Moving Day

WayfarerI’ll be away all day today and into tomorrow, helping the future Baron move into his new digs in Southwest Virginia.

Be kind and well-disposed towards one another (and to Dymphna) during my absence. No news feed tonight; it will resume tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Off-topic, but I don’t know where else to post it.

    If you think Obama is subservient for bowing to foreign leaders – BTW, he also bowed to a lady mayor in Florida – then watch this video of Berlusconi kissing the hand of Gaddafi! This makes me sick!

  2. Shocka! The only explanation I can find if the video is real is that old merry Silvio was in an intoxicated state (too much Italian wine, perhaps), he saw a long robe and mistook the man for a Catholic priest.

  3. linbetwin-

    The lady mayor in Florida has well-established Islam connections. Besides, he’ll bow to anything that will get him re-elected. I think the bow is supposed to be his “signature” sign that sets him apart from the mere presidents who preceded him.

    I agree with Armance re “old merry Silvio”. Anyway, the Libya-Italy alliance is really hotting up.

  4. “By virtue of the authority vested in me as mayor of the city of Tampa, I do hereby proclaim November 15, 2008, as ‘Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Day’ in the city of Tampa, Florida.” — Mayor Pam Iorio.

    Wow! But she appears to have ended that yearly proclamation before the bow.

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