of close observation and thinking about this phenomenon. It’s time posts such as yours got the attention of and rational response from Jews proper.

  4. My solution: ok, the underclass is already here, but I suggest it shouldn’t be here, not that we must make it integrate. Or well, the Dutch will be a minority in their own country in 50-60 years and sooner than that civil war will break out. The sooner we solve this, the cleaner it will be.

  5. Marcouch believes the message of al Qaradawi is the one that needs to be heard – including, presumably, that Adolf Hitler was sent by Allah on a divine mission. Nuff said?

  6. How sweet – a Jew promoting a fan of Sayyid Qutb, an Islamic mini-Hitler clone whose book “Our Struggle With The Jews” (still distributed worldwide today using Saudi money) was fashioned after Mein Kampf and who helped create the ideological fusion of Islamism with Nazism. How’s that for a multicultural paradise?

    “But what Qutb meant was that he no longer observed the real Islam in society, the Islam of equality and social justice. This is essentially an enlightened view. What does that mean for Muslims in this era?”

    That they’re going to do away with the Jews first?

    Do you still insist that Ashkenazi Jews have the highest mean IQ and that IQ actually means anything regarding the ability to process information? Or did the Left simply get all the retard Jews since the smart ones actually have a job?

    “It is much more essential that the Netherlands abandon the illusion that the Dutch culture is purely made up of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Islam is intertwined with the Judeo Christian tradition.”

    So is the plague. Does that make it necessary or desirable then? Qutb’s ideas are thoroughly anti-Western and anti-liberal. What is a fan of his doing in the Dutch Labor Party?

  7. @doom-and-gloom
    I believe that you hit the nail on the head. They do have the highest IQ, but I also believe that they are the stupidest people in the world, and should be increasingly known as such. It’s not the usual kind of stupidity; it’s gnosticism. Thomas Bertonneau explained what it is two articles at The Brussels Journal.

  8. I should read the articles.

    Once the neo-Nazis in the US wanted to hold a march, carrying Nazi symbols, in a Jewish majority town where many Holocaust survivors lived. The (non-Jewish) mayor objected, but of course the neo-Nazis had a Jewish lawyer from the ACLU defending their civil rights pro bono.

    Can you imagine a Muslim lawyer defending the right of, say, the BNP to hold an anti-Muslim march in a majority Muslim neighborhood? Oh, I forget, majority Muslim neighborhoods are no-go zones. Muslims are no suckers.

    Not to mention the far leftist Israelis and Jews are the ones causing the most damage to Israel.

    But aren’t most so-called liberals, Jewish or not, insane?

    The problem is the West let the lunatic far left take over the academia. That’s where it all begins. From there the ideas and “revised” “histories” travel down to the media and the popular culture.

  9. I know nobody in this particular blog will believe it, but the main reason Jews are so liberal is misguided idealism.

    In some senses there was always an idealistic drive in the Jewish spirit, but it took a particular shape under the influence of European Enlightenment which lead to both religious reformation (the birth of the Reform movement, which is the largest Jewish religious movement in the West and particularly in the US) and secularization.

    There is an important concept in Jewish tradition called Tikkun Olam which means mending the world, repairing its wrongs and ills, perfecting it. In pre-modern Jewish society it had a more religious meaning and limited modest expressions mostly within the Jewish community that was isolated. It has both religious ritualistic applications and social applications such as charity, helping the weak, the poor and the sick, striving for social justice. The Enlightenment in Europe both gradually emancipated the Jews, bringing them into the general society, and created an Enlightenment movement within the Jewish community itself which lead to two major processes: secularization and religious reform. In the Reform movement Tikkun Olam (mending the world) became a central concept, while other religious obligations have become less important. Secular Jews were both influenced by the Reform and retained a secularized, but still Jewish culture which already included important social values. These values have merged quite neatly with the new ethical values of the Enlightenment and its constant drive for social justice. And as the Jews now became less isolated, Tikkun Olam, now strongly influenced by the Enlightenment values, have extended beyond the Jewish community as an obligation toward the world and humanity at large. Thus you could find, for example, Jews marching alongside African-Americans to abolish segregation and achieve equal rights for blacks.

    Of course, some people here are going to prefer some other explanation claiming that supporting the African-American struggle for equal rights was really designed to serve a Jewish interest or was part of a sinister hate-filled plot to destroy the white race, and I’m not going to argue with them. You can believe whatever you want. If someone believes the Jews are a very united people that act like one body, and are collectively driven by an ambition to rule the world, or by extraordinary selfishness, or by a wish to destroy whites or gentiles, or anything of that sort, then I’m not going to change his mind no matter what I say. And I won’t even try because I’m just sick and tired of it.

    Continued below…

  10. Continued…

    You see socialism as an evil ideology born of evil intentions, but I see the socialist ideology as a naive and misguided attempt at social justice, and thus its appeal to Jews is quite understandable. Israel itself used to be a moderate socialist country and still retains some socialist characteristics. And the kibbutzim were small agricultural communes, a communist experiment, which used to be the greatest pride of Israel. They were pretty successful for a long time, but finally failed and were reformed and privatized to a great degree. My mother lived in a kibbutz for some time when she was young and I have family living in kibbutzim that have lived in them when they were still communal. My father used to be a socialist, but became disillusioned. His brother actually moved to Russia following the communist dream, but, of course, came to regret it. They were all driven by idealism and a belief in creating a just society (as they saw it), not by evil and destructive urges.

    Israeli Jews, however, became more conservative first and foremost due to living under constant existential threat. I read European Jews also became more conservative in recent years and now vote more or less evenly for the left and right. It’s mostly American Jews that remained overwhelmingly leftist. The US is also where the Reform movement is the strongest and they are very liberal (for instance, not only do they have female rabbis, but also gay and lesbian rabbis, and they support gay marriage). American Orthodox Jews vote overwhelmingly for the Republican party, but they are a minority.

    There are other factors as well that are related to the Jewish experience. For instance, identifying with minorities, particularly persecuted minorities, or minorities that just might be persecuted, because Jews know how it feels. The bloody bible tells the Israelites to treat foreigners nicely based on their own experience as foreigners in Egypt (where they weren’t treated very nicely). Another factor, it was liberal ideology that emancipated the Jews in Europe, while the conservatives opposed it – it definitely contributed to shaping the Jewish mind about both liberalism as a good, liberating, humane and tolerant ideology, and conservatism as anti-progressive, intolerant and cruel ideology, although things have changed a bit since then.

    There are also many misconceptions about Jews and Israel on this blog that I won’t even start to address right now.

    Continued below…

  11. And there’s also this funny notion that the Euros are somehow conservative by nature, and that all your troubles started with those radical revolutionary rascals. While the truth is quite the opposite – the Jews were a rather conservative flock outside Europe, and also inside Europe until the Enlightenment. The Euros, on the other hand, are the most radical, revolutionary, bold, total, extremist species on earth. The Jews just happen to fit in nicely with this spirit. Just look at your history, for god sake. It’s you who came up with all the crazy revolutionary ideas and ideologies and all the social experiments. Some of them were great, such as democracy, the scientific revolution and the USA. Some of them were not so great.

    Just look at your classical music compared with the classical music of other regions. In other places the classical music is quite orthodox and fixed, and evolves slowly and gradually over many generations. Your classical music leaps from one revolution to the next. That’s how YOUR mind works.

    And you take every idea to its conclusion, to its limit, you think in absolutes. If it’s nationalism then you can’t have just moderate nationalism where you are a majority and thus in charge of your own fate. No, that’s not enough, you have to take it to the edge of racial purity, racial supremacy and the extermination of all “inferior” minorities. And then you have a radical reaction. So it’s not enough to go back to moderate sane nationalism. Instead you abolish nationalism altogether, bring in tens of millions of immigrants from the most violent culture you could find and accommodate them to death.

    Europe is like a mad genius – it can come up with the greatest ideas, but when it’s having one of its episodes you better stay out of its way. Of course, I’m grateful for all the good ones and I like European culture, but it’s better to learn from you selectively and from a safe distance… 🙂

  12. doom and gloom, you need to chill a bit. 😉 lol

    The fixing the world thing is what ConservativeSwede refers to for Europeans as Christian ethics. All these things

    were good while working within a community context. They’re toxic when they become universal creeds. I agree with

    you about the Jewish plan to destroy the white race or controlling the world – it’s utter crap and I can’t believe

    people can be behind these ideas. The funniest treat are the ones who think the Jews did 9/11.

    Also, I won’t get into it, but a lot of the Jews support certain things because they are in the liberal

    indoctrination camps(read education) more than other groups, which makes them have that stance more than others.

    There are other reasons why the Jews supported the civil rights fraud(read movement), but that’s history and not as

    important as the former. The same idealism affects Europeans, by the way, and everyone was fairly conservative

    until the ‘Enlightment’. I disagree about us coming with all the revolutionary ideas – bolshevism isn’t our own,

    for example. Neither is the Frankfurt school.

    About your Jewish lawyer. I can imagine a white lawyer though do that kind of stuff. I mean, the Swedish taxpayers

    are giving funds to a black nationalist movement in Zimbabwe(I guess the Africans in Sweden organizing it don’t

    realize the irony that they are living in an European country).

    There is no such thing as social justice – justice implies the quality of being just and fair and equality is the

    opposite of justice. And Europeans were nationalistic way before Hitler – he didn’t create nationalism. Actually I didn’t see care much about the Germans considering he sent them to get slaughtered while pursuing his imperial project.

  13. You don’t consider Russians Europeans? Or were there only Jews in the Bolshevik party? Ethnic Russians were a clear majority both in the leadership and the general membership of the Bolshevik party, even in the old guard.

    And Marx didn’t invent Socialism. He was, as it goes, standing on the shoulders of giants. One of the founders of socialist thought was the French Henri de Saint Simon and guess what was his source of inspiration? The egalitarian United States. See? It’s all the Americans’ fault!

    There was a certain environment of ideas that was not created by Jews, but by Europeans. The Jews just fit in very well and took an active part.

    BTW, I wouldn’t be ashamed if Jews had invented Socialism. Like I said, in my opinion it was naive idealism and not some evil plot. Socialism also had/has some good ideas. Though we certainly don’t need a socialist revolution, even less so these days.

    Your revolutionary history begins with the Greek. And the Renaissance started long before Enlightenment.

    Anyway my point is that Jews tend to float to the Left due to a combination of social idealism and the Jewish experience (oppression, persecution, having to immigrate and so on, with the liberal ideology being the liberator, of Jews and of others), and not due to some evil intent, extraordinary selfishness or exotic psychosis. You can add some other factors, like indeed being over-represented in the academia which is overwhelmingly leftist and indoctrinating.

    Why are most Scandinavians Leftist? Why in a recent poll in socialist Spain 72% said they’re in favor of expelling the Jews from Israel while only 12% said they’re willing to have a Jew as a neighbor? Why did the Dutch Labor Party want to legitimize Hamas? Why do peaceful pro-Israel demonstrations in Europe are met with Islamo-Lefty violence and the police does nothing? Why does Western MSM publish any kind of lie and distortion about Israel without even bothering to verify the facts while ignoring almost anything the Palestinians do? Why does Western academia hold anti-Israel hate fests while suppressing any dissent and any voice that might offer a different perspective? Why are so many churches adamantly anti-Israel? Why do so many in Europe try so hard to push boycotts against Israel? Why is Israel always pushed, pressured and condemned when it’s the Palestinians who refused any two states proposal that doesn’t include turning Israel into an Arab Muslim state? Why did Europe fully adopt and continue to adopt the Palestinian-Arab-Muslim narrative?

  14. doom and gloom your complete whitewashing of Jews as having only the highest moral intentions of Tikkun Olam makes the same argument as your enemies from the opposite direction – that Jews are unique.

    You’d be far safer promoting the idea that they are a people like any other capable of collective bad as well as good.

    The problem with your claim of Jewish idealism is that it is very selective, selecting leftist causes and means only while stubbornly ignoring their dreadful results (e.g. Dem “War on Poverty” destroys the black family in a way slavery did not). Why should one believe that people are motivated for the good when they don’t care at all that they ended up promoting bad? It’s clearly their own high opinion of themselves that is the most important issue to them, not the fate of the people they’re supposedly “helping”. Otherwise, they’d be scandalized and ashamed of their results and open to trying something different (like voting Republican or at least staying home) instead of patting themselves on the back for their “good” intentions and merrily signing on for more leftist destruction.

  15. @laine
    I think doom-and-gloom was correct but incomplete in his argument, and so are you. Jewish idealism is indeed selective – as is Christian idealism. All mainstream Protestant denominations and the RCC are super-active in exactly the same leftist Tikkun Olam causes that animate the Jews, and they aren’t in the least perturbed by the sorry results either. Without the massive support of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Chicago from the get go, Saul Alinsky would have remained an obscure blip of no consequence to anyone.
    And yes, the Jews are unique – unique in their Don Quixote stupidity, except in Israel, where they behave more like normal people. If they were like others, their behavior would have been more like that of other high-IQ, high-education minorities of merchant tradition, e.g. the Chinese, Armenian or Indian diaspora. They would have been content to make money, buy fancy houses and things, and marry off their children “well.” Instead, they have latched on to cockamamie “social justice” causes that spell their own doom before anyone else’s.

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